Unfortunately, I was right about Joe

November 8, 2012

Joe leaps from the bed in fright from the "Whoosh"!

Joe leaps from the bed in fright from the “Whoosh”!

And, as it turns out, I was right about Joe. I went down in the morning, because I could avoid it no longer, and Joe the Cat was stiff as a board. Poor Joe. He is outside now waiting to be buried this weekend, when it’s supposed to warm up and I can dig a hole next to his mother – Momee Cat. To the right is one of the pictures I used in the blog months ago, depicting Joe leaping off the bed straight up in the air in fright, as a “whoosh” comes through the bedroom.

Then a few days later, I got an email from my Dad, on November 12:
“Don’t know if you heard via recent contacts that “Number 9” passed away peacefully last week after a 3-4 week gradual decline despite 2 trips to the vet with no specific diagnosis.  She was 15 plus, so “old age” for a cat who kept me company through the day for the last 4 years.  Will be missed.   Love, Dad

I found out later that the date “last week” that Number 9 died was also November 7.

I wrote back to Dad: “So sorry to hear about Number 9. Curiously, our cat of 18 years, “Joe”, died the same day. I buried him this weekend in our yard. Sunday was warm enough to dig a pretty big hole.”

Joe from about a year ago

Joe from about a year ago

Joe arrived to our house in 1995 as a newly born kitten with his mother, who I thought would surely die of malnutrition. Bob had brought the whole “kit and kaboodle” home from the plant where he worked in the city. Momee Cat, the mother, was a stray that got knocked up as all unspayed cats will eventually do there, and since we had young children at home at the time, Bob thought he’d bring them all home. (Little did I know that this would be the first of about 5 litters of cats I would eventually be asked to take care of: de-flea, medicate, sometimes nurse, spay, neuter and place in homes). All told, I think we’ve been responsible for placing nearly 40 cats over the years. Joe was one of 5 kittens; we raised them all, and found homes for all but Joe, a sibling Mo, and the mother, who we called Momee Cat. Mo was eventually given to a family that wanted a cat, actually we gave them Joe and Mo, but Joe freaked out and hid in a closet for a week, so we got him back. Momee Cat, the mother, lived until about 2008 or 9. This past year, I’d been treating Joe for Diabetes for a few months, but he finally succumbed. I felt that we owed it to Joe (treating him for his health problems) not just for his incredible amount of years with us, but for what he’d been through with all these events: he’d Lived it. But something tells me being 18 didn’t help. We officially now only have 1 cat and 1 dog.

The thing about Joe and Number 9 both dying on the same day is just one of many strange coincidences that have occurred, especially with out pets. I thought it was exclusive to the dogs, but maybe the cats are also somehow linked. And then one last thing to mention about the day that I buried Joe in the yard. I was digging and of course had my head down focused on my task. I had just finished placing Joe in the grave I dug, wrapped in an appropriately black and white towel, and was dressing it up with leaves and pine boughs. I thought Bob might want to come over with me and say a few words as we said goodbye to Joe; he was out poking around in the yard cleaning up “Sandy” stuff. At the moment I thought I was finished, Bob called to me to quick look at something. I did as soon as I heard him, but the thing had passed and I missed it. What Bob had been calling to me to look at was his first ever sighting of a UFO streaking across the sky. This is the way he described what he saw:

It was just like a cylinder, it was shiny, reflective metallic. I thought it was the fuselage of a plane, with the sunlight reflecting off of it, it was just going across the sky, just like plane would, I could see it through the branches of the trees. It was the light that caught my eye, the sun reflecting on it, and then just like that, it shot off straight up, a straight line upward, like no plane would ever be able to do. I tried to get your attention, but it was gone in a flash.

Dang. I wish I had seen it. What was the significance of this the day we buried Joe? Anything? Who knows? Are there truly any coincidences?? I think not.

I was curious about this incident because I’ve been hearing on C2C about a site you can go to and report and/or check out UFO sitings. It’s called the UFO Reporting Center: if you ever witness something that you would like to catalog or to check on something you witnessed, here is the place to do it. And yes, there were numerous sitings in PA during that period, nothing specifically HERE where we are, but Bob was pretty sure about what he saw. I wish that he had reported it too, to be logged into the database. I found some pictures on the internet of the cigar-shaped cylinder that Bob saw, and he said this one pretty closely resembled his sighting:

Bob witnesses a cigar-shaped cylindrical UFO go straight up while we bury Joe-the-Cat

Bob witnesses a cigar-shaped cylindrical UFO go straight up while we bury Joe-the-Cat


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