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June 30, 2012

Bob Takes a Time-Travel Trip for an Important Lenape Ritual

Bob wrote me this email on the morning of Friday, June 29, about an event that occurred during the night:

I had a wild night last night, woke exceedingly confused, can’t stop thinking about it. I left the program last night, big time, like in the beginning. Down the wormhole sort of stuff.

I was sitting around a large, hot fire, way too hot for my liking, especially considering how hot it is/was there and here. It was somewhere upstream of the village in a clearing. [I was with] Nuttah (looking fairly pregnant), the two old joints, 4 other old joints and 4 young, really strong and fierce looking men; I had the distinct impression of warriors. All were in a semi-circle around me with my back to the (very hot) fire. There was a long period of them just sitting silently heads leaned back towards the sky, in what looked like a sort of meditation. Then they all stood up and I did too, don’t know how I knew to, guess it just made sense and then each of them came up to me individually and stared at me intently, no more than a foot away, just stared into my eyes. This went on for several minutes each and several rotations, 4 cycles to be exact. Each of the old joints were wearing a pendant reflecting the four cardinal points, the young joints had the symbolic cardinal points painted on their chests. Nuttah and the familiar old joints were wearing pendants.

On the web, this directional circle is being described as a “Medicine Wheel”

After the rotations finished they placed a young ear of slightly yellow corn on the ground in front of me followed by some black coals from the fire, some red berries and a white flower. All the colors of the cardinal points, except these were Meso-American associations, although I don’t know enough to know whether it was the same throughout the Americas. Could be I guess. Either way it was. They all then sat back down and so did I, they all went into a meditation again, heads leaning back. One of the old joints started to chant after what seemed like forever, I was getting concerned about what was going on at this point. They all then began to stare intently at me while the one old joint chanted.

Within a few minutes I started to feel as though I was drugged, started having hallucinations, or I guess they would say visions, wild shit, flying above the trees, then suddenly back on ground in the midst of a fight among warring tribes (that was some wicked stuff, awful) then in the creek spearing fish and netting them in the traps they set, all these various scenes, several scenes of hunting parties with Tëme, walking along side with his mate, that brought the best feelings and the most comforting, as well as sadness.

Then there were scenes here of just everyday life, pretty mundane by comparison, mostly us around the property in what I believe must have been early spring.

Then, back, sitting by the fire. They started to move together into a small circle and converse, as I was sitting trying to listen, I really couldn’t hear well. I started to look around the perimeter of where we were, once my eyes adjusted to the darkness and distance I saw mommy wolf and two pups (not so much pups anymore). I can’t be absolutely sure of this, but behind them, in the woods, there appeared to be another, almost white wolf, or at least very blond, it was so odd I am not positive that is what I was seeing. But that is what I think I saw, I could’ve been imagining it.

Then back to the group, they broke up their little “meeting” and Nuttah walked towards me and knelt in front of me with the arrangement between us. She started to speak to me in Lenape, which I surprisingly understood, or not so surprisingly.

She started telling me that there was complete agreement, I started thinking agreement about what?? She said I did something, here in the early spring that confirmed to all of the other joints what she had been sure of for “many cycles”. Apparently I did something that either proved something to them or changed something. I am also not allowed to know what it is as it might compromise other events. I had a distinct date in mind all the way to work and now. The date I keep thinking of is April 4th. No idea why or what it could be, can’t possibly remember the specific day. But that is the date that came to mind and is becoming more steadfast, for what that is worth.

Then Nuttah got up, came to me and sat beside me. She put her hand in mine and then I woke up back in bed. I was way disoriented and more than a little confused. It was 2:57 AM on the clock. Must have fallen immediately to sleep because the next thing was the alarm going off and me being totally bewildered. Amazing how the mind can adapt when it has to. I was able to force myself back to this reality pretty quickly, much quicker then in the past. Still bewildered and out of sorts, but functioning. Fortunately, today I have the time to record this on a PC rather than a device. That about covers it.

June 26, 2012

Nuttah Drops in and Bob and I Have the “Same” Dream

Two nights later, on June 25, I wrote this email to Bob:
Just realized I had a dream about a gorgeous German Shephard. Maybe you can corroborate it somehow. We were tracking one in the truck, it had gotten loose from somewhere, and we were following it on roads around here, afraid it would dart off into the woods and take off, but we managed to catch up to it because I think he was exhausted. He was all soft like a golden retriever, and huge, and in great shape, and another little dog was trotting along with him, that one reminded me of [a Cocker Spaniel rescue dog we used to have named] Burt. But much smarter. They had tags, and we called the shepherd’s owner. He had a one syllable name, it wasn’t Duke, but something like that. The owner was a real grumbler kind of guy, very gruff, and was sick of the dog always getting loose on him, and he told you you could have him. You were afraid to believe this good fortune. Then the other dog had a tag, and we called them. Meanwhile, we’re on the property of someone who takes interest in what’s going on, and I think he knew these dogs, and he had dogs too. The shepherd was a very friendly noble dog, simply beautiful. The smaller dog could somehow communicate to us what went on: shepherd would get out, come trotting over to little dog’s house, make little dog join him and they’d take off to the hinterlands together. So we were getting ready to take both of them home with us in the truck, and that’s when dream ended. It was pretty cool. I totally forgot all of this until I sat down here and saw my “Petfinders” daily email.

Bob writes this back to me:

I had the same dream except it is a wolf and we are on foot on trails and it is a different time, it is a male with a pup and you kept saying it wants us to follow it, it is taking us somewhere. It wasn’t teme/duke but it was a large male wolf with a  pup. I was hesitant because we were in a completely different time period and I was worried that we would lose focus on our surroundings and get into some danger. The wolf kept waiting for us because we couldn’t keep up. But I don’t know where it was leading us. It is like so many of the “dreams”; they take me but so far and then leave me hanging. Stay focused on your dreams when you’re asleep. They sometimes are not dreams. I got a clear sense of focus on you from the wolf.

Me: Wow, that is pretty cool. I guess I have the “Duke” dream, and you have his wolf-counterpart dream. I know this is not the first time I have had these dreams, and I think it is usually a shepherd or a wolf.

Bob: Pay attention. There is meaning to them. I just don’t know what it is.

On June 26, Bob wrote me this email about something from the night before, 6/25:
By the way, I had a very clear presence of Nuttah and one of the pups in the room last night. Nothing else but her putting her hand on my shoulder and her clear presence with a pup. That hasn’t happened in while.

The night that Bob was speaking of above, the 25th, when I came home, I found two displays from Nuttah: one was on my desk in the office, the other upstairs on my bedside table. This is the one from the office:

This arrangement appeared on my desk, to the left of my keyboard. It is 4 small stalks of thistle pointing in 4 directions, a turtle to the left, a heart to the right, Nuttah sits at the top of the arrangement.

I wrote this email back to Bob:
Not surprised you had a visit from Nuttah, she left 2 displays that I took pictures of, one on my desk and one on bedside table. They are very interesting. I think I should just download and send them. You also have the Duke/Teme pair laying flat now on your bedside  table. The wolf pup that appears on mine would have to have been in the drawer, meaning, that’s where it was before, and it’s now NOT in the drawer. Tell me what you think of the pictures when I can send them.

I had a dream too about animals again. I did not recognize what either of these animals were, but someone was pointing out their symbiotic relationship, sort of on the level of the birds that eat the bugs off rhinos, that kind of thing. I think I said, “are you sure the smaller one isn’t just nursing?” because that is what it looked like to me. I’m beginning to realize the dreams sent to me have to be “interpreted”. I don’t get it in quite the direct, clear way that they come to you.

Here is the picture of the little display that was on my bedside table on top of my alarm-clock-radio. This appeared the same night that Bob felt Nuttah’s presence in the room with one of the wolves. She had to have dug this particular one from deep within my table-drawer. Again, the thistles point in the 4 directions:

The night after my shepherd dream, this arrangement appeared on top of my clock radio on my bed stand.

June 23, 2012

What Does the Oaxacan Rabbit Mean?

From left to right: the small silver heart-charm, an Oaxacan rabbit, and the new grey feather

A number of years ago, Bob and I collected these little Oaxacan wood sculptures. There was a store that carried them, long since closed, and the owner was later killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. But during the time that the store was open, Bob and I were frequent shoppers there, sometimes only to browse the fanciful collection and chat with Enrique, who, with his father in the business, brought them to Pennsylvania from the villages of Mexico where they were carved. Enrique actually knew personally many of the artists. One of the creatures we bought during that era was a wide-eyed Oaxacan Rabbit, who first appeared in this blog more than two years ago. I probably should have told the story behind them the first time that the rabbit appeared in one of our “events”, but all I did was photograph it then, and that picture appears to the right. But Bob filled me in on something else, and Ive been hunting throughout the internet to try to find something that would substantiate this. Bob informed me that the “rabbit” meant something evil in the Maya world.  In Lenape world, I only found this reference to a rabbit:

“Rabbit: the benevolent culture hero of the Lenape tribes (sometimes referred to as a “transformer” by folklorists.) ”

Benevolent Culture Hero? Transformer??

The “Wild-Eyed” blue Oaxacan Rabbit appears on my bedside table —- WHY?

What does that mean? Bob is of the opinion that Nuttah’s use of our Oaxacan rabbit is symbology, and that she means it as a symbol of the rabbit’s connection with the Maya. Meaning that it portends evil? I don’t know how Bob makes this connection, perhaps it is just something he is “picking up”, like he does with some things on occasion with Nuttah. What I do know is that our Oaxacan rabbit was often used in the dioramas and “events” such that it took on a significance that made me think it was something “special”. (Or was it really something “evil” and we just didn’t get it?)

So this is all just a prelude to an event that happened on Saturday night, June 23. We were getting ready to go to bed, and I noticed as I turned down the covers that the blue Oaxacan rabbit was now sitting on my bedside table. See picture to the left. Where had it been before? (not sure) Why is it there? And then as I’m pulling down the blankets on my side, I also took notice that my mother’s character was laying on my pillow. Gasp.

It was then that Bob told me that downstairs earlier he had a “whoosh” go through him as he sat in the office while I was on the computer: “Did you feel that?” he had exclaimed to me. No, I hadn’t.

June 21, 2012

Bob is Hurled Across the Room

Wow, I wrote this whole great intro-paragraph to this next post, and the whole thing just deleted on me, when I tried to save it. I just love that.

What I had started to say yesterday when I first attempted to write and then post this (before it got deleted) was:  I wish that our exposure to this stuff made us somehow more insightful, more in touch, more aware of what is going on. But we are just as at a loss as we were in December of 2009 when it first started. Or at least I am. I listen religiously to Coast to Coast AM on my iPod with the hope that I will hear a guest (hopefully a physicist) that will just wrap it all up for me, and deliver the package in the form of an acute understanding of this whole bizarre thing. Someone who might explain the time travel, the parallel worlds, the inter-dimensional beings, the presence in our house, not just of Nuttah, but of other families, other time-lines, where previous residents still get up and go to work too, just like us. Or they get up and go do something, not necessarily clear what that is. But they come and go, just like we do. This past spring/summer presented a new being, another one from the “inter-dimensional” world, one that personified Evil. This was the being that introduced himself as the one that was out to “kill Bob in all of his lives“. I’ve already posted a number of events where this could have happened. And then on June 21st, I got this text from Bob, he is at work:

“I went to take a 20 minute nap before driving home and 10 minutes into it I was thrown across the office in my chair. Freaked me out pretty good.”

Bob is hurled across the room in his office chair. In actuality, it was on wheels, and he was “winged”, but this is still a good illustration, if you ask me.

June 21, 2:58 pm, Me: Geez. WTF. Is he around?

3:01 pm, Bob: Obviously. He is not nice. Scared the hell out of me.

3:16 pm, me: That just be freakin nuts.

3:18 pm, Bob: Yes, Kind of unexpected. Guess I have a new area to worry about.

3:24 pm, Bob: Woman upstairs came down looking for me. She was aware of something.

3:25 pm, me: Wow, what did you tell her?

3:25 pm, Bob: Just told her everything is okay.

The next day, on June 22, Bob wrote me this in an email: Just found myself checking around office and conference room/bathroom for any unwanted buddy visits. He is not very nice, downright rude in fact.

Me: Yeah, I’d be looking around every corner too. I hope you are right about the outcome of this, if he can appear there and jump in front of your car, he could be anywhere. It is just so weird. I’d say be careful, but I’m not sure what you can do. You scared him off once, keep doing it.

But how do you fight off an inter-dimensional being that can just go “Poof” when push comes to shove and disappear? Hardly a fair advantage. But does Bob have his own advantage because of the apparent protection that surrounds him?

June 20, 2012

The Evil One Regroups

Bob’s incident at the plant with the “Evil One” occurred on May 30th. Up until this encounter, Bob had been seeing him every day. Afterwards, for a number of weeks, he was completely absent, which Bob found odd, considering his continual presence before this. We thought that the encounter had really had an effect. Then on Tuesday, June 19th, I got this email from Bob:

“Had my buddy run in front of me this morning. He was standing near the railroad bridge looking at me as I was approaching and as I got up to him he darted towards me directly in front of car….then “POOF” he was gone. Didn’t even have time to touch my brakes. Half expected him to be in the back seat, maybe he is, who knows, but I didn’t have any sensation he was or is around. Also, having some pretty alarming “dreams” again, most of last week and now again last night. Just have to hope it isn’t on our timeline. That is what I am banking on anyway. If not, we might be homesteading, or probably living in a small village. On another note, I saw Joe this morning, he seems to be more mobile and alert, demanding attention.

My email to Bob: Alarming that you are seeing the buddy again, and that you’re having these dreams. Any corroboration from the woman upstairs? I had a really weird dream about Bobby Kennedy, of all people, he was alive in this dream. Maybe in some timeline he still is. That’s all I remember now.

Bob responds:  “The woman upstairs approached me with ” bad things” dreams this morning. I said I know all about it. I told her not to worry, nothing was going to happen, that it is “somewhere  else” that it is/will happen. She seemed to get it. What I don’t get is why she AND her husband seem to think that I have some control over it. They look to me to explain and protect, good luck.

My email back to Bob: What are the “bad things dreams”, is it death and destruction, the end of the world as we know it? Is it the course of events unless something changes? Joe does seem more alert and mobile, he was yowling for food this morning when I went down. Had a bad night of sleep, up for a big part of it, had a lot of pain. Have not been wobbling since I lost the nano, cause I can’t seem to do one without the other, however, I am also afraid of a giant pain attack while I’m a mile into it and having to hobble and drive back, but I may have to just plow forth.

Joe from about a year ago

The reference above to Joe, pertains to “Joe the Cat”. Remember him? He is still with us. However, he had a serious health issue (diabetes) for which we treated him through most of the spring. He is definitely ailing, and as old as he is (17 or 18), he’s had a good, long life. That’s Joe. The reference I am making to above about pain has to do with a bout of kidney stones! I hadn’t had one since 1998, and here one was, rearing its ugly presence. I had to suffer this one out until I passed it, which mercifully finally did happen. I had a CT scan somewhere in there, which showed that I actually have THREE. This was just one of the 3. Not something I recommend.

June 16, 2012

A Ritual for Nuttah’s Coming Papoose

Making progress… in actuality, we are midway through October and I’m caught up to mid-June. Only 4 months behind instead of 5! But stay tuned — it gets ever more interesting. When these things happened in June, it is quite possible it was one of the hottest days of the year, and yet here I sit, October 11, and we have our 3rd fire going in the wood stove already.

But back to it:

A graphic from the website:, the United Eastern Lenape Nation

Bob sent this email on Friday, June 15: Did you have any “dreams” or other occurrences last night or lately? Things are picking up. Nuttah is involved in a lot of ritual now, I think associated with her position and her pregnancy, preparing and protecting her and her baby. Her husband is all but absent from all ritual, kind of odd how out of the picture he is. The person that appears to be your Mom is prominent in these rituals, she is chanting much of the time and kneeling through most of the ritual/ceremony/ies. I see arrangements (that I recall from Maya studies) on the ground surrounding Nuttah that  relate to direction, to the cardinal points; flowers, colored objects, that somehow are exactly the colors the Maya associated with each direction. Black: West, Yellow: South, Red: East and White: North. That, I guess could have traveled either direction to different societies. It is protective, I know that.

Just a quick note about the graphic I found above, from the website: (United Eastern Lenape Nation). Note that it reflects the directional colors that Bob described; black, white, red, yellow. It also reflects the Turtle, Wolf, Turkey tribe, and one other that I am not familiar with.

I responded this to Bob: Curious what you said about the rituals Nuttah is going through. I had a “display” on my desk when I came in last night, right in front of the keyboard. I will attach a picture. It reiterates what you described, especially the part about directions, I didn’t understand that last night, but there was a clover sprig on 4 sides of her, and now it’s very clear. I put them in water, but I did shoot a picture before I did that, take a look. As far as dreams, I am having them, but remembering nothing.

Below I have inserted two pictures of what I found when I came in that night on my desk in front of my keyboard. The first is a direct-facing shot, then I took another angle to show that there were in fact 4 pieces of clover pointing in the 4 directions:

This one shows the 4 “directional” clover pieces facing North, South, East, West, surrounding Nuttah’s character to illustrate the rituals she is going through.

June 6, 2012

The Evil One Disappears for a Few Days

After Bob’s encounter, for the next few days, the “Evil One” was not to be seen anywhere, as evidenced by these emails:

5/31: Fortunately no encounter or sighting this morning. I may just be dehydrated.

Me:  Is this the first morning in awhile with no sighting?

Bob: Yes, first time in awhile I haven’t seen my jackwagon buddy.

6/1, from Bob: Day two with no sign of my buddy. Must not be an animal lover.

Me: Glad your “buddy” is out of the picture, even if only for the moment. That must have been quite a scare, or else he was testing you to see if you were the real thing.

Bob: I wonder what did happen with my buddy, is he regrouping, is he gone? I doubt that he is gone. I guess I’ll find out.

Then on 6/5, Bob reports that the woman upstairs “had a dream again about my buddy”.
He continues: “I saw him this morning, several blocks from plant, my crew got “scared” but I don’t know if he just didn’t see him or couldn’t see him. Woman upstairs told Thom to tell me to “be careful” “she very scared”.

Me: Interesting that the ‘buddy’ showed up again. Be careful!

It went on like that, with the “Evil One” slowly reappearing, but further from the plant than he’d been before.

Then from Bob on Thursday, June 7, a night I was at the hospital having an Ultrasound done on my legs. It was to rule out DVT, or Deep Vein Thombosis. A trip we had taken to visit Stewie had caused me a lot of leg pain. In retrospect, I think it was just from not exercising the way I normally do, and the long, protracted period in the car, sitting. Anyway, back to the email:

On my desk after my Ultrasound exam: Nuttah with the silver heart-charm and a small vase of yellow-sweet-clover flowers

“I had a visit last night. It appears that it was more about you. Nuttah and the old joints just seemed concerned. They did leave an impression that they suspected I did something to piss off my buddy, “Camazotz ah Pukh”. Also 2 other things: There was a dream of her father walking in the creek with the Tëme upstream. That is it, no idea. Maybe simply a dream.  And I saw my buddy several blocks from work again. He seems more cautious. That b it here. Hope all is well with ultrasound.

The visit from Nuttah that Bob mentions above is substantiated when I come home that night from my test at the hospital:

Me: And yes — Nuttah left me a new batch of flowers, I came in to a little display right at my keyboard of the yellow sweet clover, a heart, and Nuttah, facing me. Took some pictures. She had removed the flowers I had in a shot glass for her, and put the clover in it’s place.

Bob: Good, I’m glad Nuttah let you know she was thinking of you.