Niko / Tëme / Dukey / Këme

I got this email from Bob on December 4, 2012: “Had a few interesting dreams last night. Did you hear anything? If they are to be deemed “real”, Nuttah and baby are doing ok, rough conditions, but they are OK. Very small group to be trying to get through the winter, they had to leave the settlement because of the asshole and friends, still in area.  Niko, I think, has a house-guest, he is Këme now.???

Me: I was afraid how things might be since your sighting [of the Evil one]. Glad to hear they are okay. I wonder how they got the advanced warning? I wish there was something we could do. I did hear the hum as soon as I got out of the car, also in areas of the house that I don’t usually hear it, so it was pretty strong. I’m always looking around for any changes, but usually there aren’t any. Some nights I hear it really strong.  What do you mean by house-guest? When did all this occur? And how will they truly know that the bad ones are out of the area?

Bob: Tëme is house-guest in Niko, just as he was in Dukey and apparently in Pink. Apparently the dog he inhabits must be of a certain type and have a certain amount of horsepower, leaves Stupe out. I don t know what time it was, I woke around 3 and it was done, but clear memory of the little cave and surrounding woods.

Now me just narrating: This thing about Tëme being a “house-guest” in Niko is very curious. Remember, when Duke died more than a year ago, Tëme also laid down and died at the exact moment. So, Tëme is a spirit-wolf. He needs a like-being to inhabit to allow him to live.

Then a couple of days later, on December 6, Bob wrote me this email:  I was sitting on the couch with Niko last night and it suddenly hit me how familiar he was, as if I have known him before and for a long time. The moment I had that thought (he had his head on my lap) he turned, twisted his head up and started to lick my face with abandon and great excitement, wrapped his paws around me for at least 30 seconds. Something changed in our relationship last night.

A dog reunited in a strong bond from the past. So there is a clear reason why Niko was more or less “brought” to us. Niko is really Niko/Tëme/Duke/Këme. We just call him Niko:

Bob and Niko on Couch. Or should I say: Niko/Tëme/Duke/Këme

Bob and Niko on Couch. Or should I say: Niko/Tëme/Duke/Këme


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