Pre-Sandy Thoughts and Dreams

Mid to late October, we were still in the process of waiting for the “Rescue-Shepherd” Niko. I first brought him up in a September post. Here it was mid-October, and it still had not happened. Bob was getting frustrated. There had already been several “meet-and-greets”,  and Bob had been asked to bring cloth swatches with our scent on them for Niko to get a whiff of us. At one point, he had even been brought out to meet our other dog, and to get a sniff of the property. And yet, even with all that happening, the process was still dragging on for weeks.

On October 18, I wrote this email to Bob: I have the distinct impression that Wed. night I had either a Duke or Niko dream. Any corroboration?


Duke in 2007 – now part of Niko and Tëme

Bob’s response: YES, to the dream, it seems more about “I can be through him”. “I can help”. [That would be Duke, coming through Niko] I have the dreams several times a week, it is always about protection and being able to “work through him” type of thing. I also have had clear thoughts, as though it is inevitable, “I am going to miss this” when I am in the shower. I don’t like that. I will miss it. Big time. I think that ties in with “I can be through him”. Don’t know if I like that either. That seems to be more for you, don’t know that I like that either.

Having 20/20 hindsight, now that we know what was to come later in October in the form of Hurricane Sandy, I am wondering if Bob’s prophetic thoughts in the shower had something to do with that? I hope that it was that and not something more serious or longer-ranging. Of course, for a lot of Sandy victims, it is long-ranging, it is basically out of the main-stream news at this point, but many of them are still without power and a permanent place to live. Here is the post I put up about the effects on us of Sandy.

For the next several days, our emails back and forth only talk about hearing the “vibration” (for Bob it is drums, for me it is a “buzz” or vibration that permeates the upstairs space. It was on and off for several nights that week.



Bob reports to me this dream on Wednesday, October 24, 2012: Had some very odd “dreams” last night, one involving Dukey/Teme/Niko. They were protecting  you in our yard after a societal meltdown… real nice scene. We were living outside or in the basement and our road was blocked with debris at both ends, with us and all our neighbors involved in a small village existence. Pretty rudimentary, but I was designing a system for power that I think would work, using the creek. It was a communal system. Kind of interesting, pretty basic and old technology, but it works.

[More pre-Sandy thoughts, premonitions? Or more long-ranging than that?]

I wrote back to Bob: Your dream is interesting, sounds like kind of how I’ve been conceiving it too, not sure if dreams, but could be. Maybe just flashes of pictures. Especially the living outside/ basement part, for protection I think, too vulnerable in a house, unless of course you had guards round the clock. Interesting. What was the power system you devised? I wonder if we are getting pictures of a different time-line that is already in existence, rather than on our time-line? Hard to tell I guess, but it’s not an outcome that sounds unfamiliar based on the stuff we hear.

[Oh please tell me we don’t have to start becoming ‘preppers’]

The remaining wolf-pup is grown now, and greets Bob when he goes "there".

The remaining wolf-pup is grown now, and greets Bob when he goes “there”.

Bob reported this dream on October 25:  I was walking through  the woods behind our house, late fall, night, wearing really tuned-up clothes, carrying a bow. I see 3 big guys coming toward me, as they approach I do not recognize them and am getting prepared to leave the trail, I start to move and I see a “dog” behind them, I suddenly no longer think danger, they come up to me and ask if they can pass through “my something”; something I believe referenced land, territory, or something to that affect. I can’t remember the word, not a familiar word. I see the “dog” behind them, it is a wolf or hybrid, I say “is he with you?” as they are answering, the “dog” communicates to me, “It is me, I am here”. They answered that “he just showed up”, they don’t even know when, but they didn’t think it a good idea to contest his presence. Then I woke again, no idea what it was about.

I responded to Bob: The dreams are something. I just published a post, a day or two ago (are you getting them again?) where you say to me about my pup dream: “Pay attention. There is meaning to them (the dreams). I just don’t know what it is.” I think that your dreams about the future should be paid attention to too.

Curious to me how these pups are all “linked”. They become each other, they live through each other. Is this just something that happens in the animal world, or with people too? Seems an obvious answer to me.

My thoughts about the above are that I hope this was all a prelude to a destructive hurricane and the week in early November, 2012 that we spent without power, but it is impossible to know. But it certainly would seem that it does portend something.


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