Another Hurricane Enroute

Monday, October 29, 2012:

All the possible projected tracks bring it right through Pennsylvania – an inevitability awaits, just a matter of severity

I’m inserting in here an actual date event, as I’m writing this up TODAY, 10/29/12, because we are both home waiting out Hurricane Sandy. Probably did not need to lose a whole work-week day, because things have not really even cranked up yet. It’s really tonight that things are going to be mayhem, but Bob and I did the best we could all weekend to prepare. We already lost power for a few hours this morning, and inexplicably (and miraculously) it came back on, but we think that is temporary at best. Especially because the worst of the storm is supposed to be tonight. Getting a bit windy out there now. Not a lot of rain yet, but it’s projected to bring a lot – up to 10″ possible. I don’t really expect to have access to my computer due to lack of power for the better part of the week after tonight. And, will probably be busy with heavy-duty clean up. All we can hope is that it doesn’t turn out as bad as predicted. Here are a couple of impressive internet pictures of Sandy’s projected path. Amazing, the level of impact possible here, hopefully my next posts are not horrendous photos of such. I hope everybody is safe and… never underestimate the power of water.

Projected path as of 3 pm on 10/29/12 of Hurricane Sandy

The global view (from the website:


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