Wolf Dreams

GourdThe next day, July 18th, Bob wrote me this email:
I had a whacked out night of sleep/nonsleep. I spent a part of the night in a “dream” with Dukey/Teme and Nuttah by the creek, flanking me while we just stayed by the creek with a small fire. Just sat there, not much said,  petting puppy and just smiling back and forth with Nuttah. She is looking very pregnant, either that or eating well. Maybe it was just a dream, didn’t seem to have much direction other than sitting there with a puppy/ies, sipping water by the fire from a gourd. Sort of like us having coffee on the deck when we had all our dogs.

Wolf-pup on pillow

One of the wolf-pups is laying on my pillow when I came up to bed.

And from me: I figured there was something involving the wolves and pups. When I came up to bed, one of the pups was on my pillow, and for the first time, the Duke/Teme pair was on my bedside table, laying down on top of a book. What part of the night was your dream? Was it before that time you got up to go to the bathroom when I was still up? That’s why I was asking you if anything happened with wolves, but you probably don’t remember.

Bob: I don’t know what part of night the dream was. Don’t remember you saying anything to me either. You had dups on your pillow? Woman upstairs had a wolf-pup dream too. Water, fire, me (red version) and pups. No idea what to make of that. She was happy it wasn’t a scary dream, she is very tired of them.

The Duke/Tëme pair appears on my bedside table, the night of Bob's "wolf-dream"

The Duke/Tëme pair appears on my bedside table, the night of Bob’s “wolf-dream”

I’ve inserted here the two pictures of what I found when I got home that night. It is interesting that the “woman upstairs” had the same dream as this one that Bob had too. I don’t know what to make of that either. I’m also curious about these “situations”, for lack of a better word, that seem to be 2 spirits that occupy one being. For instance, we call the dog/wolf combination of Duke/Tëme a PAIR, but they really are not a double-being, they are a single being. They joined when Duke died. Actually, they were joined before that, but it became obvious when Duke died, because Tëme laid down and died at the same moment. That’s when it became obvious to us how inextricably linked they were. I’m thinking there might be other beings in this whole scenario that are linked in this same way. For instance, I am really curious about the “woman upstairs” and Nuttah. Are they linked? Somehow they must be. They are both pregnant what appears to be exactly the same amount of time. Also, how is the woman upstairs getting the dreams? Are they being “delivered” to her? I don’t think that this is, by any means, a random event. I’m not sure why (or if) she was “picked” for this role, and I’m sure she isn’t either, but this will be something to follow. Below is the picture that I took 2 days after Duke passed, when I came home to this display on the dresser, and it became clear to both of us, that Duke/Tëme were one being. The picture links to the post about it on September 24, 2011:

Duke and Teme have been turned to the wall, they appear as 2 ghosts

Duke and Teme have been turned to the wall, they appear as 2 ghosts


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