The Focus is on Survival

As a reminder, I will try to give an update of where things are. The way I am posting, I am talking about events that at this point are several months in the past. I’m still writing up events of September, 2012 and it is now January 2013 in actuality.

After many weird incidents over the summer involving an inter-dimensional being that Bob referred to sarcastically as “his buddy”, and I referred to as “The Evil One”, Nuttah’s presence then disappeared for more than a month. This started in July of last summer, and she did not reappear until Sept. 2, 2012. This was her longest absence since these odd events all began in December 2009. When she did reappear, we found out where she was and why she was gone. It was at this point that much of what had been going on for these nearly 3 years was beginning to add up to something – an event. The event was a raid on their encampment, which is here on our property but it is in the 1500’s or earlier. The time period, as Bob keeps trying to remind me is irrelevant, because he says that it is current day for them. It is for them as present as today is for us. This is where things get confusing. But this is an overlap or a parallel world, or something that just cannot be explained with anything that we know about.

Nuttah is 5 to 6 months pregnant. She married young, a Wolf tribe member, who was killed in the raid along with about 90% of the others. Their camps are very small, and this raiding war-tribe from South or Central America numbered in the 200’s. They are gone — for the moment. Nuttah’s remaining little group of about 6 are in hiding, trying to stay out of sight and stay alive. They are aware that there are survivors of some of the other camps that got raided, and the goal is to try to join forces at least to help with survival and hunt together, as all crops and supplies and shelter were burned in the raid. We worry about them, but there is not a lot that we can do.

So to continue with the emails:
September 13, 2012 Bob wrote me this email:
I heard from the Lao woman upstairs this morning. She had a dream last night of just pure terror. It was in the dark woods, but with a bright moon and stars, like nothing she has ever seen. I know what she means, it is incredible. But she was terrified for the future. I think she was feeling the trepidation of Nuttah and the remaining people. She apparently knew something happened to everyone else, but she doesn’t know the full story, and it is just as well. Pretty brutal what I saw, she couldn’t handle that very well I don’t think. She was scared about things here, I told her everything is all right, she said she saw “that guy” (my buddy) around the plant, in her dream. I have no sense of that.

My response to Bob: Is this the first dream the Lao woman upstairs has reported to you in awhile? Do you think it’s a present-tense dream or is she seeing what happened that you saw? Does she have a sense of who they are, what it is? When is the last time that you had a sense of your “buddy”?

I don’t have any recorded response of Bob to my questions. I think we both just got busy that day, or he just didn’t have any answers. But then on Friday, September 14, 2012, while I’m driving home from work, I got this text from Bob:

“Stupe (our one remaining dog) is in the yard playing with someone. Wearing herself out.”

Me: “Who?”

Bob: “I haven’t a clue. She is romping and jumping with someone. Panting and drooling.”

The "Duke-Tëme" pair appear on our bed after this incident in the yard with our dog Stupe - romping with an "invisible" playmate

The “Duke-Tëme” pair appear on our bed after this incident in the yard with our dog Stupe – romping with an “invisible” playmate

It was then that I realized Bob could not SEE who Stupe was playing with, only that she was playing and interacting with some unseen being, probably one of the wolf puppies from “their” time.

When I got home that  night, I went up to the bedroom and found the Duke/Tëme pair staged on the bed, as shown in this picture. The only thing that I can figure, is that Duke/Tëme were visiting and romping with Stupe. She remembers Duke, I’m sure, it’s only been a year.

One interesting thing that I should also mention about Stupe, is that morning, I had been walking her. On the way back, I happened to spot a little patch of late summer Goldenrod growing and I took a short detour off the road to investigate. I might have been thinking about picking some, I’m not really sure at this point. I think I was just surprised to see them growing where they were. Then later, in addition to the dog “characters” on the bed, I found a sprig of Goldenrod placed on my bedside table and I’ve included a picture below. I think this is her way of telling me she was with me that morning, looking at the flowers:


A fairly large sprig of Goldenrod is on my bedside table


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