A Circle of Flowers in December??

Bob wrote me this email on December 12: I slept right through last night, woke to strong drum and rattle this morning, heard it all the way until I pulled out of the driveway. Still a little haunted by the cave thing at the Christmas craft show on Sunday.  I wonder what the message was/is supposed to be.

Then later in the day Bob called me at work and reported that  Niko was restless, unsettled, climbing the stairs and just can’t relax; very distracted, pacing and sniffing all over. I was curious as to what this might mean, if anything. Bob was, as usual, asleep when I got home, and I tip-toed up to the bedroom to check around. I first look on my bedside table and  I was just simply amazed at what I saw there. It was a beautiful display of flowers – yes flowers, on my clock radio! Nuttah had arranged a small circle of tiny, very tiny, white wildflowers on the top of my clock radio on my bedside table. There was also a little pile of hearts and a turtle involved. The flowers totally fascinated me, and I went peering closely at them in the darkness to try to determine what they were. Where, on December 12, did she come up with flowers? I guessed that they were a small kind of white aster. Asters can grow very late into the fall… and it was true, we had not yet had any really freezing weather by this time in December. Cold, yes, but there must be some areas of warmer micro-systems where these flowers could still be alive. I’ve included some pictures below. I took them that night, while the flowers were still relatively fresh. I took so many, I’m surprised I didn’t wake up Bob with my flash:

I’ve also included these two close-ups of the “Circle of Flowers”. I really am not sure about the Aster determination. What is the significance of this small circle, so delicately laid there, surrounding a heart? I have it here from a couple of different angles.

The next morning, Bob wrote me this: There was a lot of drumming and activity last night. Niko/Keme, which I believe roughly means secret or hidden (something along those lines) was very aware, tried to get up from the basement, was certainly disturbed, hasn’t done that before as far as I know. Did you notice anything? Drumming? I was completely out of it this morning when I got up, not that it means anything, could just have been sleeping deeply I suppose, but felt different.

Bob was as yet unaware of the “flower-circle”, so below is the email where I tell him what I found:

Me: Yes I was aware of the drumming, heard it as soon as I came in. Came up to a big change on my table — I photographed it last night so I could get the flowers “fresher”, but they haven’t lost much as of this morning. The silver heart-charm is encircled in a ring of beautiful little flower-heads, right in front of Nuttah. I don’t know what they are, asters maybe, that grow late into the fall. Don’t think we still have any around, but maybe in a micro-climate somewhere. I’ll send the picture when I get back. I’m sure that is what Niko was reacting to, but he had settled down by the time I got home. Guess we will now know whenever they are around. I’d let him up sometime, see how that goes.

Finally, now, I also have a translation for the keme word that Bob has been hearing in reference to Niko. It is not keme, it is kimi. It means “Secretly”, as I found out from the site “Talk-Lenape.org“. I was trying to look this up when Bob first mentioned it in November, and couldn’t find it without a context. But why “Secretly”? What does that mean in reference to Niko? It’s pronounced as if in English it would be spelled “keemee”, no wonder Bob spelled it “keme”. Long e’s, just like Mimi.

English: secretly
Lenape: kimi

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