Nuttah Welcomes Me Back

A close-up of Peas on the left, Beans on the right

In mid May, I accompanied my father on a short trip to another state for a nephew’s graduation from college. Dad is getting up there in years now, and does not like to travel far alone. I was gone with him for 5 days. While I was gone, Bob continued working on the gardens we had started for the second year in a row now. We were getting a late start. However, we were not so concerned because the growing season goes right up to October, if not later.

While I was gone, the only report I had of Nuttah’s presence was this email from Bob:

5/19: BTW Nuttah visited very early this morning. We all miss An’na.

Did she sit on my chair waiting for me the entire time I was gone?

I missed them too. It was difficult for Nuttah (and all her tribe) to understand me leaving without Bob. It was a difficult separation for us too, even though it was so brief, exacerbated by the all-out bizarreness of what had been going on for the past couple of months. I worried about Bob every day.

I returned Sunday, May 20th, and Monday morning, I wrote this email to Bob:

“I came down to my office last night and looked around for Nuttah, couldn’t find her on the desk anywhere, and I knew she’d been here when I left, started to get concerned or thought maybe I missed her upstairs. Then I went to sit down, and there she was on my office chair. (see picture to the left) Probably sat there the whole time I was gone. Anyway, I am very happy to be back, and I missed you too.”

Then, a couple of days later, on May 23, Bob wrote me this email:

I don’t know whether you heard the drums last night, but I surely did, loud and clear. Nuttah is in some sort of ritual cleansing, several days long. I was shown this by the old joints for a couple reasons, most importantly, to them anyway, my “protection” will be diminished during this period and several other periods going ahead. It has to do with her pregnancy and position (shaman) in the tribe. In so many words I expressed the immortal words of David Hasselhof: “I”ll be fine”. The drumming went on all night. Nuttah was in a small hut with an elderly woman performing the ritual.

Me: No, didn’t hear any drums last night, I did not wake up until after you left though. Had a weird dream about a bunch of rednecks taking over our house. Did you GO there to witness the ritual, or were you shown from here? Have you seen that guy (Evil one) around of late? I haven’t heard about him in awhile. Maybe something about this ritual is available online. I’ll try to find out.
So happy to be back.

Bob responded, “I was shown the ritual, didn’t go thankfully. I see my buddy at least once a day, sometimes twice.

I then asked, “Where does he usually appear?”

And Bob answered, “Always at the gate when I open in the morning and occasionally [one street away] by the train tracks, no lights or houses there. It is funny, when I have my crew with me he always shivers and says ‘oh, scared’ when we go by him or stop at gate.”

I was concerned about the statement: “My protection will be diminished during this period”. What a perfect time for that to happen, when Bob is facing a character that “wants to kill him in all his lives”. We have felt all along as if he has been the recipient of some special kind of protection, there have been so many incidents to substantiate this. It would be frightening to think that he might lose that.


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