Just Some Musings and is Time Real?

As I’ve mentioned before, I bought an iPod early this year to keep up with the late night radio program, Coast to Coast AM. We bought an “Insider” membership, so that I can download the programs and listen to them either as I walk in the morning, or while driving the long drive to work. Each individual nightly program is not necessarily worth the nearly 4-hour time investment, but many of them are, and I have learned an enormous amount over these months. Of course, the thing that I am most tuned in to and for, is any guest, show, or caller that might talk about things remotely close to what we are experiencing. And although people have all sorts of bizarre and paranormal things going on, nothing quite compares to our events, at least what I have heard so far.

And I have often tried to conceptualize, exactly what it is that Nuttah does, and how does she do it? That, of course, with our limited knowledge, is most impossible to theorize about. I think that one has to step outside of what we consider reality, and try to wrap our minds around something else that exists beyond our own reality. For instance, on December 5th, there was a guest by the name of Dr. Bruce Goldberg. He talked about traveling to the “5th dimension” for healing and spiritual growth. And I quote below from the show, because when I was listening to him, it made me think that he could be talking about Nuttah.

5th-Dimension“What are the advantages, why should I go to the 5th Dimension? You can  eliminate the fear of death, because that’s exactly what happens when the physical body crosses into spirit. You can contact lost loved ones, spirit guides, angels, your higher self, and even time travelers from the future, as well as extra-terrestrials (the good ones)…You can see the future, remember all time is simultaneous once you leave the earth-plane.Those are the advantages of traveling through the 5th dimension, all perfectly safe by the way.”

Pictured below is a photo of the Large Hadron Collider, and a link to the site where I found this picture. It is an interesting blog post titled: “Physicists Believe The Large Hadron Collider Could Open A Door To The 5th Dimension & Time Travel”:

The Large Hadron Collider - Time Travel to the 5th Dimension?

The Large Hadron Collider – Time Travel to the 5th Dimension?

We’ll see.

And I wonder, is this what Nuttah has achieved? The ability to travel to this dimension, the one outside of time? And then speaking of the time factor, which I find to be one of the most confounding parts of this to grasp, I’d like to also add this quote below, from a show on December 13th, just last week. The guest was Josh Warren:

George (the host) asks: Josh, this realm where the spirits kind of “hang-out”, is it a parallel universe, is it another dimension? What is this layer?

Josh: Well, you know, this is an excellent question, George, because for one thing, we, of course, are not even certain how to comprehend what the mathematics are proving about there being at least 11 different dimensions. It’s hard enough for us to get our minds around the concept of time alone. So we may not be able to really understand precisely what this realm is. But I think of it as being akin to the internet. You could say, “Where is the internet?” And of course the question doesn’t quite make sense, because it’s sort of like asking, “What is the color of the wind?” The internet is a stream of energy and it can be processed and interpreted at different points, by different people in various ways. So I kind of feel like this other realm is “encoded” in the fabric of reality around us. And using Newtonian physics to understand how this works is almost like using a thermometer to measure wind speed. It’s just not the right tool for the job. And so, the irony is, we know that this information that is “ghostly”, is sort of ingrained in the environment around us on some dimensional level. And yet most of the past years, the emphasis has been on studying the environmental world. You see people running around with EMF meters, and temperature gauges and all these things. And they’ve been studying the external environmental part, more than what’s happening within the human perception, and yet, we still know very, very little about exactly how that information is stored in the environment. We are learning tons, however, about how people are connecting with the environment to have the experience. So we’ve actually been learning less about the stuff we’ve been studying the most, because we’ve been studying it using the wrong approach.”

not-enough-time-2One of the most confounding and curious things that I keep hearing on Coast to Coast, is numerous guests saying, “All time is present”, or “Time is simultaneous”, or “Take time out of the equation, and ‘it’ all begins to make sense”. Is that true??? How do our limited human brains (mine in particular) grasp these concepts? Our lives seem so driven by “time”: punching the clock when I get to work, punching out, and in the case of tonight, it measured 9.75 hours on the card I punched into the machine. That’s real, isn’t it? I get a paycheck based on that. It takes me 1 hr. to get to work. There are 24 in a day — our lives are driven, seemingly, by the constricts of time, and it sure seems real enough to me. Bob & I don’t have enough time with each other, and our weekends aren’t long enough – TIME-wise. So how do you take time “out of the equation”?? The way we live our lives, it is pretty much THE major factor, is it not? What this boils down to, I believe, is ME taking some TIME to do some research and try to figure this one out. I’ll get right on it. ;-}


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