A Ritual for Nuttah’s Coming Papoose

Making progress… in actuality, we are midway through October and I’m caught up to mid-June. Only 4 months behind instead of 5! But stay tuned — it gets ever more interesting. When these things happened in June, it is quite possible it was one of the hottest days of the year, and yet here I sit, October 11, and we have our 3rd fire going in the wood stove already.

But back to it:

A graphic from the website: http://ueln.com/, the United Eastern Lenape Nation

Bob sent this email on Friday, June 15: Did you have any “dreams” or other occurrences last night or lately? Things are picking up. Nuttah is involved in a lot of ritual now, I think associated with her position and her pregnancy, preparing and protecting her and her baby. Her husband is all but absent from all ritual, kind of odd how out of the picture he is. The person that appears to be your Mom is prominent in these rituals, she is chanting much of the time and kneeling through most of the ritual/ceremony/ies. I see arrangements (that I recall from Maya studies) on the ground surrounding Nuttah that  relate to direction, to the cardinal points; flowers, colored objects, that somehow are exactly the colors the Maya associated with each direction. Black: West, Yellow: South, Red: East and White: North. That, I guess could have traveled either direction to different societies. It is protective, I know that.

Just a quick note about the graphic I found above, from the website: http://ueln.com/ (United Eastern Lenape Nation). Note that it reflects the directional colors that Bob described; black, white, red, yellow. It also reflects the Turtle, Wolf, Turkey tribe, and one other that I am not familiar with.

I responded this to Bob: Curious what you said about the rituals Nuttah is going through. I had a “display” on my desk when I came in last night, right in front of the keyboard. I will attach a picture. It reiterates what you described, especially the part about directions, I didn’t understand that last night, but there was a clover sprig on 4 sides of her, and now it’s very clear. I put them in water, but I did shoot a picture before I did that, take a look. As far as dreams, I am having them, but remembering nothing.

Below I have inserted two pictures of what I found when I came in that night on my desk in front of my keyboard. The first is a direct-facing shot, then I took another angle to show that there were in fact 4 pieces of clover pointing in the 4 directions:

This one shows the 4 “directional” clover pieces facing North, South, East, West, surrounding Nuttah’s character to illustrate the rituals she is going through.


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