An Update on Their Condition

During the night of October 2, Bob got an update on their condition and wrote me this email the next day:

Things be a bit rough (and by their standards that is saying something) but Nuttah and the Wolf Tribe that took them in are okay. [They are] trying to prepare for winter. It’s not the ideal time to be having a baby. Don’t know what can be done about that. No sign of my buddy and his assholes. They may be farther north or may have turned west, but there hasn’t been any communication recently coming from the Lenape north groups. That could be bad news.

I asked Bob: What happened that you know how they are doing? Was it a dream? Are they here, or preparing somewhere else? When is the last time your buddy appeared, the way he was at the plant? It was a pretty regular thing over the summer, do you ever have any sitings anymore?

Along a creek in Pennsylvania in the Fall

Along a creek in Pennsylvania in the Fall

Bob: Nuttah was at our house this morning. Delayed my departure by a couple minutes. They are north of here along a creek, on the Pennsylvania side. Used a trance inducing ritual to travel.
I have not seen my buddy since before my doctor’s appointment. (This was sometime in July, 2012) Only once I think with woman upstairs. She is gone this week..

Narrating: a reminder that both Nuttah and the Lao woman upstairs are both pregnant. And curiously, they are both pregnant from about exactly the same time, March? Wouldn’t that be interesting if they had their babies on the same day. On another note, although my wish is that the “bad guys” have done their damage, left and moved on for further conquests, Bob for some reason is convinced that they will return. Why would they, unless there was something specific – or someone specific – they were after?


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