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November 30, 2012

After the Baby – an Update

 A reminder about the circumstances under which Nuttah had her baby. The remaining tribe members, a small band of about 6, are still in hiding and on the run since July. She basically spent the majority of her pregnancy in hiding and running from the evil ones – the ones that massacred the remainder of the tribe and then continued north. I believe, from things Bob has reported, that they are being assisted by some “Wolf Tribe” members that survived because they had more advance notice of the marauders. I am not sure how they know this, but they fear that this marauding band is going to return. Why they would return for more, I have no idea. Isn’t the death and destruction rendered already enough? Bob feels the same as they do; that they will return. Are they after Nuttah because of her extraordinary ability and powers? Don’t know. Let us just hope, now that she has had the baby, that they can stay hidden. What this means though, is living a more basic life than even they are used to. They cannot have a fire — the smoke would give them away. Their food stores were taken, or burned. It is late November – it is cold, with no fire for warmth or protection. And a baby is born into this madness – no wonder Nuttah looks gaunt. And yet she is still able to communicate with us on occasion. We don’t know where they are, we’re just pretty sure they’re not here where they were before… 2012-11-27-Nuttah-with-pups-and-hearts
On November 27, 2013, I wrote Bob this email that morning:  Thought you might have had some contact last night, I noticed a new arrangement on my table, and also, there was a pretty loud hum going on.The new arrangement that I noticed is pictured at right: The pups are no longer in this picture, the turtle has been moved up to be with Nuttah on top of my clock-radio, and there is a dried clover top now on the 2 pile-up hearts. That was probably in a corner of the room somewhere. (See the next picture below for where the pups ended up…)On November 30, I came home to this report from Bob about Niko:

Bob had taken our pups out to “do their business” when he got home from work. He was in the back yard, and his attention was diverted as Niko started going crazy, barking at something. Bob looked at Niko to see where he was focused… and it was across the creek. Bob looks over and guess who it is – his “Buddy”. Yes, the “Evil One”. He’s back and not only that, he’s HERE. Geez, why is he HERE??

All those sightings last summer, and it was never here, it was always down in the city, or at the plant. I took some comfort in the fact that he was never HERE. But maybe that was why we were “told” to “go get Niko, bring him here.”  Bob says, and I don’t know how he knows this, that somehow he (the Evil One) “knows” that he can’t come on our property. Niko goes absolutely crazy over this, which means that he can see him too. By the way, if you see a shepherd when they are in that mode, it is pretty intimidating. I wouldn’t come on the property either. I’ve added a “mean-face picture of Niko below, getting into it with our other dog “Stupe”. Pictured to the right, are the 3 pups hidden behind Bob’s clock-radio. I wonder if there is some significance to them “hiding”. If so, what and why? It is Duke, Tëme, and one of the wolf-pups. That is Bob’s special stone on top of the radio.Who is this evil guy, and why has he returned, and why is he here? This is such a bad omen, Nuttah’s baby is barely a week old, there is such a small number of them remaining, their only defense is to stay hidden and to hope that the evil band moves on. Will it happen?


It just occurred to me I need to add a paper character for Niko too.

Niko with his "Mean Face"

Niko with his “Mean Face”


November 20, 2012

Niko Arrives – and so does a Baby!

Niko arrives finally

Niko arrives finally

Saturday, November 17, 2013:

So maybe it was time, or maybe it was the message from Nuttah in this post, where she says; “We need to be with you and protect all of you – go see Niko and bring him here”. But that weekend in Mid-November, after nearly 2 months of expectations, we did just that. What Bob had arranged with his foster-Mom was to just pick Niko up on Saturday for an overnight, and see how it went. And it went well, and he stayed. Thankfully, the wait was over, and he was ours. Niko is now part of our family. He adjusted to everything as if he’d spent part of his life here.

Then on Monday, November 20, Bob sent this email:

Nuttah has a baby, I think a boy, woman with her called him Mukki, I don’t think it is a name though, more like baby or child or something like that. Everyone SEEMS fine. Teme was outside, Niko has a name… Keme, don’t know what it means, but that is what he is called, also Teme called me “wematin” or “wamatan” or some derivation of that, that wasn’t as easy to remember as the other two. Drums were all night, heard them as I was leaving, stopped as I got about 10 yards past our property. Anyway, everyone seemed good.

The arrangement on the dresser after Nuttah has her baby

The arrangement on my bedside table after Nuttah has her baby; Her baby (Mukki) is born into the “Turtle Tribe”

And mine back to Bob: I had a big change on my table last night, so I thought something was up. Heard the drums too. Did she have the baby early? Thought it was December, but also knew it could be any time. Hope all is well, but sounds like it is — not sure how under the circumstances, but I’m glad you got a peek. I looked up keme, there is a word Nkeme, that sounds like a hard “G”, rather than K, like Geme, two syllables, just like Teme. Emphasis on the ‘me”. Are we calling him that? What does it mean to them? I’ll check out your other word when I get back. Glad all is well. The change I had was the Duke/Teme pair is propped up behind her, on top of my radio, and the little heart pile in front of them pointing at us. Then, the baby wolf is laid under the pewter turtle. I read into that, that the wolf/turtle tribe has merged.

Bob: That word doesn’t sound right, it (keme) is a name if I am getting it right. I think the dup and turtle is a symbol for a birth in to the turtle tribe. I could be wrong. I don’t know if Nuttah had baby early or not, she was just about in line with the woman from upstairs. I will ask Thom if she is due yet.

Then it occurred to me to ask later: What is the actual day that Nuttah had the baby? Does she need anything?? (How on earth would we get something to her?) Wouldn’t it be interesting if woman upstairs had hers the same day?

And guess what – 3 big things happened that Saturday, November 17, 2013: Niko comes home to us, Nuttah has her baby (a boy) AND, the Lao woman had her baby exactly the same day as Nuttah. Pure coincidence?? I doubt it, but it remains to be discovered just how they are all linked.

November 18, 2012

Post Hurricane Sandy

I’m now writing this over 2 weeks after the actual event, it’s November 15, 2012:

Well, we did not flood, thankfully, but we did lose power for longer than either of us has been without  in our lives. 8 total days with no power. For our area, that is about the record, with some minor exceptions across the river where some are being told it might be Thanksgiving before it is restored. The reasons for that are somewhat unclear. Internet/phone and TV came back later — about this time last week, and internet has been at best spotty, which is why I’ve not been able to post. However, and I must emphasize this, all of this pales in comparison to what some are going through with the damage from this “super” storm. And of course, we were so elated to have not flooded (we really expected it to be worse than Hurricane Irene), so the minor inconvenience of having no power for a week was tolerable. But we were basically without news, via TV or internet for the entire week. Of course we heard stuff, and I had the reports in the car as I drove to work — but nothing compares to the pictures, which I sought out tonight on the internet of the damage to coastal New Jersey and New York. I’m not going to belabor this, as most have probably seen it all already, and I won’t turn the blog into a storm damage report, as I’m sure there are plenty out there that are doing that. I’ll keep this short and simple in the form of a link to some amazing, disturbing  and heartbreaking aerial photos taken right after the storm along the Jersey shore, up to and including Breezy Point, NY, which is probably the worst of what this storm wrought. Here is the link: Hurricane Sandy: Aerial Photos. It’s in the form of a slide-show of aerial shots of some of the worst of the damage. And forget about electricity, a lot of these people don’t have a house to live in. So we count ourselves lucky. Something to be known about  this kind of damage, and this kind of event – and that is IF you have flood insurance, and I speak from the standpoint of having lived through a huge loss in Hurricane Ivan in 2004: it can literally take YEARS to recover from these things. First, it takes a long time to get any money from your flood or insurance company. And keep in mind, they do not give it to YOU the homeowner, they give it to you and your bank, and you have to fight them tooth and nail to get it. Meanwhile, you can’t begin to work with any contractors until you have the money – it’s this horrible, vicious, and annoying cycle that makes the whole thing take forever. I know for a fact that some people just give up the fight, and then live in condemned houses for as long as they can. The checks do expire, so if you don’t “play their game”, you are shit out of luck and screwed. And even if and after you get all that done, there is the psychological toll, that can take years to get over. Some people may just flat out walk away from the problem, never to return again. Where we live, believe it or not, our neighbors were put out of their house in Hurricane Irene, which was in August of 2011 – and they are STILL not back. The house is finally looking livable, after MORE THAN A YEAR. I mean is that just nuts, or what? Ok, enough of my soap-boxing, if you can find a way to help hurricane victims, believe it or not, it helps everybody. I know that is a tough pill to swallow sometimes, but if things are put back together, people can continue to go to work, be productive, and construction crews and tree cutters, and lots of other people are put into action helping them and the economy. It is never a good idea to just let things erode and disintegrate after these catastrophic events. One really big thing that happened for us during this 8-day power outage was the community pulled together as INDIVIDUALS and helped each other. Every night of the outage, you could go to our local firehouse for a hot “home-cooked” meal. You could be in a warm, lighted hall, with other people going through the same thing. It was a huge help, and made the week completely tolerable. And when you are helped through something like this, you are also much more likely to help out others when you can, when you’re not the victim, but the one able to help someone who is going through it. It’s always amazing to me how communities can come together and support each other.

The only other thing I wanted to add to this post, was the night Sandy “hit”, Monday night, October 29th, Bob and I were catching a “post-Hurricane-preparation” bite and a beer at a local pub. We stayed until power went out there, and everyone either had to pay up with cash or write down credit card numbers. Witnesses smoking cigarettes outside came in exclaiming about seeing “lightning-like” explosions up over the hills, as transformers were blown out being ripped down by trees falling already. On our way home, the wind had really picked up. Bob suddenly said something like, “Whoa — Did you feel that?”
“What?” I asked.
“I don’t know — something just went through me — with a thought. It was really clear, it was Nuttah. She was saying ‘GET OUT‘.”
Chills then go through me.
“No”, I said, “Didn’t hear, feel, or pick up a thing”. (As usual)
But then I said “Well, that’s scary, she obviously knows something… do you think we should even stay here?”
By now we are driving up a long hill, lined with trees, and debris is falling and being blown all over the road. We better get home soon, we’re not driving anywhere else tonight. It’s pitch black, as power is now out all over. We used our flashlights to get into the house, and after dealing with the immediate stuff, I went up to the bedroom, and had to shout to Bob to “Come upstairs, you have to see this!”
And here is the picture of how Nuttah had arranged herself on the table in the bedroom:

Nuttah protects herself under a turtle shell, as if to say, “Get under something!”

The next few hours, we waited out the storm downstairs, exhausted from our stressful weekend of getting ready, but afraid to go to bed upstairs with the wind blowing like it was and the possibility of flooding. We kept getting up to check the creek, but so far, the hurricane had brought mostly wind, and not a lot of rain. That was to continue, as the rain amounts did not add up to nearly what they had projected. At least not inland like we are. When the wind seemed to die down, we fell into bed exhausted. Both of us got up at least twice to make the trek outside to shine a flashlight into the creek to check the level. Luckily we never needed all the nailed in plywood and protection we erected to hopefully try and avoid being flooded. In my next post, I will insert some pictures of what we woke up to in the area the next morning, which may begin to explain why there was no power for more than a week.

November 17, 2012

Flowers in November

On November 13, I came home to find some flowers laying on the side of our bathroom sink. It is November, and there was not a lot growing green and alive, but there may be some isolated pockets of things here and there, however, this is some kind of flowering plant. Where did she get it?

A few sprigs of wildflowers appear on the side of the bathroom sink in Mid-November

A few sprigs of wildflowers appear on the side of the bathroom sink in Mid-November

Bob writes me this email on November 16: Did you hear any drums or have any pup or Nuttah dreams last night? Had essentially same one as before walking in woods then out on the devastated highway. I was with the pups along side with new guy and Nuttah. Not too pleasant. Woke to alarm very confused…..and tired.

Me: I don’t recall any dreams, but I did hear loud vibrations and rhythms, such that I thought “something was up”. Heard it as soon as I opened my car door. Can’t hear in the office, but both bathrooms and bedroom. Mainly our bathroom, that is where strongest. I know there were dreams, I will try to piece together. Is the new guy a new husband with her, or just a new guy? How is she doing with pregnancy, she must be due any day now??

November 13, 2012

A couple of interesting “Dreams”

We were still in “negotiations” of sorts to get the “Rescue-shepherd”, Niko. No, it had still not happened, and here we were in mid-November. There is really no clear reason why it had not happened yet; part of it was due to everyone’s different schedules, the interruption of the Hurricane, but Bob couldn’t help thinking that maybe she really didn’t want to give him up. He had given her frequent opportunities to say so.

A very handsome shepherd, he is, Niko, the rescue-shepherd

A very handsome shepherd, he is, Niko: The rescue-shepherd

Then on November 8, Bob has a “dream” he describes to me. I wrote this up on a green stickie dated 11/8:

I was out in the woods in Nuttah’s world. I was with her, and the wolf-puppy, and there was another man that I’ve never seen before. We were walking along and viewing the ruins of what was our area – there were cars all over the place. It was just general devastation. I received this message: “We need to be with you and protect all of you – go see Niko and bring him here”. We need the protection. Bob will not be able to do this alone.

Do what alone?

Bob is as mystified by these dreams as I am, but he also says that they seem “too real to be just dreams”.

What is going to happen here? Or is it there? This has really been an ongoing theme since the very beginning. It’s just becoming more insistent.

The next day, November 9, Bob had another “dream”, similar to the last one:

“It seems Niko is more for you. Not entirely, but primarily, to help protect, in the event… but having Niko also allows for Tëme to be close to me, the bond seems to be important and to go back a way in time. I kind of knew this wasn’t the first go-round with our  association with Tëme. Nuttah, by the way, looks VERY GAUNT. She says she is fine, but doesn’t look good to me. I like having more people to worry about, especially when I can do nothing to help. We seem to walk through the woods around us, at night and then seemingly instantaneously end up on the nearby highway, a very fucked up scene there. I tried to ask who this new joint is [the same man from the last dream], no real response; he wears the garb of the wolf tribe, with the “jewelry” depicting the wolf head, or at least that is how I interpret it; not very forthcoming about what his relation is to all this, course it could simply be a dream. I wake up pretty out of it and freaked, I hope it is just a dream. Not interested in what this world looks like, certainly not interested in living in it.

On November 9, I wrote to Bob that I also had a dream about Niko, the same night:

I had a dream last night about Niko too, but I can’t relate it to anything. Weirdly enough, it took place at Dad’s house — there was also a starving cat in their attic. (Reminders of Joe?) Niko was not real interested in coming up those stairs — I was trying to retrieve a ball some neighbor kids playing had kicked onto Dad’s roof, or balcony or something. I’m not sure what the Niko connection was, but he was there. I’m sure there were lots of other dreams too, I often wake up in the fog of dreams that I can’t remember, just knowing that I was off somewhere.

I thought (with my screwed up vision) that you wrote “Nuttah looks very GIANT”, but the word is GAUNT — not good. I know she is due very soon. I hope that goes well. Difficult time to be bringing a baby into the world. I’m worried about her too.

Reminder, that Nuttah is about 8 months pregnant now, as is the Lao woman at Bob’s work, however the Lao woman was so pregnant that she has already begun her maternity leave. I hope all goes well with Nuttah, her circumstances are just so tough. It should be any time now.

November 12, 2012

Unfortunately, I was right about Joe

November 8, 2012

Joe leaps from the bed in fright from the "Whoosh"!

Joe leaps from the bed in fright from the “Whoosh”!

And, as it turns out, I was right about Joe. I went down in the morning, because I could avoid it no longer, and Joe the Cat was stiff as a board. Poor Joe. He is outside now waiting to be buried this weekend, when it’s supposed to warm up and I can dig a hole next to his mother – Momee Cat. To the right is one of the pictures I used in the blog months ago, depicting Joe leaping off the bed straight up in the air in fright, as a “whoosh” comes through the bedroom.

Then a few days later, I got an email from my Dad, on November 12:
“Don’t know if you heard via recent contacts that “Number 9” passed away peacefully last week after a 3-4 week gradual decline despite 2 trips to the vet with no specific diagnosis.  She was 15 plus, so “old age” for a cat who kept me company through the day for the last 4 years.  Will be missed.   Love, Dad

I found out later that the date “last week” that Number 9 died was also November 7.

I wrote back to Dad: “So sorry to hear about Number 9. Curiously, our cat of 18 years, “Joe”, died the same day. I buried him this weekend in our yard. Sunday was warm enough to dig a pretty big hole.”

Joe from about a year ago

Joe from about a year ago

Joe arrived to our house in 1995 as a newly born kitten with his mother, who I thought would surely die of malnutrition. Bob had brought the whole “kit and kaboodle” home from the plant where he worked in the city. Momee Cat, the mother, was a stray that got knocked up as all unspayed cats will eventually do there, and since we had young children at home at the time, Bob thought he’d bring them all home. (Little did I know that this would be the first of about 5 litters of cats I would eventually be asked to take care of: de-flea, medicate, sometimes nurse, spay, neuter and place in homes). All told, I think we’ve been responsible for placing nearly 40 cats over the years. Joe was one of 5 kittens; we raised them all, and found homes for all but Joe, a sibling Mo, and the mother, who we called Momee Cat. Mo was eventually given to a family that wanted a cat, actually we gave them Joe and Mo, but Joe freaked out and hid in a closet for a week, so we got him back. Momee Cat, the mother, lived until about 2008 or 9. This past year, I’d been treating Joe for Diabetes for a few months, but he finally succumbed. I felt that we owed it to Joe (treating him for his health problems) not just for his incredible amount of years with us, but for what he’d been through with all these events: he’d Lived it. But something tells me being 18 didn’t help. We officially now only have 1 cat and 1 dog.

The thing about Joe and Number 9 both dying on the same day is just one of many strange coincidences that have occurred, especially with out pets. I thought it was exclusive to the dogs, but maybe the cats are also somehow linked. And then one last thing to mention about the day that I buried Joe in the yard. I was digging and of course had my head down focused on my task. I had just finished placing Joe in the grave I dug, wrapped in an appropriately black and white towel, and was dressing it up with leaves and pine boughs. I thought Bob might want to come over with me and say a few words as we said goodbye to Joe; he was out poking around in the yard cleaning up “Sandy” stuff. At the moment I thought I was finished, Bob called to me to quick look at something. I did as soon as I heard him, but the thing had passed and I missed it. What Bob had been calling to me to look at was his first ever sighting of a UFO streaking across the sky. This is the way he described what he saw:

It was just like a cylinder, it was shiny, reflective metallic. I thought it was the fuselage of a plane, with the sunlight reflecting off of it, it was just going across the sky, just like plane would, I could see it through the branches of the trees. It was the light that caught my eye, the sun reflecting on it, and then just like that, it shot off straight up, a straight line upward, like no plane would ever be able to do. I tried to get your attention, but it was gone in a flash.

Dang. I wish I had seen it. What was the significance of this the day we buried Joe? Anything? Who knows? Are there truly any coincidences?? I think not.

I was curious about this incident because I’ve been hearing on C2C about a site you can go to and report and/or check out UFO sitings. It’s called the UFO Reporting Center: if you ever witness something that you would like to catalog or to check on something you witnessed, here is the place to do it. And yes, there were numerous sitings in PA during that period, nothing specifically HERE where we are, but Bob was pretty sure about what he saw. I wish that he had reported it too, to be logged into the database. I found some pictures on the internet of the cigar-shaped cylinder that Bob saw, and he said this one pretty closely resembled his sighting:

Bob witnesses a cigar-shaped cylindrical UFO go straight up while we bury Joe-the-Cat

Bob witnesses a cigar-shaped cylindrical UFO go straight up while we bury Joe-the-Cat

November 7, 2012

Power comes back on

November 7, 2012

On the eve of Hurricane Sandy, October 29, Nuttah had hidden herself under a turtle shell.

On the eve of Hurricane Sandy, October 29, Nuttah had hidden herself under a turtle shell.


Later in the “power failure week”, we came home to find Nuttah on the bed with the turtle shell

Nuttah was out from under the turtle shell, on my bedside table with hearts

Nuttah was out from under the turtle shell, on my bedside table with hearts

Power came on Tuesday night (election night).  I actually voted that morning in a township hall that was running the voting booths on generator power. First time for that. We still have no internet, cable, or telephone. This was Day 8, and it had been off since the night of October 29th. Then tonight, I came home to a loud vibration as soon as I get out of my car in the driveway. As I go upstairs, in the bathroom it was even stronger. I went into the bedroom, and Nuttah was no longer under the turtle shell, as above,  where she’d placed herself for “protection” the night of the storm. Where was she tonight though? On my bedside table. I walked over, she faces my side of bed, with the piled up hearts pointing at me (see picture to the left) Immediately, I’m not sure why, I think: “Joe”. He’s dead. I know it. She knows I’ll be sad. I don’t have the heart to go down and look at him, he’s been ailing now for so long, after months of treatments, that ultimately were not going to save the life of a 17 year old cat. Joe. So much of this he experienced himself, in the beginning, in the old bedroom. I’ll have to get a good picture of Joe, from his early better days, when he was still a robust young man. Probably most of those pictures were on film and are in photo-albums. Joe came home to us in 1995, and it’s hard to believe it’s now 2012. I can’t deal with the inevitability tonight, I’ll check him out in the morning. Good ole Joe.

"Joe-the-Cat" emerging from his hiding place

“Joe-the-Cat” emerging from his hiding place

November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

I know I promised some pictures of our fallout from the hurricane, and this is it. Prior to Sandy arriving (before power went out) we were getting pretty regular email updates about what to expect. Here are some excerpts of pre-storm warnings from both our township and from the National Weather Service. :

This one was dated 10/26:
As we continue to track two (2) storms approaching from both the south and west; the National Weather Service has issued a 90% PROBABILITY that our area will sustain a somewhat major impact.  The storm track/severity is still subject to change.


Then on Monday, October 29, a warning from our township:
All previously issued watches & warnings remain in effect & force as Sandy has intensified and continues on her path through our region as forecasted.  All pre-storm preparations should be completed by 12 Noon today as conditions will worsen as the afternoon progresses.

High Wind Warning:  Tropical storm force winds (20-55 MPH with higher gusts) can be expected through Tuesday night.  Extended power outages can be expected.  This is an extremely dangerous situation, please take it seriously.  Report all power outages and downed trees to the Township.

Heavy Rain & Flood Watch:  Sandy will produce excessive amounts of rainfall (4 – 10+ inches) across portions of our region today and tonight.  The runoff will swell our creeks and river Tuesday and beyond.  If you haven’t already…please make immediate plans to elevate any valuables and/or evacuate to higher ground if you are located in flood prone areas.

We spent Saturday getting ready for Hurricane Sandy – we were warned to expect 10″ of rain. That would have been worse than Ivan and Irene. There was actually talk on the Delaware River that it could be worse than the “Flood of ’55“, a legendary flood on the Delaware River that is still remembered and talked about today. What you see here is a line of plywood panels reinforcing our existing wall that separates the property from the creek, which is just on the other side of the plywood.
Here is a close-up of the plywood work. The creek can be seen above the top edge of the plywood. We “hoped” that this might help in the event of high water, but fortunately, it was not to be tested. The numbers “6” and “12” on the plywood are because we used to surround the house with it, when there was a threat of water rising, and each plywood panel was numbered, 1-13.

Due to the expectation of heavy rains, we moved all our vehicles out of our own driveway, and up a steep field access road to keep them out of potential harms way. (Flooding). The next morning, October 30, we went to retrieve the vehicles.This is the one that I call “Truckie”, a 99 Ford Ranger in an arguably spectacular shade of green. Truckie was almost demolished by 2 enormous falling trees, as can be seen in this picture. This is literally about 3 feet off the front end of Truckie, who trumps ALL vehicles, inarguably.

Here is a close-up of the trees that nearly took out Truckie. That is a cattle fence that they crushed instead, and 4 weeks later, now 11/29/12, trees and fence still lay there.

Blocking the road that goes by our house, a very large, double-trunked tree fell during “Sandy” on Monday, 10/29. It was still there a week later, when we had time to drive around and shoot this cell-phone picture.

Here is a close up of the tree discussed in the above picture. This tree sat here blocking a road for the entire week. We marveled at our adjacent township not doing a thing about it, not even marking the streets as you approached this tree. We were just waiting for a disaster, if someone were to come upon it at night. Not a reflector, not a single caution cone, not a road-closure sign appeared to keep people from driving up or down this pretty major local artery and encountering this tree.

In fact, relative to the above picture of the fallen tree, a resident on that street put up their own homemade sign, to try to avert the inevitable disaster. What was up with this township that left such a potentially hazardous situation?? In case it’s hard to read in this cell-phone photo, the little home-made sign says, “ROAD CLOSED – TREE DOWN”. Where was the township in this scenario?? Someone could so easily have been killed. I don’t like to jump to criticizing when there is a problem this large, but really, if you could not get to cutting up the tree, at the very least, put up a blinking caution horse, cones that block the road, or something to indicate a hazard ahead. People literally drive 50 MPH on this road, and do you really think you’d see that tree on a dark street at night, doing 50?

Wondering what that sign said that was on the fallen tree? Well, here it is: “STOP mutilating tree – it will be cut down properly.” BY WHO??? It’s a week later! Let someone cut it down, mutilated or not! Who cares at this point, the tree is already down, do we really care about mutilation?? Whatever it was, they didn’t care if someone crashed into it in the dark of the night. This is almost just surreally bizarre.
Here is one of the many reasons that power did not come on for over a week. This is a split phone pole, it brings wires down (laying across the road), and it was days before they could get to this issue with everything else going on.
Emergency signs appeared on local phone poles: “DO NOT ENERGIZE” — meaning someone could be electrocuted that is working elsewhere on the line.
Finally, after ordering it the day the power went out, our generator arrives on the back of a giant Fed Ex Tractor trailer. I had to take the day off from work to await the arrival. We ordered one on the internet, because you could not buy one in about a 100 mile radius or better. This was shipped from Tennessee and arrived on Day 5 of the power failure. I spread the pieces outside to see if I can assemble before Bob gets home from work. Good luck.
Friday Night Lights: We were so excited about getting our new generator hooked up by late Friday afternoon. I put a desk light on top of the ‘frig and shot a cell-phone pic. Then that was all we energized until Monday because we realized cranking it up just to cool the ‘frig was pointless as all the stuff was already either bad, or outside in coolers. We really wanted the generator for running water, and that would require a professional electrician hookup, which couldn’t happen until Monday. So basically, it would have been about $40 worth of gas to have a little light on, so off it went.
We call this “Grill Coffee”. Water boiled in a covered pot on the grill, and coffee made in a French Press mug. Mmmmmm, delicious. Drink outside, even better.
I borrowed this picture from the local paper. We had cavalcades of trucks helping out in our area a few days after the storm. This was ComEd from Indiana, I believe, and we had Duke Energy trucks all over here, from North Carolina. We were grateful to all of them for helping out.