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September 20, 2012

Pets & Flowers



a yellow flower sprig appears on my bedside table

A day after the last event, I collected a pretty spray of late summer flowers while I was walking on the towpath. (pictured to the left). I put them in water in front of Nuttah’s character in the bedroom. Then a couple of days later, I received a single yellow flower on my bedside table. We’re happy to get any indication from Nuttah that she is doing okay and that she is still able to contact us. Other than Bob’s vivid dreams, it is the only way we know that she is okay. It can be nerve wracking. I know that can sound strange, but we’ve basically accepted at this point without question the “reality” of her situation and her existence here in our lives as well.

It was also around this time in September that I started looking for another dog on ““. We had only our dog “Stupe”, and I missed my “towpath” dog that we’d given to Stewie to have in his new apartment. More accurately, I missed having a dog to walk on the towpath. We really are a two or more dog family, we have come to realize. We enjoy having a “pack of pups”, and it was just kind of weird to have only one dog for the first time in about 10 years. So I was looking daily on Petfinders, and even filled out a couple of applications to no avail. I do not know why they make it so difficult to adopt a “rescue” pet, as we were to come to find out. The application process is just daunting, and the screening process seems to make it impossible for anyone to have a pet, which I just could not figure out given that all these pets need homes. It turns out though, that that was fortuitous, because I didn’t realize that at the same time, a contact from a local shepherd rescue club had gotten in touch with Bob about possibly adopting  an adult male German Shepherd. This was the same rescue club we’d adopted Duke through, and we were, at least, a proven entity with this club and did not have to sign away the rights to our property or anything else in order to adopt. But still, it was not that easy. A good month later we still didn’t have him yet, and Bob felt he was getting the run-around and the woman was stalling. He backed off for awhile, not wanting to count on getting “Niko” if it didn’t happen, and also thinking that the woman had changed her mind. She had told him that someone else had been all lined up to adopt Niko toward the beginning of the summer, and although Bob thought that this had fallen through, perhaps the man had resurfaced. Whatever it was, something was going on that was preventing us from getting Niko.

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September 15, 2012


Saturday morning, September 15, 2012, 7:30 AM:
Bob got up well ahead of me and had a chance to write this email before I got up. Fortunately, he has an update as to how things stand now:

The remaining wolf-pup is grown now, and greets Bob when he goes "there".

The remaining wolf-pup is grown now, and greets Bob when he goes “there”.

I had a fairly eventful night. Woke, or returned around 4:30am. The Wolf tribe survived because they were warned by one of their hunting parties in time to abandon their settlement and they took most of their stored foods. I sat in a council meeting with people I had not seen before to discuss strategy. The elders want to essentially do nothing. Wait and live in fear in hopes the yahoos (invaders) won’t return. I said, “That is nuts”.  I had a bit more credibility because I coincidentally arrived at their encampment not just with Nuttah but with son-o-Tëme striding beside me! I wasn’t even aware of him until everyone started exclaiming.

I advised attack on our terms and our territory. Fight in conditions that will negate the weaponry superiority [of the invaders]. They were not really amenable to looking for trouble, even though they already have it. They lost their settlement, they are living in the woods in makeshift huts, they are always on the look out. They are heading into winter living little better than wild game. I know they are far outnumbered, but they have the ability to defeat these yahoos if they properly plan.  I can help with that. I guess reading all the books on the strategies of Alexander might help in a weird way. I also believe I know who the yahoo leader is from descriptions of some of the eye witnesses. It is my “buddy”.

When I got up a little later, Bob and I sat outside having coffee after I read his dream email. I asked Bob how he is received there, he had to remind me that he is not “Bob” there; he is someone else. He’s not sure who, but he has some credibility. The part about the Evil One being the head honcho of the attacking marauders did not in the least surprise me. It kind of explains the whole summer’s interaction with this evil inter-dimensional being wreaking havoc in Bob’s life. Perhaps the Evil One thinks somehow that Bob can have some influence on the events. How? Just more to worry about.

Something needs to be figured out, and I’m not sure, besides the internet and a lot of timely research, how to do it. Obviously, I barely have time to keep up with the blog. There is a connection here with the Mound People, the Central Americans, and the Lenape. It is ancient history, yet it appears to have happened. Or it “is” happening. I feel I really need to delve into what this connection was (is).  I have tried to look into that a bit, and just using search engines and the internet, I don’t seem to get very far. I wonder if there are existing Lenape today that know anything about it. There is, somewhere near here, an Indian History Museum. I wonder if a trip there would be revealing?

September 13, 2012

The Focus is on Survival

As a reminder, I will try to give an update of where things are. The way I am posting, I am talking about events that at this point are several months in the past. I’m still writing up events of September, 2012 and it is now January 2013 in actuality.

After many weird incidents over the summer involving an inter-dimensional being that Bob referred to sarcastically as “his buddy”, and I referred to as “The Evil One”, Nuttah’s presence then disappeared for more than a month. This started in July of last summer, and she did not reappear until Sept. 2, 2012. This was her longest absence since these odd events all began in December 2009. When she did reappear, we found out where she was and why she was gone. It was at this point that much of what had been going on for these nearly 3 years was beginning to add up to something – an event. The event was a raid on their encampment, which is here on our property but it is in the 1500’s or earlier. The time period, as Bob keeps trying to remind me is irrelevant, because he says that it is current day for them. It is for them as present as today is for us. This is where things get confusing. But this is an overlap or a parallel world, or something that just cannot be explained with anything that we know about.

Nuttah is 5 to 6 months pregnant. She married young, a Wolf tribe member, who was killed in the raid along with about 90% of the others. Their camps are very small, and this raiding war-tribe from South or Central America numbered in the 200’s. They are gone — for the moment. Nuttah’s remaining little group of about 6 are in hiding, trying to stay out of sight and stay alive. They are aware that there are survivors of some of the other camps that got raided, and the goal is to try to join forces at least to help with survival and hunt together, as all crops and supplies and shelter were burned in the raid. We worry about them, but there is not a lot that we can do.

So to continue with the emails:
September 13, 2012 Bob wrote me this email:
I heard from the Lao woman upstairs this morning. She had a dream last night of just pure terror. It was in the dark woods, but with a bright moon and stars, like nothing she has ever seen. I know what she means, it is incredible. But she was terrified for the future. I think she was feeling the trepidation of Nuttah and the remaining people. She apparently knew something happened to everyone else, but she doesn’t know the full story, and it is just as well. Pretty brutal what I saw, she couldn’t handle that very well I don’t think. She was scared about things here, I told her everything is all right, she said she saw “that guy” (my buddy) around the plant, in her dream. I have no sense of that.

My response to Bob: Is this the first dream the Lao woman upstairs has reported to you in awhile? Do you think it’s a present-tense dream or is she seeing what happened that you saw? Does she have a sense of who they are, what it is? When is the last time that you had a sense of your “buddy”?

I don’t have any recorded response of Bob to my questions. I think we both just got busy that day, or he just didn’t have any answers. But then on Friday, September 14, 2012, while I’m driving home from work, I got this text from Bob:

“Stupe (our one remaining dog) is in the yard playing with someone. Wearing herself out.”

Me: “Who?”

Bob: “I haven’t a clue. She is romping and jumping with someone. Panting and drooling.”

The "Duke-Tëme" pair appear on our bed after this incident in the yard with our dog Stupe - romping with an "invisible" playmate

The “Duke-Tëme” pair appear on our bed after this incident in the yard with our dog Stupe – romping with an “invisible” playmate

It was then that I realized Bob could not SEE who Stupe was playing with, only that she was playing and interacting with some unseen being, probably one of the wolf puppies from “their” time.

When I got home that  night, I went up to the bedroom and found the Duke/Tëme pair staged on the bed, as shown in this picture. The only thing that I can figure, is that Duke/Tëme were visiting and romping with Stupe. She remembers Duke, I’m sure, it’s only been a year.

One interesting thing that I should also mention about Stupe, is that morning, I had been walking her. On the way back, I happened to spot a little patch of late summer Goldenrod growing and I took a short detour off the road to investigate. I might have been thinking about picking some, I’m not really sure at this point. I think I was just surprised to see them growing where they were. Then later, in addition to the dog “characters” on the bed, I found a sprig of Goldenrod placed on my bedside table and I’ve included a picture below. I think this is her way of telling me she was with me that morning, looking at the flowers:


A fairly large sprig of Goldenrod is on my bedside table

September 6, 2012

Post Massacre

I’m desperately trying to get caught up to January, so I can start posting things as they are happening, which they still are. One of the many things that is so weird about all of this, is that every time that we think that it can’t possibly get stranger, it DOES. When I get caught up, you will see. But back to September, when Nuttah reappears and we find out where she is and why:

On Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012 Bob wrote me this email:
I have been having trouble sleeping due to anxiety caused by the event on Sunday. It is haunting me. It is going on right now and I can do nothing. I know they are better able to deal with everyday survival than we would be, but they have to get together with others to prepare for winter, if possible. All crops may be destroyed by the marauders. What a nice group. If they can coordinate I know the Lenape can overcome the weaponry superiority of the Maya with other tactics.

And my response: I’ve been thinking about her (and all of them) too. Then last night, I was looking for a piece of paper I may have scrawled notes on while I was on the phone with you about your incident with the shaman-person at the chiropractor. That’s the next post. I didn’t find that, but did stumble across one that I will read to you tonight, because I need the context, and I didn’t date it, unfortunately. I think this was a “dream” that you had. In the first part, you are observing the Lenape “me” outside the longhouse weaving, and you are watching from somewhere. Then, you mention scenes that involve the existence of an “interloper”, and they are watching from behind the trees (don’t know if that refers to the Lenape or to the “others”), but then you say “it does not bode well for the turtle tribe“. “Most of it was in the woods just watching” — Does that refer to you?

Then you mention mound builders: “Lenape were scared to death of them”. There is some connection to the Oaxacan rabbit. Do you remember this dream? I wish my notes were more thorough.

Bob replied:  I know, I was thinking about that dream too, Nuttah has been afraid of this for awhile. The mound builders definitely had connection with Mexico/Central America, even in our time line. I think that is what all the issues of Nuttah being afraid were about.

Nikola Tesla: born 1856

Nikola Tesla: born 1856

Speaking of time, did you hear any of the show on Coast to Coast about Tesla? One story about him was when he (Tesla) was commenting on an experiment that went wrong and it enveloped him in some sort of electro-magnetic field, he said he was outside time and space and could see that there is no such thing as linear time: past, present, future are all happening right now. He said it was overwhelming, even for him. But this is the same thing I have been trying to convey, everything is present and always, there is no past, present, future.

Me: sigh.

September 4, 2012

What Happened to Nuttah’s clan

It has taken me awhile to come to terms with posting this next one. I struggled with the idea of not posting at all, and that was for a couple of reasons. First, the information is disturbing. Second, there is still a part of me (probably that will not go away) that tends to think that writing it up, focusing on it, and especially posting it, gives it a life.  All this stuff that has been going on for the past 3 years is so odd, and so “out there”, that thinking this way does not seem so far fetched. Heck, nothing is far fetched when you get right down to it. And so… because posting the other events of  late summer and fall won’t make a lot of sense without posting this first, I put it out there. This is a continuation of the previous post: “We found out what happened”.

What happened is that a marauding, invading foreign group had come through their encampment. They burned everything, destroyed all their crops, and brutally massacred most of Nuttah’s tribe. Bob was, unfortunately, shown this graphically. Nuttah, with her amazing skills and cunning, had somehow managed to escape and survive. Remember, she is about 5 months pregnant. She is okay, the baby is okay. She survived along with only 5 others and one was severely injured, and they were trying to keep him with them and alive. It is the first time they returned to what had been their village. The two wise, trusty elders that I referred to so many times in prior posts? Gone, massacred. Nuttah’s new young husband? Brutally massacred. My Mother?? Gone. Only 6 of the tribe members, including Nuttah, survived this brutality rampaging through their tiny village. Crops were burned, supplies, shelter, all burned or taken. And by who?, you might wonder. They were Central American warriors, possibly Mayan, but definitely Central American, reports Bob, based on the weapons that were left behind. They were things that the Lenape and North American Native Americans never used or had. Brutal, sophisticated, utterly destructive and effective weapons to decimate a small tribe of Northern Woodland Indians completely unprepared for this. And why? Where were they going, what were they doing here? And when WAS this, I wondered? As far as we know, this did not happen historically, but Bob thinks, “how could we know”? They came through, they pillaged, they continued, they came back, they left. Or what? A different time-line perhaps than the one we are on?

“How did Nuttah survive?”, I asked Bob, knowing she is halfway through her pregnancy.

“Because of who she is”, was Bob’s reply. I’m not really sure what that means. They didn’t “spare” her, so it means she was able to get away using her extraordinary powers. She is lucky she is not left alone, that there are others, albeit few, that survived. But here is the kicker. When Nuttah visited, she pleaded with Bob to come be with them and help them. Help defend the remaining few from the enemy, because although they have temporarily moved off for more conquests in a northerly direction , the fear is that they will return. And she adds, that if he does come to help, he will have to give up his life here. She thinks that Bob can help them, and fight off  the enemy if they were to return. It is more like when they return. Bob had to say no, his life here with me and our children is too important. I asked if Nuttah could come here? No, he said. Can they ALL come here? No, Bob said. Can we do something for them, give them something; food, supplies, anything? What can we do? He thinks nothing. He is very depressed about it. We both are. We both had trouble even going to sleep that night, thinking about the utter horror of this event: Nuttah and her small band of survivors huddling hidden in the woods, not even able to build a fire because the smoke might give them away. And now, going into what will soon be fall and winter, with no saved crops, no supplies and only a handful of people. How are they going to do it? How is she going to do it pregnant? Isn’t there some way we can help them?

I’m editing this post for publication on what is now Christmas Day, December 25, 2012 so it is quite a few months since this happened. We’ve had time to reflect about it, learn more, certainly worry a lot about how they are surviving. And will the enemy return? Bob thinks yes. I’m not sure why. He says it is a rogue war party, numbering about 200, and they’ve been on the move from Central America, basically annihilating everything in their path that they encounter, and taking the supplies and food. These small Lenape encampments have no defense against an army so strong. They are headed north, up towards what would become New Jersey, New York and then on into Canada. So was this the connection with the Mayan inter-dimensional being that was wreaking havoc in Bob’s life all summer? The message had been to “kill Bob in all of his lives”. I do not understand any of this. It seems so unreal, but there is this being, the interloper, there is Nuttah, and her presence and existence are certain — what does it all mean?? Sometimes I just want to scream about it, and it’s even more frustrating, our inability to help in any way. We just have to pray for them and hope for the best. It is so sad. I hope that we hear more promising news soon. I hope that we hear from her and that she is okay. I hope the injured one lives.

September 2, 2012

We Found Out What Happened

There is a part of me that never wanted to post what came next. It is with the same trepidation that I posted the events involving “the Evil One”, and how he impacted Bob’s life throughout the summer. It was almost as if to write about him enhanced his reality. In the same thought that I think that may not be possible, I also think that anything is possible, based on our experiences. The fall was to be a time of great anxiety, and it started with the return of Nuttah, finally, on September 2, 2012, after the 6 weeks of absence which I wrote about at length.
Feather-BarIt had been more than a month since we’d heard from her. Going back in my ongoing log that I’d been keeping, I determined that we’d last heard from Nuttah sometime in July, and that “event” was nothing really major. I kept reminding Bob that they did have harvest to attend to, she was pregnant, lots of reasons why we may not have heard anything. Bob had a feeling of foreboding about her absence that he couldn’t shake, which I mentioned before in a prior post. So on September 2, we were out in our driveway helping pack up “Rue”, who had been visiting for the weekend. I noticed 2 of our homegrown peppers on her car hood, but I thought Bob had put them there for her to take home. He thought the same of me. Rue said thank you for the peppers, and Bob asked me if I picked them at almost the same time I asked him if he did it. Neither of us had. Rue then went inside to get ready to go, and when she was out of earshot, I said to Bob,

“Do you know what that means?”

“Maybe”, Bob said, “Are you sure you didn’t do it?”

“Yeah, I didn’t — you didn’t — Rue didn’t; it’s got to be Nuttah, nobody else would do it, especially that.”

Bob was inclined to agree, but was hesitant to truly believe it, it was almost too good to be true.

We'd been sitting in the creek on a warm day

We’d been sitting in the creek on a warm day

After we got inside, we were waiting for Rue to get ready to go and I jumped on the computer because I was so excited to write up the appearance of the veggies on Rue’s car. Bob came into the house and I had a thought. I was about to go ask him if he’d sensed her at all when we’d been sitting outside in the creek; the 3 of us, Rue, Bob and I. I charged out of the office with this thought, since the appearance of the vegetables had sparked it, and ran right into him. He grabbed me to stop me, saying, “Our daughter is here…” (I knew he didn’t mean Kate, so he could mean no other than… Nuttah).

Bob was very emotional saying this, “She’s HERE!, She’s right here, can you feel her?”
I could not. “Where!?” I asked.
“Right here, she’s hugging us.”

I wish I could feel that. I wish I could sense her, I don’t. We all three stood there at the bottom of the stairs, embracing, me trying to feel the presence that Bob felt.  Rue was upstairs showering, and I was afraid that she’d come out.  Something seemed to be delaying her, which I was thankful for. I hugged Bob hard as he was so emotional with the reappearance of Nuttah after more than a month. It was the longest absence to date in almost 3 years.

tomahawkThen something started happening to Bob. We’d been standing there, apparently all 3 of us holding each other, and all of a sudden, I felt Bob start to go limp. I thought he was going to collapse onto the floor, so I slowly helped to ease him down. I didn’t want him to go limp and fall and hit his head on the banister. There was no doubt in my mind that he was going “there”, because I had witnessed this already a couple of times. And then he started uttering Lenape words and tones, and I knew it was complete, he was “there”. He was kneeling on the floor, and now started to get tense. It lasted a few minutes, maybe less. I was paranoid the whole time about Rue coming out, I knew Bob would not want to explain any part of this to her, and neither did I. She has more or less forgotten anything we told her about it in the past and never brings it up anymore, and we don’t either. I was hoping he’d “come back” before she  finished upstairs, but I really didn’t want to interrupt the process that Bob was going through either. Given what was going on, I doubt that I could have interrupted, I don’t think Nuttah would have allowed it. I kept saying really softly, so as not to interfere, “What’s happening, what’s happening??”; because I could tell that whatever Bob was being shown there was not good. Then soon, his tense, stiffened body seemed to relax, and I could tell he was back with me. The guttural intonations stopped, and his breathing changed. I knew that whatever he’d been seeing was very emotional, disturbing, it reminded me of the time he’d gone back to find out the male wolf had collapsed and died. But sadly, disturbingly, utterly heart-wrenchingly, this was so much worse. I hate to even report what has happened, because if you’ve been following the blog, and if you even remotely believe that Nuttah and her little Lenape tribal group are real, then this will come as a deep shock. Where she had been for 6 weeks was on the run and in hiding. They actually still were, and I’m not sure that where Bob saw them was “here”, where they used to have an encampment. I don’t know how she was able to contact us, or if it put her in any further danger, I hope not. I will put in the next post what apparently happened, but the bottom line is that the disappearance of the “Evil One” from here, meant that he was then “There”, and has been wreaking havoc with Nuttah and her clan. He is truly evil. I wish that there was something we could do. They want Bob to help, and he had to say “no”, his duties are here.