The Evil One Regroups

Bob’s incident at the plant with the “Evil One” occurred on May 30th. Up until this encounter, Bob had been seeing him every day. Afterwards, for a number of weeks, he was completely absent, which Bob found odd, considering his continual presence before this. We thought that the encounter had really had an effect. Then on Tuesday, June 19th, I got this email from Bob:

“Had my buddy run in front of me this morning. He was standing near the railroad bridge looking at me as I was approaching and as I got up to him he darted towards me directly in front of car….then “POOF” he was gone. Didn’t even have time to touch my brakes. Half expected him to be in the back seat, maybe he is, who knows, but I didn’t have any sensation he was or is around. Also, having some pretty alarming “dreams” again, most of last week and now again last night. Just have to hope it isn’t on our timeline. That is what I am banking on anyway. If not, we might be homesteading, or probably living in a small village. On another note, I saw Joe this morning, he seems to be more mobile and alert, demanding attention.

My email to Bob: Alarming that you are seeing the buddy again, and that you’re having these dreams. Any corroboration from the woman upstairs? I had a really weird dream about Bobby Kennedy, of all people, he was alive in this dream. Maybe in some timeline he still is. That’s all I remember now.

Bob responds:  “The woman upstairs approached me with ” bad things” dreams this morning. I said I know all about it. I told her not to worry, nothing was going to happen, that it is “somewhere  else” that it is/will happen. She seemed to get it. What I don’t get is why she AND her husband seem to think that I have some control over it. They look to me to explain and protect, good luck.

My email back to Bob: What are the “bad things dreams”, is it death and destruction, the end of the world as we know it? Is it the course of events unless something changes? Joe does seem more alert and mobile, he was yowling for food this morning when I went down. Had a bad night of sleep, up for a big part of it, had a lot of pain. Have not been wobbling since I lost the nano, cause I can’t seem to do one without the other, however, I am also afraid of a giant pain attack while I’m a mile into it and having to hobble and drive back, but I may have to just plow forth.

Joe from about a year ago

The reference above to Joe, pertains to “Joe the Cat”. Remember him? He is still with us. However, he had a serious health issue (diabetes) for which we treated him through most of the spring. He is definitely ailing, and as old as he is (17 or 18), he’s had a good, long life. That’s Joe. The reference I am making to above about pain has to do with a bout of kidney stones! I hadn’t had one since 1998, and here one was, rearing its ugly presence. I had to suffer this one out until I passed it, which mercifully finally did happen. I had a CT scan somewhere in there, which showed that I actually have THREE. This was just one of the 3. Not something I recommend.


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