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December 26, 2012

Dreams and Strategy

As I alluded to in the prior post, on Christmas Day, in the middle of our festivities, Bob’s cell phone rang. I didn’t think much of it, but I could tell that it was a work call because he was obviously talking to someone that was having a hard time with English. I asked him what it was about when he hung up. He seemed rather grave:

“The Lao woman (rather it was her husband, translating for her). She had another dream. It is not going well. I don’t really want to get into it on Christmas and ruin our day, but it did not sound good; she was really disturbed by it, and she wanted me to corroborate what she saw.”

The Christmas Day change on my bedside table

The Christmas Day change on my bedside table

“What??” I wondered, but he was as confounded as I was, in that it was too hard to get the whole story through her translator. He was also distracted and concerned, because it was obvious that things were not good, something had happened, something bad, and it was really just a matter of it not having gotten through yet to Bob in the “usual way”. In other words, in his own dream/vision. Bob did not want to ruin Christmas dwelling on it, I could tell, and he tried to put it out of his mind for the rest of the day, but I could tell he was definitely concerned. I’ve already mentioned that there were changes on my bedside table Christmas Day with Nuttah’s character. I’ve included that picture again to the left.

Then, December 26, the day after Christmas, it was a normal work day for both of us and Bob wrote me this email: I don’t know if you had any sense of things last night but I sure did. I spent the night, or what seemed like the night (could have been just a moment) in consult and strategizing. The woman helping Nuttah with her baby and one other were both killed, in a pretty brutal fashion. The Lao woman was correct about all of it, what she was able to tell me Christmas Day; they are in hiding and on the move when possible, trying to get north. They know where the bad guys are, the other small groups have been in contact periodically. There is a plan, don’t want to say it is all mine, but I pushed for it to happen, and it will happen in the next few nights. I guess if we don’t hear anything we will know if it failed if Niko is not alive. Tëme/Dukey/Keme/Niko is going to kill my buddy by stealth at night, with the help of only 3 warriors. This will hopefully leave them “headless” and allow for either the disbandment and destruction of the rest or just the disbursement [of all the bad ones] and leaving the area. I am hoping the local groups will come together and convince the intact groups in the north to just destroy the followers.

Wow. “We will know if it failed if Niko is not alive”??? Meaning if the plan fails, Niko will not survive? I’m remembering of course that heartbreaking day when we had to have Duke put down and Tëme collapsed at the same moment. They are all linked! And now Niko?? Could this be why he was brought to us, to help out with this strategy? (we really do feel like there was some “intervention” on our behalf that brought Niko here.) But why does his “here” body have to die if something goes amiss there? He is involved and he is linked and he is going to die if the plan fails? WTF? Why?? I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all, and I want the whole thing to just disappear and go away and pretend it’s not happening. But alas, I cannot, it is as real as the fact that every morning we must drag ourselves out of bed and go to work as if everything is normal.

I came home that night to a big change on my desk involving all of the pups, and I’ve included that picture below. This is after Bob’s dream that includes the 3 wolves/dogs. Tëme, who is the original wolf, Duke, a German Shepherd that died in September of 2011 and Niko, who just came to us on November 17, 2012. (Coincidentally, the same day that Nuttah and the Lao woman both had their babies). I have to keep reiterating all these “coincidences” because not only is it easy to forget stuff, but I keep looking for the connections. Sometimes, when I read things much later, I get more of a connection than I do when they first occurred. It’s hard sometimes to see past the bizarre and get the meaning, the first time around. These pups are propped up between two turtles, which might mean that the wolf and turtle tribes are going to join forces to hopefully annihilate the evil-doers. We can only hope that this strategy works, and that they succeed.

This is the Tëme/Duke/Keme/Niko combination character. Keme/Niko are 1, and Duke and Tëme are the other 2.

This is the Tëme/Duke/Keme/Niko combination character. Keme/Niko are 1, and Duke and Tëme are the other 2.

The side view of that scene showing that the wolves were propped up between 2 turtles.

The side view of that scene showing that the wolves were propped up between 2 turtles.

December 25, 2012

Stewie Arrives and a Disturbing Christmas Day Phone Call

December 22, Stewie arrived home for a holiday break. He would be staying with us through New Years. We were glad to have him; some good times with family were ahead. And like clockwork, as Stewie arrives, so did his character. We have absolutely no idea where Stew’s character “hides” when he is not here. We are not responsible for producing it when he arrives, and we don’t make him disappear when he goes. It just happens. Of course we assume it is Nuttah, recognizing and heralding his arrival. This time he was placed near the front door where we all come in. I have a giant pink arrow pointing at the tiny Stew character, near 2 pairs of his sneaks (why two such nearly identical pairs of sneaks for a short visit?? There must be subtle differences parents just aren’t aware of):

The arrow points to Stewie's character, which always seems to herald his arrival.

The arrow points to Stewie’s character, which always seems to herald his arrival.

And besides this “Stewie event”, between the last post on December 20th and Christmas Day, there was really nothing, besides me experiencing an occasional hum/buzz/vibration that I would sometimes hear in the upstairs part of the house. Bob was perturbed by this lack of activity, because it was really only me that heard it, he was not getting anything. He was concerned because of the way things had appeared the last time he’d had a “vision”. Things were so difficult for them trying to live no better than prey. Then on Christmas Day, there was a change on my bedside table involving a few of the hearts, Nuttah and a turtle. The changes were relatively minor, but they were changes nevertheless. Then there was a phone call, also on Christmas Day that was to cloud things a bit… I will write about it in the next post. It was the Lao woman for Bob with an update.

The Christmas Day change on my bedside table

The Christmas Day change on my bedside table

December 23, 2012

An Apology and Did I Enter a Time Warp?

Mayan-CalendarFirst, I must apologize for not living up to my promise. I said I was going to be caught up with my postings by 12/21. It didn’t happen. As soon as I started collecting the various email excerpts since August that revolved around our events, I knew it was not going to happen, and I should have said something then. There was just way too much material; I had not been all that conscious of that much going on, but I do know that we were both very happy that there was stuff going on, given the event in August that changed everything.  I have yet to get to that event, but will be soon.

And so here we are, it is 12/23/12 and we are all still here and life churns on. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. This is shaping up to be a rather pleasant holiday season all in all. While I’m preparing the post that I really don’t want to talk about (the August event that I keep referring to), I’ll insert something here that happened to me during the fall when I started walking the neighborhood. One morning I wrote to Bob about it:

I had a weird incident on my walk: I turn a corner, and I notice a piece of equipment I never noticed before. This is not today, it’s at least a few walks ago. I exclaim to myself, “How did I not notice that before, it’s huge”. (It’s a big rusted out front-end loader / back-hoe type of thing — yellow with lots of brown rust). I notice its condition, because clearly, it’s been there awhile and it’s the first day I’m really “seeing” it. So I just toss it off to lack of observation and keep going. It did stop me in my tracks though, cause it was so beat up, like it had sat there rusting for a long time. Also, no tracks behind or in front of it, like it had been driven there recently. Next day, same thing, and I marvel again – how did I miss that? I kind of shake my head at how unobservant I had been. (Now this might seem like something you’d never notice, however, there is literally nothing else there, it is just woods and brush.) So today, what is apparent is its ABSENCE. It is gone – and no tracks of it having been moved out of the woods either – I’m going to go check again tomorrow, take more notice of the surroundings, but what the heck? Am I walking through 2 different time overlays there?? Very weird. Okay, maybe I’m making more of this than I should. Below is a picture I took of the scene without the back-hoe in it. It really seemed like one day I would walk by scene – back hoe there, next day, back hoe not there. And yet there was no evidence of it having moved. Not a leaf disturbed, no soil out of place, no sticks broken, nothing trampled, no tracks, no depressions in the ground. And the fall leaves would have fallen “around” it, and left a bare-spot where it sat, no? Clearly, nothing sat here the day before, at least nothing as large as I’m describing:


December 20, 2012

Soup for A’na

On December 18, Bob texted me with a comment that I no longer have saved, but the gist of it was this: “The Lao woman wants me to make sure I bring home some soup she made for A’na”.

She used the name “A’na”. How did she know that? It came in a dream, apparently; not only does she see the scenes similar to what Bob sees, she knows our Lenape names, and knows who they relate to. Or maybe she just thinks my name is “A’na”. In case this requires explanation, which it probably does, A’na is my Lenape name from my incarnation during Nuttah’s time. I died though in that world, while giving birth to Nuttah. A’na was the wife of “Kitchi” (which is Bob’s Lenape nickname), who also died saving Nuttah from drowning in the creek. Nuttah was about 7 or 8 when that happened, and in her “current-day” age, she is about 16. A 16 year old widow with a newborn. Don’t ask me to explain all the paradoxes created by this, I can’t, anymore than I can explain what is happening. I am the “scribe”; I write up the events, but have so far been unable to interpret them in any effective way.

A rendition of a delicious Laotian Soup

A rendition of a delicious Laotian Soup

Bob did bring the homemade soup, and it was delicious. Does Nuttah somehow find a way to “work through” this woman??

My email to Bob: Please tell the Lao woman “Thank You” for me! Was there any other news, and how is her month old baby?

Remember, the Lao woman had her baby the same day as Nuttah on November 17, 2012.
11-17-12 – Any meaning to that number?? It seems like a day of such import.

The next day, December 19th, Bob wrote:
I had no contact last night. That is not a comforting feeling. I wish there had been something. Nothing more with the Lao woman either, at least nothing that she communicated to my crew. I don’t want to think about it anymore than I have to. I keep thinking there might be something I can do beyond being so passive and waiting to hear from her or someone. I just don’t know what, this still seems so foreign. I still keep having thoughts that nothing is happening, it is all a dream. Maybe just trying to convince myself so that I don’t worry or concern myself that I am not doing anything. It is a very disconcerting way to be. I don’t have much more to say.

I responded to Bob, that I heard something, just to try to assure him that I thought there had been “contact”:  The buzz/vibration started up last night, it was not here when I first got home, but I came up later and noticed it in the bathroom, for what that is worth, not sure if anything. I know, it is frustrating beyond belief not to be able to DO anything. Hope all is okay.

The cave where they are in hiding

The cave where they are in hiding

It probably would be a good idea to recap where things stand at the moment, so this all makes more sense. What remains of the tribe after the September massacre is in deep hiding in a cave some ways away. Nuttah is alive, but not doing very well as she has her month-old newborn to care for as well. They hide from the anticipated return of the marauding Central-American (Mayan?) tribe that was responsible for the near annihilation of Nuttah’s tribe. It is not clear how they know they will return, but it seems pretty certain that they will. There has been pretty minimal contact since all this happened, and we attribute this to them being on the run and to Nuttah’s preoccupation with both that and her newborn. It can’t be easy. Bob is very concerned because the overriding feeling is one of deep foreboding.

I’m adding this comment later, as I suppose that some people won’t see it. It was a comment to the blog from a reader. Lends some clarification to things I don’t know about the above:

Zotz Ah Puch is from Central America, most of the followers were gathered enroute, I believe mostly from what is now the Ohio River Valley where cultures that were influenced by Central American and Mexican cultures were flourishing and then more along the way including Lenape.

December 19, 2012

Just Some Musings and is Time Real?

As I’ve mentioned before, I bought an iPod early this year to keep up with the late night radio program, Coast to Coast AM. We bought an “Insider” membership, so that I can download the programs and listen to them either as I walk in the morning, or while driving the long drive to work. Each individual nightly program is not necessarily worth the nearly 4-hour time investment, but many of them are, and I have learned an enormous amount over these months. Of course, the thing that I am most tuned in to and for, is any guest, show, or caller that might talk about things remotely close to what we are experiencing. And although people have all sorts of bizarre and paranormal things going on, nothing quite compares to our events, at least what I have heard so far.

And I have often tried to conceptualize, exactly what it is that Nuttah does, and how does she do it? That, of course, with our limited knowledge, is most impossible to theorize about. I think that one has to step outside of what we consider reality, and try to wrap our minds around something else that exists beyond our own reality. For instance, on December 5th, there was a guest by the name of Dr. Bruce Goldberg. He talked about traveling to the “5th dimension” for healing and spiritual growth. And I quote below from the show, because when I was listening to him, it made me think that he could be talking about Nuttah.

5th-Dimension“What are the advantages, why should I go to the 5th Dimension? You can  eliminate the fear of death, because that’s exactly what happens when the physical body crosses into spirit. You can contact lost loved ones, spirit guides, angels, your higher self, and even time travelers from the future, as well as extra-terrestrials (the good ones)…You can see the future, remember all time is simultaneous once you leave the earth-plane.Those are the advantages of traveling through the 5th dimension, all perfectly safe by the way.”

Pictured below is a photo of the Large Hadron Collider, and a link to the site where I found this picture. It is an interesting blog post titled: “Physicists Believe The Large Hadron Collider Could Open A Door To The 5th Dimension & Time Travel”:

The Large Hadron Collider - Time Travel to the 5th Dimension?

The Large Hadron Collider – Time Travel to the 5th Dimension?

We’ll see.

And I wonder, is this what Nuttah has achieved? The ability to travel to this dimension, the one outside of time? And then speaking of the time factor, which I find to be one of the most confounding parts of this to grasp, I’d like to also add this quote below, from a show on December 13th, just last week. The guest was Josh Warren:

George (the host) asks: Josh, this realm where the spirits kind of “hang-out”, is it a parallel universe, is it another dimension? What is this layer?

Josh: Well, you know, this is an excellent question, George, because for one thing, we, of course, are not even certain how to comprehend what the mathematics are proving about there being at least 11 different dimensions. It’s hard enough for us to get our minds around the concept of time alone. So we may not be able to really understand precisely what this realm is. But I think of it as being akin to the internet. You could say, “Where is the internet?” And of course the question doesn’t quite make sense, because it’s sort of like asking, “What is the color of the wind?” The internet is a stream of energy and it can be processed and interpreted at different points, by different people in various ways. So I kind of feel like this other realm is “encoded” in the fabric of reality around us. And using Newtonian physics to understand how this works is almost like using a thermometer to measure wind speed. It’s just not the right tool for the job. And so, the irony is, we know that this information that is “ghostly”, is sort of ingrained in the environment around us on some dimensional level. And yet most of the past years, the emphasis has been on studying the environmental world. You see people running around with EMF meters, and temperature gauges and all these things. And they’ve been studying the external environmental part, more than what’s happening within the human perception, and yet, we still know very, very little about exactly how that information is stored in the environment. We are learning tons, however, about how people are connecting with the environment to have the experience. So we’ve actually been learning less about the stuff we’ve been studying the most, because we’ve been studying it using the wrong approach.”

not-enough-time-2One of the most confounding and curious things that I keep hearing on Coast to Coast, is numerous guests saying, “All time is present”, or “Time is simultaneous”, or “Take time out of the equation, and ‘it’ all begins to make sense”. Is that true??? How do our limited human brains (mine in particular) grasp these concepts? Our lives seem so driven by “time”: punching the clock when I get to work, punching out, and in the case of tonight, it measured 9.75 hours on the card I punched into the machine. That’s real, isn’t it? I get a paycheck based on that. It takes me 1 hr. to get to work. There are 24 in a day — our lives are driven, seemingly, by the constricts of time, and it sure seems real enough to me. Bob & I don’t have enough time with each other, and our weekends aren’t long enough – TIME-wise. So how do you take time “out of the equation”?? The way we live our lives, it is pretty much THE major factor, is it not? What this boils down to, I believe, is ME taking some TIME to do some research and try to figure this one out. I’ll get right on it. ;-}


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December 18, 2012

Dreaming about Pups

On December 17, I wrote Bob an email about a dream I had just had:

I woke up this morning after a very odd and strong puppy dream. Two new pups had apparently gotten into our house. One was light, one dark; the light one about the size of a cocker-spaniel, the dark one, a shaggy, long-haired brown, about the size of a border collie. They were being very good and obedient, and I was asking someone how they got here. I don’t know who I was asking, someone in the house. I couldn’t get an answer, so I thought, “Maybe I could just ask the dogs”. And they answered me. The light one was getting in through some kind of slip in time. There were no vulnerabilities in the house, it was just a “time-slip”. The other one was more talkative, seemed to have the answers to the universe’s questions, only now I can’t remember what they were! Figures. It was almost like when I asked, “How did you get in?”, the pup thought it a stupid question and wanted me to ask something more important. I did, and had to lean down really close to him to hear the answer. When I woke up, Niko was barking in the basement. When I let Stupe out, she sniffed all around in front of and around her crate, like there was a new scent. I couldn’t even get her out of the basement, she was so interested in sniffing this new smell, whatever it was. Niko, of course is not in a crate, so probably was able to get his sniff-full before I got down there.

Bob wrote back: Interesting the way pups communicate with you, must be what you are receptive to, just like things were modified in the beginning for me when they were a bit too freaky.
There was pup activity in basement when I was leaving, but I didn’t have time to get involved.

I’m thinking the fact that Bob heard “goings-on” in the basement as he was getting ready to leave, is a pretty good clue that something was up. It was probably right after he left that I had my dream. Or, as I sometimes like to say, I was “delivered” a dream. I think there is something to this. Not just the external forces that cause you to dream something, but the nature of that dream I had – that there is a message to be learned if I could just tune into the pup wavelength. That perhaps Niko himself has some answers, if I knew what question to ask, and could interpret the way he would answer. Must keep an open mind. But you would think that a puppy dream would look more like this:

You'd think a dream involving pups might look more like this!

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December 16, 2012

Another Flower Arrangement

Thursday morning, December 13 (this was the morning after the Circle of Flowers arrived), I took the pups out into the yard first thing, as usual. Niko got distracted by something on the other side of the creek; he was barking like mad at something that I couldn’t see. Remember, Niko saw “The Evil One” a couple of weeks ago, when he was out with Bob. Good grief, I do hope that he didn’t see him again. Whatever it was he was barking and snarling at, was not visible to me.  And it couldn’t have been an animal or anything else – it’s really easy to see stuff over there this time of year.

Then on the morning of Friday, December 14, Bob wrote me this email:
Any sounds or anything else that you noticed after I left or anytime during night? When I was loading wood into stove I had someone walk by toward the stairs/front door from the kitchen, startled me to say the least. I checked around and saw /noticed nothing.

I replied:  When I went back to bed, it took me awhile to fall asleep and I thought I heard something, like a sound maybe from the basement, wasn’t sure, tossed it off to the puppies, but it probably wasn’t. Other than that, I did hear the vibration when I came in last night.

Why are we so casual about this weird stuff? Someone walks by Bob while he’s loading the stove, and even though when it happens, it’s startling, you’re just kind of ho-hum later, it pales in comparison to other “events”. (Why, for instance, is Niko whining behind me here at the computer in the office — I don’t even go investigate). I’m just now making the connection between Niko’s apparent sighting across the creek, and something going by Bob while loading the stove. Is there a connection? Maybe… Should we be concerned?

And I have a new photograph of a change in the flower arrangement from Dec. 12, and the picture of it is dated in my camera 12-16-12. So it probably took place December 15, because I generally photograph the scenes in the daylight the next day. In this picture, 4 of the “Circle of Flowers” heads were positioned in the directions of the cardinal points (echos many other arrangements from earlier in the year). I think one of them got blown by the bed sheets, see below. There is also the addition of another stone heart in this picture. Remains to be seen what is the significance of this change:

The Circle of Flowers has now become the "Directional Flowers". They pointed in 4 directions until one got messed up.

The Circle of Flowers has now become the “Directional Flowers”. They pointed in 4 directions until one got messed up.

December 13, 2012

A Circle of Flowers in December??

Bob wrote me this email on December 12: I slept right through last night, woke to strong drum and rattle this morning, heard it all the way until I pulled out of the driveway. Still a little haunted by the cave thing at the Christmas craft show on Sunday.  I wonder what the message was/is supposed to be.

Then later in the day Bob called me at work and reported that  Niko was restless, unsettled, climbing the stairs and just can’t relax; very distracted, pacing and sniffing all over. I was curious as to what this might mean, if anything. Bob was, as usual, asleep when I got home, and I tip-toed up to the bedroom to check around. I first look on my bedside table and  I was just simply amazed at what I saw there. It was a beautiful display of flowers – yes flowers, on my clock radio! Nuttah had arranged a small circle of tiny, very tiny, white wildflowers on the top of my clock radio on my bedside table. There was also a little pile of hearts and a turtle involved. The flowers totally fascinated me, and I went peering closely at them in the darkness to try to determine what they were. Where, on December 12, did she come up with flowers? I guessed that they were a small kind of white aster. Asters can grow very late into the fall… and it was true, we had not yet had any really freezing weather by this time in December. Cold, yes, but there must be some areas of warmer micro-systems where these flowers could still be alive. I’ve included some pictures below. I took them that night, while the flowers were still relatively fresh. I took so many, I’m surprised I didn’t wake up Bob with my flash:

I’ve also included these two close-ups of the “Circle of Flowers”. I really am not sure about the Aster determination. What is the significance of this small circle, so delicately laid there, surrounding a heart? I have it here from a couple of different angles.

The next morning, Bob wrote me this: There was a lot of drumming and activity last night. Niko/Keme, which I believe roughly means secret or hidden (something along those lines) was very aware, tried to get up from the basement, was certainly disturbed, hasn’t done that before as far as I know. Did you notice anything? Drumming? I was completely out of it this morning when I got up, not that it means anything, could just have been sleeping deeply I suppose, but felt different.

Bob was as yet unaware of the “flower-circle”, so below is the email where I tell him what I found:

Me: Yes I was aware of the drumming, heard it as soon as I came in. Came up to a big change on my table — I photographed it last night so I could get the flowers “fresher”, but they haven’t lost much as of this morning. The silver heart-charm is encircled in a ring of beautiful little flower-heads, right in front of Nuttah. I don’t know what they are, asters maybe, that grow late into the fall. Don’t think we still have any around, but maybe in a micro-climate somewhere. I’ll send the picture when I get back. I’m sure that is what Niko was reacting to, but he had settled down by the time I got home. Guess we will now know whenever they are around. I’d let him up sometime, see how that goes.

Finally, now, I also have a translation for the keme word that Bob has been hearing in reference to Niko. It is not keme, it is kimi. It means “Secretly”, as I found out from the site ““. I was trying to look this up when Bob first mentioned it in November, and couldn’t find it without a context. But why “Secretly”? What does that mean in reference to Niko? It’s pronounced as if in English it would be spelled “keemee”, no wonder Bob spelled it “keme”. Long e’s, just like Mimi.

English: secretly
Lenape: kimi
December 10, 2012

Not Easy Roughing it

On December 7, 2012, Bob wrote this email: Fortunately I woke a few minutes early because of a “dream” so I had a few minutes extra. Things are not easy for Nuttah, I have been worried, don’t like to talk about it, just adds to my worry. The group has had to move twice, I think, since last I heard. It is cold, much colder than we are experiencing. They are ok, but it is a constant concern. They have heard that two of the small groups were discovered, don’t need to tell you what happened to them. They have an advantage of earlier warning because of the pups. They have killed several deer and small game so they are ok food wise. But it is dangerous to start a fire. Nuttah looks tired and thin. Wonder if all this is just a dream. Also, I woke about 11:00 pm, and thought I heard puppy toenails on the floor downstairs. Was that my imagination?

Me: I am so sorry to hear about Nuttah and the other tribes; I worry about them too, especially right now. Did you see my post last night? I got home around 11 or so, I think I was in bed just after midnight, my usual time. You didn’t hear our puppy toenails, I didn’t bring them in, could have been “other” pups though.

On December 9, 2012, we went to a small Christmas “Craft show”. This may seem insignificant, but something happened there that was significant. I Christmas shop every year at this little show, held in a Latvian Church over in another township. Bob, to pass the time, picks up a book being sold at the show about the local area and opens it to a page. Then he comes seeking me out to show me.

“This is where they are!”, he exclaimed. “Right here, this cave.”

I peered closely at the picture, and below, I have included a picture from the book, which is called, “Our Lost Tohickon Valley that Bob opened it up to.  A very short description of this book, and what it is about:  There was a creek, the Tohickon Creek, that flowed through Upper Bucks County. But then in the early 1960’s, it was decided to create a large reservoir using this creek and creating a dam, but in the process, filling in an entire valley of homes and homesteads, farms, stores, schools, and churches. I heard it took quite a few years just to get it filled. It is now called Lake Nockamixon, which in Lenape means, “place of soft soil”. The book commemorates all that was lost in the process of filling in the valley. The authors are two women who lived in the Tohickon Valley before the lake was formed, and it is filled with photos of the pre-lake era. Including, a photo of a cave that was buried under the water all those years ago. They call it “The Indian Cave”, as you can see by the caption, and Bob had been shown in a dream that this was the cave used by Nuttah and her remaining tribe-members while they were in hiding from the marauders. Later, it was explored, and Henry Mercer recovered Indian artifacts, and evidence of it’s use by the Lenape. Could it really have been evidence of it’s use by Nuttah and her clan?? Bob was dumbstruck. I was, as well. Here it was, pictured in a book, all these years later, and yet as we stared at the picture, they were in there, hiding, in their time.


December 7, 2012

Niko / Tëme / Dukey / Këme

I got this email from Bob on December 4, 2012: “Had a few interesting dreams last night. Did you hear anything? If they are to be deemed “real”, Nuttah and baby are doing ok, rough conditions, but they are OK. Very small group to be trying to get through the winter, they had to leave the settlement because of the asshole and friends, still in area.  Niko, I think, has a house-guest, he is Këme now.???

Me: I was afraid how things might be since your sighting [of the Evil one]. Glad to hear they are okay. I wonder how they got the advanced warning? I wish there was something we could do. I did hear the hum as soon as I got out of the car, also in areas of the house that I don’t usually hear it, so it was pretty strong. I’m always looking around for any changes, but usually there aren’t any. Some nights I hear it really strong.  What do you mean by house-guest? When did all this occur? And how will they truly know that the bad ones are out of the area?

Bob: Tëme is house-guest in Niko, just as he was in Dukey and apparently in Pink. Apparently the dog he inhabits must be of a certain type and have a certain amount of horsepower, leaves Stupe out. I don t know what time it was, I woke around 3 and it was done, but clear memory of the little cave and surrounding woods.

Now me just narrating: This thing about Tëme being a “house-guest” in Niko is very curious. Remember, when Duke died more than a year ago, Tëme also laid down and died at the exact moment. So, Tëme is a spirit-wolf. He needs a like-being to inhabit to allow him to live.

Then a couple of days later, on December 6, Bob wrote me this email:  I was sitting on the couch with Niko last night and it suddenly hit me how familiar he was, as if I have known him before and for a long time. The moment I had that thought (he had his head on my lap) he turned, twisted his head up and started to lick my face with abandon and great excitement, wrapped his paws around me for at least 30 seconds. Something changed in our relationship last night.

A dog reunited in a strong bond from the past. So there is a clear reason why Niko was more or less “brought” to us. Niko is really Niko/Tëme/Duke/Këme. We just call him Niko:

Bob and Niko on Couch. Or should I say: Niko/Tëme/Duke/Këme

Bob and Niko on Couch. Or should I say: Niko/Tëme/Duke/Këme