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a yellow flower sprig appears on my bedside table

A day after the last event, I collected a pretty spray of late summer flowers while I was walking on the towpath. (pictured to the left). I put them in water in front of Nuttah’s character in the bedroom. Then a couple of days later, I received a single yellow flower on my bedside table. We’re happy to get any indication from Nuttah that she is doing okay and that she is still able to contact us. Other than Bob’s vivid dreams, it is the only way we know that she is okay. It can be nerve wracking. I know that can sound strange, but we’ve basically accepted at this point without question the “reality” of her situation and her existence here in our lives as well.

It was also around this time in September that I started looking for another dog on ““. We had only our dog “Stupe”, and I missed my “towpath” dog that we’d given to Stewie to have in his new apartment. More accurately, I missed having a dog to walk on the towpath. We really are a two or more dog family, we have come to realize. We enjoy having a “pack of pups”, and it was just kind of weird to have only one dog for the first time in about 10 years. So I was looking daily on Petfinders, and even filled out a couple of applications to no avail. I do not know why they make it so difficult to adopt a “rescue” pet, as we were to come to find out. The application process is just daunting, and the screening process seems to make it impossible for anyone to have a pet, which I just could not figure out given that all these pets need homes. It turns out though, that that was fortuitous, because I didn’t realize that at the same time, a contact from a local shepherd rescue club had gotten in touch with Bob about possibly adopting  an adult male German Shepherd. This was the same rescue club we’d adopted Duke through, and we were, at least, a proven entity with this club and did not have to sign away the rights to our property or anything else in order to adopt. But still, it was not that easy. A good month later we still didn’t have him yet, and Bob felt he was getting the run-around and the woman was stalling. He backed off for awhile, not wanting to count on getting “Niko” if it didn’t happen, and also thinking that the woman had changed her mind. She had told him that someone else had been all lined up to adopt Niko toward the beginning of the summer, and although Bob thought that this had fallen through, perhaps the man had resurfaced. Whatever it was, something was going on that was preventing us from getting Niko.

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