A couple of interesting “Dreams”

We were still in “negotiations” of sorts to get the “Rescue-shepherd”, Niko. No, it had still not happened, and here we were in mid-November. There is really no clear reason why it had not happened yet; part of it was due to everyone’s different schedules, the interruption of the Hurricane, but Bob couldn’t help thinking that maybe she really didn’t want to give him up. He had given her frequent opportunities to say so.

A very handsome shepherd, he is, Niko, the rescue-shepherd

A very handsome shepherd, he is, Niko: The rescue-shepherd

Then on November 8, Bob has a “dream” he describes to me. I wrote this up on a green stickie dated 11/8:

I was out in the woods in Nuttah’s world. I was with her, and the wolf-puppy, and there was another man that I’ve never seen before. We were walking along and viewing the ruins of what was our area – there were cars all over the place. It was just general devastation. I received this message: “We need to be with you and protect all of you – go see Niko and bring him here”. We need the protection. Bob will not be able to do this alone.

Do what alone?

Bob is as mystified by these dreams as I am, but he also says that they seem “too real to be just dreams”.

What is going to happen here? Or is it there? This has really been an ongoing theme since the very beginning. It’s just becoming more insistent.

The next day, November 9, Bob had another “dream”, similar to the last one:

“It seems Niko is more for you. Not entirely, but primarily, to help protect, in the event… but having Niko also allows for Tëme to be close to me, the bond seems to be important and to go back a way in time. I kind of knew this wasn’t the first go-round with our  association with Tëme. Nuttah, by the way, looks VERY GAUNT. She says she is fine, but doesn’t look good to me. I like having more people to worry about, especially when I can do nothing to help. We seem to walk through the woods around us, at night and then seemingly instantaneously end up on the nearby highway, a very fucked up scene there. I tried to ask who this new joint is [the same man from the last dream], no real response; he wears the garb of the wolf tribe, with the “jewelry” depicting the wolf head, or at least that is how I interpret it; not very forthcoming about what his relation is to all this, course it could simply be a dream. I wake up pretty out of it and freaked, I hope it is just a dream. Not interested in what this world looks like, certainly not interested in living in it.

On November 9, I wrote to Bob that I also had a dream about Niko, the same night:

I had a dream last night about Niko too, but I can’t relate it to anything. Weirdly enough, it took place at Dad’s house — there was also a starving cat in their attic. (Reminders of Joe?) Niko was not real interested in coming up those stairs — I was trying to retrieve a ball some neighbor kids playing had kicked onto Dad’s roof, or balcony or something. I’m not sure what the Niko connection was, but he was there. I’m sure there were lots of other dreams too, I often wake up in the fog of dreams that I can’t remember, just knowing that I was off somewhere.

I thought (with my screwed up vision) that you wrote “Nuttah looks very GIANT”, but the word is GAUNT — not good. I know she is due very soon. I hope that goes well. Difficult time to be bringing a baby into the world. I’m worried about her too.

Reminder, that Nuttah is about 8 months pregnant now, as is the Lao woman at Bob’s work, however the Lao woman was so pregnant that she has already begun her maternity leave. I hope all goes well with Nuttah, her circumstances are just so tough. It should be any time now.


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