We Miss Her

By August 31, it had been almost 6 weeks since we’d heard from her or had any “activity”.  This had been the longest stretch of her absence in the more than two and a half years of having pretty regular contact with her. We both dearly miss her. I come in every night looking for a change, a response maybe to the way I have arranged her with hearts and turtles.  I would come home and excitedly walk up the stairs to the bedroom to see if the arrangement I had placed her in had changed at all. Two or more times I brought in fresh flowers and surrounded her with them. Pointed hearts at her, surrounded her with turtles pointing from the four directions. Nothing. I say hello, I say goodbye. I feel silly because I’m talking to a little angel statue that used to almost have a life-form. But no more. Will she come back? And why is she gone? We both have our theories, and they differ. I feel we may hear from her again, but that it might be after she delivers a healthy baby. Perhaps she was “ordered” to stop, for the sake of her self, her child, her husband, her tribe. All I can say now is that I hope she will return, and we hope that she and all her tribe is all right. Bob, on the other hand, has a sense of grave foreboding. I remind him that we’d gotten numerous “warnings”, that her time would be involved now in the tribe and her pregnancy, that she would not be able to be “around as much”. There were hints of this throughout May and June. But Bob can’t shake this awful sense of foreboding, and most of the time won’t even talk about her so obvious absence. This scares me a bit, because I know Bob is so much closer to the actual reality of the situation than I am, and perhaps he knows something that he isn’t talking about. After all, there was that almost entire summer of the appearances of that other “inter-dimensional” being; the Evil One. And where was he? He wasn’t making appearances either, and the “woman upstairs” had also stopped reporting dreams and visions. What was up? Where was she, and why couldn’t she at least report that she was okay and all was well? It was very hard for me to believe (or accept), that she had just left us at such an important time and with no explanation. It was getting very depressing, but we carried on with life in our normal way, thinking about it a lot, hoping, wishing and praying that things would be okay with her.


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