What Happened to Nuttah’s clan

It has taken me awhile to come to terms with posting this next one. I struggled with the idea of not posting at all, and that was for a couple of reasons. First, the information is disturbing. Second, there is still a part of me (probably that will not go away) that tends to think that writing it up, focusing on it, and especially posting it, gives it a life.  All this stuff that has been going on for the past 3 years is so odd, and so “out there”, that thinking this way does not seem so far fetched. Heck, nothing is far fetched when you get right down to it. And so… because posting the other events of  late summer and fall won’t make a lot of sense without posting this first, I put it out there. This is a continuation of the previous post: “We found out what happened”.

What happened is that a marauding, invading foreign group had come through their encampment. They burned everything, destroyed all their crops, and brutally massacred most of Nuttah’s tribe. Bob was, unfortunately, shown this graphically. Nuttah, with her amazing skills and cunning, had somehow managed to escape and survive. Remember, she is about 5 months pregnant. She is okay, the baby is okay. She survived along with only 5 others and one was severely injured, and they were trying to keep him with them and alive. It is the first time they returned to what had been their village. The two wise, trusty elders that I referred to so many times in prior posts? Gone, massacred. Nuttah’s new young husband? Brutally massacred. My Mother?? Gone. Only 6 of the tribe members, including Nuttah, survived this brutality rampaging through their tiny village. Crops were burned, supplies, shelter, all burned or taken. And by who?, you might wonder. They were Central American warriors, possibly Mayan, but definitely Central American, reports Bob, based on the weapons that were left behind. They were things that the Lenape and North American Native Americans never used or had. Brutal, sophisticated, utterly destructive and effective weapons to decimate a small tribe of Northern Woodland Indians completely unprepared for this. And why? Where were they going, what were they doing here? And when WAS this, I wondered? As far as we know, this did not happen historically, but Bob thinks, “how could we know”? They came through, they pillaged, they continued, they came back, they left. Or what? A different time-line perhaps than the one we are on?

“How did Nuttah survive?”, I asked Bob, knowing she is halfway through her pregnancy.

“Because of who she is”, was Bob’s reply. I’m not really sure what that means. They didn’t “spare” her, so it means she was able to get away using her extraordinary powers. She is lucky she is not left alone, that there are others, albeit few, that survived. But here is the kicker. When Nuttah visited, she pleaded with Bob to come be with them and help them. Help defend the remaining few from the enemy, because although they have temporarily moved off for more conquests in a northerly direction , the fear is that they will return. And she adds, that if he does come to help, he will have to give up his life here. She thinks that Bob can help them, and fight off  the enemy if they were to return. It is more like when they return. Bob had to say no, his life here with me and our children is too important. I asked if Nuttah could come here? No, he said. Can they ALL come here? No, Bob said. Can we do something for them, give them something; food, supplies, anything? What can we do? He thinks nothing. He is very depressed about it. We both are. We both had trouble even going to sleep that night, thinking about the utter horror of this event: Nuttah and her small band of survivors huddling hidden in the woods, not even able to build a fire because the smoke might give them away. And now, going into what will soon be fall and winter, with no saved crops, no supplies and only a handful of people. How are they going to do it? How is she going to do it pregnant? Isn’t there some way we can help them?

I’m editing this post for publication on what is now Christmas Day, December 25, 2012 so it is quite a few months since this happened. We’ve had time to reflect about it, learn more, certainly worry a lot about how they are surviving. And will the enemy return? Bob thinks yes. I’m not sure why. He says it is a rogue war party, numbering about 200, and they’ve been on the move from Central America, basically annihilating everything in their path that they encounter, and taking the supplies and food. These small Lenape encampments have no defense against an army so strong. They are headed north, up towards what would become New Jersey, New York and then on into Canada. So was this the connection with the Mayan inter-dimensional being that was wreaking havoc in Bob’s life all summer? The message had been to “kill Bob in all of his lives”. I do not understand any of this. It seems so unreal, but there is this being, the interloper, there is Nuttah, and her presence and existence are certain — what does it all mean?? Sometimes I just want to scream about it, and it’s even more frustrating, our inability to help in any way. We just have to pray for them and hope for the best. It is so sad. I hope that we hear more promising news soon. I hope that we hear from her and that she is okay. I hope the injured one lives.


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