An Apology and Did I Enter a Time Warp?

Mayan-CalendarFirst, I must apologize for not living up to my promise. I said I was going to be caught up with my postings by 12/21. It didn’t happen. As soon as I started collecting the various email excerpts since August that revolved around our events, I knew it was not going to happen, and I should have said something then. There was just way too much material; I had not been all that conscious of that much going on, but I do know that we were both very happy that there was stuff going on, given the event in August that changed everything.  I have yet to get to that event, but will be soon.

And so here we are, it is 12/23/12 and we are all still here and life churns on. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. This is shaping up to be a rather pleasant holiday season all in all. While I’m preparing the post that I really don’t want to talk about (the August event that I keep referring to), I’ll insert something here that happened to me during the fall when I started walking the neighborhood. One morning I wrote to Bob about it:

I had a weird incident on my walk: I turn a corner, and I notice a piece of equipment I never noticed before. This is not today, it’s at least a few walks ago. I exclaim to myself, “How did I not notice that before, it’s huge”. (It’s a big rusted out front-end loader / back-hoe type of thing — yellow with lots of brown rust). I notice its condition, because clearly, it’s been there awhile and it’s the first day I’m really “seeing” it. So I just toss it off to lack of observation and keep going. It did stop me in my tracks though, cause it was so beat up, like it had sat there rusting for a long time. Also, no tracks behind or in front of it, like it had been driven there recently. Next day, same thing, and I marvel again – how did I miss that? I kind of shake my head at how unobservant I had been. (Now this might seem like something you’d never notice, however, there is literally nothing else there, it is just woods and brush.) So today, what is apparent is its ABSENCE. It is gone – and no tracks of it having been moved out of the woods either – I’m going to go check again tomorrow, take more notice of the surroundings, but what the heck? Am I walking through 2 different time overlays there?? Very weird. Okay, maybe I’m making more of this than I should. Below is a picture I took of the scene without the back-hoe in it. It really seemed like one day I would walk by scene – back hoe there, next day, back hoe not there. And yet there was no evidence of it having moved. Not a leaf disturbed, no soil out of place, no sticks broken, nothing trampled, no tracks, no depressions in the ground. And the fall leaves would have fallen “around” it, and left a bare-spot where it sat, no? Clearly, nothing sat here the day before, at least nothing as large as I’m describing:



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