Jan. 3, 2013 – The Day it Happened

Every night after that last post from December 26 was tense. We regularly checked Niko, making sure he was alive and breathing. Bob didn’t know how things were going to happen, but it was a pretty good certainty that it would, soon. I was nervous. When? We weren’t picking up much of anything in the house, or during the night – no visits, no hums, buzzes, vibrations or drumming. It was nerve-wracking. The new year approached, and we hadn’t had any contact; no updates, no dreams, no visions. Then, finally, on the night of January 3, 2013 the strategy they had planned went down. I knew this by the email that Bob sent the next morning. He has asked me not to relay his word-for-word, blow-by-blow accounting of it in the blog, and I will honor that. It has taken me weeks to figure out how to properly portray this scene, because it was easily the most significant, most terrifying and most life-changing of anything that has happened thus far, and that is saying a lot. Suffice it to say, Niko is alive and still with us. Bob returned unscathed as well, thankfully, as it was not lost on me that if Niko might not survive the venture, it was possible Bob might not either. But they are both back. There were only two minor injuries amongst the strategizers, neither was Bob or Niko, it was the two other braves/warriors that were helping them. The “buddy”, the “evil one”, the leader of the Central American marauders was “taken out” as it were. Here is Bob’s email description of Niko the morning after when he checked him:

1/3/13, 6:27 AM: It seems the situation is changed. I checked Niko as soon as I woke up. He seemed fine. A little out of sorts and a little aggressive, not towards me, but just edgy.

1/3, 9 AM, Me: I wasn’t sure what was up, I could hear the “buzz”, more so than drums, but it was something, mostly upstairs, when I came up, or when it was quiet down here. It’s been a couple of nights that I haven’t heard anything. When you say “My guy”, are you like Niko in this scenario, you are part of it? How are you seeing it in the first person? And what did you see, what was done, who did it and what did you do? How many of “Them” are left alive? How was it done, how did “you” achieve what you did? Are you sure it won’t energize them (the bad ones), and they will seek revenge? I hope this means that it is over, I don’t know how Nuttah and a baby can be surviving in this cold without being able to make a fire. Tell me more about what happened last night and your part in it. Thank God it went that way. What do you think will happen now? Anything from the Lao woman?

Bob replied: The Lao woman dreamed she was with ” the girl” (meaning Nuttah) and that she was scared but also thought that this night could be the end of all the madness. She knew something was happening, but she didn’t know what.

So was it over? Was this what Nuttah had contacted Bob originally to achieve? We didn’t know for sure. Time would tell. But the “evil one” that was haunting and taunting Bob all summer, that decimated Nuttah’s tribe; killing, ransacking, stealing and rampaging, is removed, thanks to a successful strategy and to Tëme/Dukey/Keme/Niko for helping to carry it out. Two of those animals live, two are spirits. I think the energy/spirit of all 4 was required to pull this off.

And now, what about the followers of the “evil one”, when they awake in the morning and find their leader gone? Will they retaliate? Or will they vacate? One can only hope the latter…


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