After the Baby – an Update

 A reminder about the circumstances under which Nuttah had her baby. The remaining tribe members, a small band of about 6, are still in hiding and on the run since July. She basically spent the majority of her pregnancy in hiding and running from the evil ones – the ones that massacred the remainder of the tribe and then continued north. I believe, from things Bob has reported, that they are being assisted by some “Wolf Tribe” members that survived because they had more advance notice of the marauders. I am not sure how they know this, but they fear that this marauding band is going to return. Why they would return for more, I have no idea. Isn’t the death and destruction rendered already enough? Bob feels the same as they do; that they will return. Are they after Nuttah because of her extraordinary ability and powers? Don’t know. Let us just hope, now that she has had the baby, that they can stay hidden. What this means though, is living a more basic life than even they are used to. They cannot have a fire — the smoke would give them away. Their food stores were taken, or burned. It is late November – it is cold, with no fire for warmth or protection. And a baby is born into this madness – no wonder Nuttah looks gaunt. And yet she is still able to communicate with us on occasion. We don’t know where they are, we’re just pretty sure they’re not here where they were before… 2012-11-27-Nuttah-with-pups-and-hearts
On November 27, 2013, I wrote Bob this email that morning:  Thought you might have had some contact last night, I noticed a new arrangement on my table, and also, there was a pretty loud hum going on.The new arrangement that I noticed is pictured at right: The pups are no longer in this picture, the turtle has been moved up to be with Nuttah on top of my clock-radio, and there is a dried clover top now on the 2 pile-up hearts. That was probably in a corner of the room somewhere. (See the next picture below for where the pups ended up…)On November 30, I came home to this report from Bob about Niko:

Bob had taken our pups out to “do their business” when he got home from work. He was in the back yard, and his attention was diverted as Niko started going crazy, barking at something. Bob looked at Niko to see where he was focused… and it was across the creek. Bob looks over and guess who it is – his “Buddy”. Yes, the “Evil One”. He’s back and not only that, he’s HERE. Geez, why is he HERE??

All those sightings last summer, and it was never here, it was always down in the city, or at the plant. I took some comfort in the fact that he was never HERE. But maybe that was why we were “told” to “go get Niko, bring him here.”  Bob says, and I don’t know how he knows this, that somehow he (the Evil One) “knows” that he can’t come on our property. Niko goes absolutely crazy over this, which means that he can see him too. By the way, if you see a shepherd when they are in that mode, it is pretty intimidating. I wouldn’t come on the property either. I’ve added a “mean-face picture of Niko below, getting into it with our other dog “Stupe”. Pictured to the right, are the 3 pups hidden behind Bob’s clock-radio. I wonder if there is some significance to them “hiding”. If so, what and why? It is Duke, Tëme, and one of the wolf-pups. That is Bob’s special stone on top of the radio.Who is this evil guy, and why has he returned, and why is he here? This is such a bad omen, Nuttah’s baby is barely a week old, there is such a small number of them remaining, their only defense is to stay hidden and to hope that the evil band moves on. Will it happen?


It just occurred to me I need to add a paper character for Niko too.

Niko with his "Mean Face"

Niko with his “Mean Face”



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