Dreaming about Pups

On December 17, I wrote Bob an email about a dream I had just had:

I woke up this morning after a very odd and strong puppy dream. Two new pups had apparently gotten into our house. One was light, one dark; the light one about the size of a cocker-spaniel, the dark one, a shaggy, long-haired brown, about the size of a border collie. They were being very good and obedient, and I was asking someone how they got here. I don’t know who I was asking, someone in the house. I couldn’t get an answer, so I thought, “Maybe I could just ask the dogs”. And they answered me. The light one was getting in through some kind of slip in time. There were no vulnerabilities in the house, it was just a “time-slip”. The other one was more talkative, seemed to have the answers to the universe’s questions, only now I can’t remember what they were! Figures. It was almost like when I asked, “How did you get in?”, the pup thought it a stupid question and wanted me to ask something more important. I did, and had to lean down really close to him to hear the answer. When I woke up, Niko was barking in the basement. When I let Stupe out, she sniffed all around in front of and around her crate, like there was a new scent. I couldn’t even get her out of the basement, she was so interested in sniffing this new smell, whatever it was. Niko, of course is not in a crate, so probably was able to get his sniff-full before I got down there.

Bob wrote back: Interesting the way pups communicate with you, must be what you are receptive to, just like things were modified in the beginning for me when they were a bit too freaky.
There was pup activity in basement when I was leaving, but I didn’t have time to get involved.

I’m thinking the fact that Bob heard “goings-on” in the basement as he was getting ready to leave, is a pretty good clue that something was up. It was probably right after he left that I had my dream. Or, as I sometimes like to say, I was “delivered” a dream. I think there is something to this. Not just the external forces that cause you to dream something, but the nature of that dream I had – that there is a message to be learned if I could just tune into the pup wavelength. That perhaps Niko himself has some answers, if I knew what question to ask, and could interpret the way he would answer. Must keep an open mind. But you would think that a puppy dream would look more like this:

You'd think a dream involving pups might look more like this!

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  1. Time to dress our clowns up like the clowns they are!!!!!

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