After the Big “Event”

Later on January 3, 2013, Bob wrote me an email with more details of the “final event”. Again, I can’t provide the word-for-word account, but suffice it to say, the job got done as outlined in the last post.

My response: Geeeeeeeeezzzzz, that is just nuts. What would you tell me if it wasn’t the cleaned up version? Do you have any sense of whether Nuttah’s baby is okay, or does the Lao woman? What about any sense of the 100’s left? Are they vacating the area? It would be great if they could get back to normal life. It pains me to think of how she’s been living trying to take of the baby in the cold. Ktaholël- glad the mission was a success, can’t imagine what would have happened if it hadn’t been.

The next day, Jan. 4th, 6:17 AM, Bob wrote this email: I was hoping that I would get some sort of update last night on how things are playing out, I would assume it is chaotic right now for everyone.  Hopefully it will work for the return to normal life. I don’t think Nuttah and baby can survive the entire winter without fire and ability to hunt freely. I don’t think it can be any worse than it was with my “buddy” around. Pretty wild scene, it sends adrenaline racing through me when I think about it. I get even more freaked when I think of how it could have gone.

1/4, 9:17, Me: I was hoping you’d get some sort of update too, after what happened, I hope all is okay. Did the Lao woman have any report about Nuttah’s baby?

It had been a life-altering event for Bob (and for others, of course). Yet it occurred in another time-line, so he had no way to follow up with the outcome without Nuttah’s help. We were just left to wonder until, or if, Nuttah could let us know what was going on. My hope is that they can return to life soon as in the scene in the picture below. It’s been since last August that they’ve had any semblance of this at all. Nuttah’s baby was born November 17; not even 2 months old at this point.


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