Bob is Hurled Across the Room

Wow, I wrote this whole great intro-paragraph to this next post, and the whole thing just deleted on me, when I tried to save it. I just love that.

What I had started to say yesterday when I first attempted to write and then post this (before it got deleted) was:  I wish that our exposure to this stuff made us somehow more insightful, more in touch, more aware of what is going on. But we are just as at a loss as we were in December of 2009 when it first started. Or at least I am. I listen religiously to Coast to Coast AM on my iPod with the hope that I will hear a guest (hopefully a physicist) that will just wrap it all up for me, and deliver the package in the form of an acute understanding of this whole bizarre thing. Someone who might explain the time travel, the parallel worlds, the inter-dimensional beings, the presence in our house, not just of Nuttah, but of other families, other time-lines, where previous residents still get up and go to work too, just like us. Or they get up and go do something, not necessarily clear what that is. But they come and go, just like we do. This past spring/summer presented a new being, another one from the “inter-dimensional” world, one that personified Evil. This was the being that introduced himself as the one that was out to “kill Bob in all of his lives“. I’ve already posted a number of events where this could have happened. And then on June 21st, I got this text from Bob, he is at work:

“I went to take a 20 minute nap before driving home and 10 minutes into it I was thrown across the office in my chair. Freaked me out pretty good.”

Bob is hurled across the room in his office chair. In actuality, it was on wheels, and he was “winged”, but this is still a good illustration, if you ask me.

June 21, 2:58 pm, Me: Geez. WTF. Is he around?

3:01 pm, Bob: Obviously. He is not nice. Scared the hell out of me.

3:16 pm, me: That just be freakin nuts.

3:18 pm, Bob: Yes, Kind of unexpected. Guess I have a new area to worry about.

3:24 pm, Bob: Woman upstairs came down looking for me. She was aware of something.

3:25 pm, me: Wow, what did you tell her?

3:25 pm, Bob: Just told her everything is okay.

The next day, on June 22, Bob wrote me this in an email: Just found myself checking around office and conference room/bathroom for any unwanted buddy visits. He is not very nice, downright rude in fact.

Me: Yeah, I’d be looking around every corner too. I hope you are right about the outcome of this, if he can appear there and jump in front of your car, he could be anywhere. It is just so weird. I’d say be careful, but I’m not sure what you can do. You scared him off once, keep doing it.

But how do you fight off an inter-dimensional being that can just go “Poof” when push comes to shove and disappear? Hardly a fair advantage. But does Bob have his own advantage because of the apparent protection that surrounds him?


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