A visitor again from the “overlap” family

Parallel Worlds

There could be an infinite number of parallel worlds – pretty cool pic if you click to see the full-size version – borrowed from the site it links to

Remember, on occasion, I have talked about the fact that we think the activity with Nuttah in our house has somehow opened up another “portal” perhaps, where a different parallel world (different from Nuttah’s) sometimes “bleeds” through to us. Maybe we do to them too — and they wonder who are these people in their house? This is why I’ve titled the blog “WHOSE time is it?” Simply because do we really necessarily know that it is OUR time? There appear to be various worlds, scenarios, timelines, lives, whatever you want to call it — overlapping and existing concurrently. We get back always to that incredibly confusing idea that is difficult to grasp at best: That all time is present, and all time occurs simultaneously. Whatever, my mind just bogs down every time I try to conceive that idea. Three years into documenting all this, and I only feel stupider. It is humbling to the nth degree to be presented with these ideas and events constantly and to have absolutely no idea what’s going on.

Bob wrote me this email on October 4th: On a different note, the past few days whenever I get in the shower I have this thought, “I am really going to miss this”. It is very strange, certainly hope it does not portend something. Just a very strange thought, like an inevitability.

Bob’s sodden thoughts like that have some significance that I don’t like to ignore, because of his exposure to the “other worlds”. But what do they really mean?

And then this from Bob on October 5th: I was standing at [the kitchen] counter waiting for water to boil when a sleepy sounding woman said ” Don’t forget to take your potato(?) (something, I can’t remember, it wasn’t a familiar word) with you”. I was hesitant to turn around because I knew it wasn’t you, but I did and I saw nothing. And then there was nothing else. Interesting start to morning though. I’ve been wondering about where that stuff went, maybe it is starting up again.

Me: So this incident with the sleepy sounding woman, it was not Nuttah or anyone from her world? It was from the overlap family? Was it really audible, in an absolute kind of way?

Bob: The voice was completely audible and directly behind me. It is, I believe the overlap family.

Bob is right, that stuff hasn’t happened in quite some time. What might have made it start up again? But then I was reminded of an incident that I had not too many days before this event of Bob’s, so I looked up my emails. On September 27th, I had written this to Bob:

During the night I heard a distinct door slam hard in the house. Don’t know why I wasn’t unnerved by it. I think because I had tried so hard and for so long to fall back to sleep.

Kind of weird when you’re not disturbed much by this stuff anymore.


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