Nuttah Drops in and Bob and I Have the “Same” Dream

Two nights later, on June 25, I wrote this email to Bob:
Just realized I had a dream about a gorgeous German Shephard. Maybe you can corroborate it somehow. We were tracking one in the truck, it had gotten loose from somewhere, and we were following it on roads around here, afraid it would dart off into the woods and take off, but we managed to catch up to it because I think he was exhausted. He was all soft like a golden retriever, and huge, and in great shape, and another little dog was trotting along with him, that one reminded me of [a Cocker Spaniel rescue dog we used to have named] Burt. But much smarter. They had tags, and we called the shepherd’s owner. He had a one syllable name, it wasn’t Duke, but something like that. The owner was a real grumbler kind of guy, very gruff, and was sick of the dog always getting loose on him, and he told you you could have him. You were afraid to believe this good fortune. Then the other dog had a tag, and we called them. Meanwhile, we’re on the property of someone who takes interest in what’s going on, and I think he knew these dogs, and he had dogs too. The shepherd was a very friendly noble dog, simply beautiful. The smaller dog could somehow communicate to us what went on: shepherd would get out, come trotting over to little dog’s house, make little dog join him and they’d take off to the hinterlands together. So we were getting ready to take both of them home with us in the truck, and that’s when dream ended. It was pretty cool. I totally forgot all of this until I sat down here and saw my “Petfinders” daily email.

Bob writes this back to me:

I had the same dream except it is a wolf and we are on foot on trails and it is a different time, it is a male with a pup and you kept saying it wants us to follow it, it is taking us somewhere. It wasn’t teme/duke but it was a large male wolf with a  pup. I was hesitant because we were in a completely different time period and I was worried that we would lose focus on our surroundings and get into some danger. The wolf kept waiting for us because we couldn’t keep up. But I don’t know where it was leading us. It is like so many of the “dreams”; they take me but so far and then leave me hanging. Stay focused on your dreams when you’re asleep. They sometimes are not dreams. I got a clear sense of focus on you from the wolf.

Me: Wow, that is pretty cool. I guess I have the “Duke” dream, and you have his wolf-counterpart dream. I know this is not the first time I have had these dreams, and I think it is usually a shepherd or a wolf.

Bob: Pay attention. There is meaning to them. I just don’t know what it is.

On June 26, Bob wrote me this email about something from the night before, 6/25:
By the way, I had a very clear presence of Nuttah and one of the pups in the room last night. Nothing else but her putting her hand on my shoulder and her clear presence with a pup. That hasn’t happened in while.

The night that Bob was speaking of above, the 25th, when I came home, I found two displays from Nuttah: one was on my desk in the office, the other upstairs on my bedside table. This is the one from the office:

This arrangement appeared on my desk, to the left of my keyboard. It is 4 small stalks of thistle pointing in 4 directions, a turtle to the left, a heart to the right, Nuttah sits at the top of the arrangement.

I wrote this email back to Bob:
Not surprised you had a visit from Nuttah, she left 2 displays that I took pictures of, one on my desk and one on bedside table. They are very interesting. I think I should just download and send them. You also have the Duke/Teme pair laying flat now on your bedside  table. The wolf pup that appears on mine would have to have been in the drawer, meaning, that’s where it was before, and it’s now NOT in the drawer. Tell me what you think of the pictures when I can send them.

I had a dream too about animals again. I did not recognize what either of these animals were, but someone was pointing out their symbiotic relationship, sort of on the level of the birds that eat the bugs off rhinos, that kind of thing. I think I said, “are you sure the smaller one isn’t just nursing?” because that is what it looked like to me. I’m beginning to realize the dreams sent to me have to be “interpreted”. I don’t get it in quite the direct, clear way that they come to you.

Here is the picture of the little display that was on my bedside table on top of my alarm-clock-radio. This appeared the same night that Bob felt Nuttah’s presence in the room with one of the wolves. She had to have dug this particular one from deep within my table-drawer. Again, the thistles point in the 4 directions:

The night after my shepherd dream, this arrangement appeared on top of my clock radio on my bed stand.


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