Post Massacre

I’m desperately trying to get caught up to January, so I can start posting things as they are happening, which they still are. One of the many things that is so weird about all of this, is that every time that we think that it can’t possibly get stranger, it DOES. When I get caught up, you will see. But back to September, when Nuttah reappears and we find out where she is and why:

On Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012 Bob wrote me this email:
I have been having trouble sleeping due to anxiety caused by the event on Sunday. It is haunting me. It is going on right now and I can do nothing. I know they are better able to deal with everyday survival than we would be, but they have to get together with others to prepare for winter, if possible. All crops may be destroyed by the marauders. What a nice group. If they can coordinate I know the Lenape can overcome the weaponry superiority of the Maya with other tactics.

And my response: I’ve been thinking about her (and all of them) too. Then last night, I was looking for a piece of paper I may have scrawled notes on while I was on the phone with you about your incident with the shaman-person at the chiropractor. That’s the next post. I didn’t find that, but did stumble across one that I will read to you tonight, because I need the context, and I didn’t date it, unfortunately. I think this was a “dream” that you had. In the first part, you are observing the Lenape “me” outside the longhouse weaving, and you are watching from somewhere. Then, you mention scenes that involve the existence of an “interloper”, and they are watching from behind the trees (don’t know if that refers to the Lenape or to the “others”), but then you say “it does not bode well for the turtle tribe“. “Most of it was in the woods just watching” — Does that refer to you?

Then you mention mound builders: “Lenape were scared to death of them”. There is some connection to the Oaxacan rabbit. Do you remember this dream? I wish my notes were more thorough.

Bob replied:  I know, I was thinking about that dream too, Nuttah has been afraid of this for awhile. The mound builders definitely had connection with Mexico/Central America, even in our time line. I think that is what all the issues of Nuttah being afraid were about.

Nikola Tesla: born 1856

Nikola Tesla: born 1856

Speaking of time, did you hear any of the show on Coast to Coast about Tesla? One story about him was when he (Tesla) was commenting on an experiment that went wrong and it enveloped him in some sort of electro-magnetic field, he said he was outside time and space and could see that there is no such thing as linear time: past, present, future are all happening right now. He said it was overwhelming, even for him. But this is the same thing I have been trying to convey, everything is present and always, there is no past, present, future.

Me: sigh.


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