The Evil One Disappears for a Few Days

After Bob’s encounter, for the next few days, the “Evil One” was not to be seen anywhere, as evidenced by these emails:

5/31: Fortunately no encounter or sighting this morning. I may just be dehydrated.

Me:  Is this the first morning in awhile with no sighting?

Bob: Yes, first time in awhile I haven’t seen my jackwagon buddy.

6/1, from Bob: Day two with no sign of my buddy. Must not be an animal lover.

Me: Glad your “buddy” is out of the picture, even if only for the moment. That must have been quite a scare, or else he was testing you to see if you were the real thing.

Bob: I wonder what did happen with my buddy, is he regrouping, is he gone? I doubt that he is gone. I guess I’ll find out.

Then on 6/5, Bob reports that the woman upstairs “had a dream again about my buddy”.
He continues: “I saw him this morning, several blocks from plant, my crew got “scared” but I don’t know if he just didn’t see him or couldn’t see him. Woman upstairs told Thom to tell me to “be careful” “she very scared”.

Me: Interesting that the ‘buddy’ showed up again. Be careful!

It went on like that, with the “Evil One” slowly reappearing, but further from the plant than he’d been before.

Then from Bob on Thursday, June 7, a night I was at the hospital having an Ultrasound done on my legs. It was to rule out DVT, or Deep Vein Thombosis. A trip we had taken to visit Stewie had caused me a lot of leg pain. In retrospect, I think it was just from not exercising the way I normally do, and the long, protracted period in the car, sitting. Anyway, back to the email:

On my desk after my Ultrasound exam: Nuttah with the silver heart-charm and a small vase of yellow-sweet-clover flowers

“I had a visit last night. It appears that it was more about you. Nuttah and the old joints just seemed concerned. They did leave an impression that they suspected I did something to piss off my buddy, “Camazotz ah Pukh”. Also 2 other things: There was a dream of her father walking in the creek with the Tëme upstream. That is it, no idea. Maybe simply a dream.  And I saw my buddy several blocks from work again. He seems more cautious. That b it here. Hope all is well with ultrasound.

The visit from Nuttah that Bob mentions above is substantiated when I come home that night from my test at the hospital:

Me: And yes — Nuttah left me a new batch of flowers, I came in to a little display right at my keyboard of the yellow sweet clover, a heart, and Nuttah, facing me. Took some pictures. She had removed the flowers I had in a shot glass for her, and put the clover in it’s place.

Bob: Good, I’m glad Nuttah let you know she was thinking of you.


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