What Does the Oaxacan Rabbit Mean?

From left to right: the small silver heart-charm, an Oaxacan rabbit, and the new grey feather

A number of years ago, Bob and I collected these little Oaxacan wood sculptures. There was a store that carried them, long since closed, and the owner was later killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. But during the time that the store was open, Bob and I were frequent shoppers there, sometimes only to browse the fanciful collection and chat with Enrique, who, with his father in the business, brought them to Pennsylvania from the villages of Mexico where they were carved. Enrique actually knew personally many of the artists. One of the creatures we bought during that era was a wide-eyed Oaxacan Rabbit, who first appeared in this blog more than two years ago. I probably should have told the story behind them the first time that the rabbit appeared in one of our “events”, but all I did was photograph it then, and that picture appears to the right. But Bob filled me in on something else, and Ive been hunting throughout the internet to try to find something that would substantiate this. Bob informed me that the “rabbit” meant something evil in the Maya world.  In Lenape world, I only found this reference to a rabbit:

“Rabbit: the benevolent culture hero of the Lenape tribes (sometimes referred to as a “transformer” by folklorists.) ”

Benevolent Culture Hero? Transformer??

The “Wild-Eyed” blue Oaxacan Rabbit appears on my bedside table —- WHY?

What does that mean? Bob is of the opinion that Nuttah’s use of our Oaxacan rabbit is symbology, and that she means it as a symbol of the rabbit’s connection with the Maya. Meaning that it portends evil? I don’t know how Bob makes this connection, perhaps it is just something he is “picking up”, like he does with some things on occasion with Nuttah. What I do know is that our Oaxacan rabbit was often used in the dioramas and “events” such that it took on a significance that made me think it was something “special”. (Or was it really something “evil” and we just didn’t get it?)

So this is all just a prelude to an event that happened on Saturday night, June 23. We were getting ready to go to bed, and I noticed as I turned down the covers that the blue Oaxacan rabbit was now sitting on my bedside table. See picture to the left. Where had it been before? (not sure) Why is it there? And then as I’m pulling down the blankets on my side, I also took notice that my mother’s character was laying on my pillow. Gasp.

It was then that Bob told me that downstairs earlier he had a “whoosh” go through him as he sat in the office while I was on the computer: “Did you feel that?” he had exclaimed to me. No, I hadn’t.


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