Not Easy Roughing it

On December 7, 2012, Bob wrote this email: Fortunately I woke a few minutes early because of a “dream” so I had a few minutes extra. Things are not easy for Nuttah, I have been worried, don’t like to talk about it, just adds to my worry. The group has had to move twice, I think, since last I heard. It is cold, much colder than we are experiencing. They are ok, but it is a constant concern. They have heard that two of the small groups were discovered, don’t need to tell you what happened to them. They have an advantage of earlier warning because of the pups. They have killed several deer and small game so they are ok food wise. But it is dangerous to start a fire. Nuttah looks tired and thin. Wonder if all this is just a dream. Also, I woke about 11:00 pm, and thought I heard puppy toenails on the floor downstairs. Was that my imagination?

Me: I am so sorry to hear about Nuttah and the other tribes; I worry about them too, especially right now. Did you see my post last night? I got home around 11 or so, I think I was in bed just after midnight, my usual time. You didn’t hear our puppy toenails, I didn’t bring them in, could have been “other” pups though.

On December 9, 2012, we went to a small Christmas “Craft show”. This may seem insignificant, but something happened there that was significant. I Christmas shop every year at this little show, held in a Latvian Church over in another township. Bob, to pass the time, picks up a book being sold at the show about the local area and opens it to a page. Then he comes seeking me out to show me.

“This is where they are!”, he exclaimed. “Right here, this cave.”

I peered closely at the picture, and below, I have included a picture from the book, which is called, “Our Lost Tohickon Valley that Bob opened it up to.  A very short description of this book, and what it is about:  There was a creek, the Tohickon Creek, that flowed through Upper Bucks County. But then in the early 1960’s, it was decided to create a large reservoir using this creek and creating a dam, but in the process, filling in an entire valley of homes and homesteads, farms, stores, schools, and churches. I heard it took quite a few years just to get it filled. It is now called Lake Nockamixon, which in Lenape means, “place of soft soil”. The book commemorates all that was lost in the process of filling in the valley. The authors are two women who lived in the Tohickon Valley before the lake was formed, and it is filled with photos of the pre-lake era. Including, a photo of a cave that was buried under the water all those years ago. They call it “The Indian Cave”, as you can see by the caption, and Bob had been shown in a dream that this was the cave used by Nuttah and her remaining tribe-members while they were in hiding from the marauders. Later, it was explored, and Henry Mercer recovered Indian artifacts, and evidence of it’s use by the Lenape. Could it really have been evidence of it’s use by Nuttah and her clan?? Bob was dumbstruck. I was, as well. Here it was, pictured in a book, all these years later, and yet as we stared at the picture, they were in there, hiding, in their time.



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