Niko Arrives – and so does a Baby!

Niko arrives finally

Niko arrives finally

Saturday, November 17, 2013:

So maybe it was time, or maybe it was the message from Nuttah in this post, where she says; “We need to be with you and protect all of you – go see Niko and bring him here”. But that weekend in Mid-November, after nearly 2 months of expectations, we did just that. What Bob had arranged with his foster-Mom was to just pick Niko up on Saturday for an overnight, and see how it went. And it went well, and he stayed. Thankfully, the wait was over, and he was ours. Niko is now part of our family. He adjusted to everything as if he’d spent part of his life here.

Then on Monday, November 20, Bob sent this email:

Nuttah has a baby, I think a boy, woman with her called him Mukki, I don’t think it is a name though, more like baby or child or something like that. Everyone SEEMS fine. Teme was outside, Niko has a name… Keme, don’t know what it means, but that is what he is called, also Teme called me “wematin” or “wamatan” or some derivation of that, that wasn’t as easy to remember as the other two. Drums were all night, heard them as I was leaving, stopped as I got about 10 yards past our property. Anyway, everyone seemed good.

The arrangement on the dresser after Nuttah has her baby

The arrangement on my bedside table after Nuttah has her baby; Her baby (Mukki) is born into the “Turtle Tribe”

And mine back to Bob: I had a big change on my table last night, so I thought something was up. Heard the drums too. Did she have the baby early? Thought it was December, but also knew it could be any time. Hope all is well, but sounds like it is — not sure how under the circumstances, but I’m glad you got a peek. I looked up keme, there is a word Nkeme, that sounds like a hard “G”, rather than K, like Geme, two syllables, just like Teme. Emphasis on the ‘me”. Are we calling him that? What does it mean to them? I’ll check out your other word when I get back. Glad all is well. The change I had was the Duke/Teme pair is propped up behind her, on top of my radio, and the little heart pile in front of them pointing at us. Then, the baby wolf is laid under the pewter turtle. I read into that, that the wolf/turtle tribe has merged.

Bob: That word doesn’t sound right, it (keme) is a name if I am getting it right. I think the dup and turtle is a symbol for a birth in to the turtle tribe. I could be wrong. I don’t know if Nuttah had baby early or not, she was just about in line with the woman from upstairs. I will ask Thom if she is due yet.

Then it occurred to me to ask later: What is the actual day that Nuttah had the baby? Does she need anything?? (How on earth would we get something to her?) Wouldn’t it be interesting if woman upstairs had hers the same day?

And guess what – 3 big things happened that Saturday, November 17, 2013: Niko comes home to us, Nuttah has her baby (a boy) AND, the Lao woman had her baby exactly the same day as Nuttah. Pure coincidence?? I doubt it, but it remains to be discovered just how they are all linked.


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