Another Flower Arrangement

Thursday morning, December 13 (this was the morning after the Circle of Flowers arrived), I took the pups out into the yard first thing, as usual. Niko got distracted by something on the other side of the creek; he was barking like mad at something that I couldn’t see. Remember, Niko saw “The Evil One” a couple of weeks ago, when he was out with Bob. Good grief, I do hope that he didn’t see him again. Whatever it was he was barking and snarling at, was not visible to me.  And it couldn’t have been an animal or anything else – it’s really easy to see stuff over there this time of year.

Then on the morning of Friday, December 14, Bob wrote me this email:
Any sounds or anything else that you noticed after I left or anytime during night? When I was loading wood into stove I had someone walk by toward the stairs/front door from the kitchen, startled me to say the least. I checked around and saw /noticed nothing.

I replied:  When I went back to bed, it took me awhile to fall asleep and I thought I heard something, like a sound maybe from the basement, wasn’t sure, tossed it off to the puppies, but it probably wasn’t. Other than that, I did hear the vibration when I came in last night.

Why are we so casual about this weird stuff? Someone walks by Bob while he’s loading the stove, and even though when it happens, it’s startling, you’re just kind of ho-hum later, it pales in comparison to other “events”. (Why, for instance, is Niko whining behind me here at the computer in the office — I don’t even go investigate). I’m just now making the connection between Niko’s apparent sighting across the creek, and something going by Bob while loading the stove. Is there a connection? Maybe… Should we be concerned?

And I have a new photograph of a change in the flower arrangement from Dec. 12, and the picture of it is dated in my camera 12-16-12. So it probably took place December 15, because I generally photograph the scenes in the daylight the next day. In this picture, 4 of the “Circle of Flowers” heads were positioned in the directions of the cardinal points (echos many other arrangements from earlier in the year). I think one of them got blown by the bed sheets, see below. There is also the addition of another stone heart in this picture. Remains to be seen what is the significance of this change:

The Circle of Flowers has now become the "Directional Flowers". They pointed in 4 directions until one got messed up.

The Circle of Flowers has now become the “Directional Flowers”. They pointed in 4 directions until one got messed up.


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