Dreams and Strategy

As I alluded to in the prior post, on Christmas Day, in the middle of our festivities, Bob’s cell phone rang. I didn’t think much of it, but I could tell that it was a work call because he was obviously talking to someone that was having a hard time with English. I asked him what it was about when he hung up. He seemed rather grave:

“The Lao woman (rather it was her husband, translating for her). She had another dream. It is not going well. I don’t really want to get into it on Christmas and ruin our day, but it did not sound good; she was really disturbed by it, and she wanted me to corroborate what she saw.”

The Christmas Day change on my bedside table

The Christmas Day change on my bedside table

“What??” I wondered, but he was as confounded as I was, in that it was too hard to get the whole story through her translator. He was also distracted and concerned, because it was obvious that things were not good, something had happened, something bad, and it was really just a matter of it not having gotten through yet to Bob in the “usual way”. In other words, in his own dream/vision. Bob did not want to ruin Christmas dwelling on it, I could tell, and he tried to put it out of his mind for the rest of the day, but I could tell he was definitely concerned. I’ve already mentioned that there were changes on my bedside table Christmas Day with Nuttah’s character. I’ve included that picture again to the left.

Then, December 26, the day after Christmas, it was a normal work day for both of us and Bob wrote me this email: I don’t know if you had any sense of things last night but I sure did. I spent the night, or what seemed like the night (could have been just a moment) in consult and strategizing. The woman helping Nuttah with her baby and one other were both killed, in a pretty brutal fashion. The Lao woman was correct about all of it, what she was able to tell me Christmas Day; they are in hiding and on the move when possible, trying to get north. They know where the bad guys are, the other small groups have been in contact periodically. There is a plan, don’t want to say it is all mine, but I pushed for it to happen, and it will happen in the next few nights. I guess if we don’t hear anything we will know if it failed if Niko is not alive. Tëme/Dukey/Keme/Niko is going to kill my buddy by stealth at night, with the help of only 3 warriors. This will hopefully leave them “headless” and allow for either the disbandment and destruction of the rest or just the disbursement [of all the bad ones] and leaving the area. I am hoping the local groups will come together and convince the intact groups in the north to just destroy the followers.

Wow. “We will know if it failed if Niko is not alive”??? Meaning if the plan fails, Niko will not survive? I’m remembering of course that heartbreaking day when we had to have Duke put down and Tëme collapsed at the same moment. They are all linked! And now Niko?? Could this be why he was brought to us, to help out with this strategy? (we really do feel like there was some “intervention” on our behalf that brought Niko here.) But why does his “here” body have to die if something goes amiss there? He is involved and he is linked and he is going to die if the plan fails? WTF? Why?? I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all, and I want the whole thing to just disappear and go away and pretend it’s not happening. But alas, I cannot, it is as real as the fact that every morning we must drag ourselves out of bed and go to work as if everything is normal.

I came home that night to a big change on my desk involving all of the pups, and I’ve included that picture below. This is after Bob’s dream that includes the 3 wolves/dogs. Tëme, who is the original wolf, Duke, a German Shepherd that died in September of 2011 and Niko, who just came to us on November 17, 2012. (Coincidentally, the same day that Nuttah and the Lao woman both had their babies). I have to keep reiterating all these “coincidences” because not only is it easy to forget stuff, but I keep looking for the connections. Sometimes, when I read things much later, I get more of a connection than I do when they first occurred. It’s hard sometimes to see past the bizarre and get the meaning, the first time around. These pups are propped up between two turtles, which might mean that the wolf and turtle tribes are going to join forces to hopefully annihilate the evil-doers. We can only hope that this strategy works, and that they succeed.

This is the Tëme/Duke/Keme/Niko combination character. Keme/Niko are 1, and Duke and Tëme are the other 2.

This is the Tëme/Duke/Keme/Niko combination character. Keme/Niko are 1, and Duke and Tëme are the other 2.

The side view of that scene showing that the wolves were propped up between 2 turtles.

The side view of that scene showing that the wolves were propped up between 2 turtles.


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