The Aftermath: Finally, an update

It was not until January 7th, a full 3 days (nights) later, that Bob was to know what was going on. He wrote it up for me in this email:

Mayan-God-Camazotz 1/7/13, 5:50 AM: There has been a major massacre. The result of the removal of my “buddy” has had major consequences. Since no one saw what happened, and the one witness that is alive, the girl in the longhouse with my buddy, is traumatized and only really saw Teme and a brief look at my guy in the doorway. The result at this point is that it is being interpreted as a supernatural event, the totem/ancestors of the wolf tribe took its/their revenge. The event has taken on a mythic quality. The original group that came from the west as well as the local men that joined my buddy have seen it as an event that is a judgement on what they have done. The local guys that had joined as well as the local men that have been in hiding turned on the foreign guys (they are under the belief that they are being hunted by the ancestors, so mindset is fear and defeat), the foreign guys tried to flee, but it didn’t work out, even though they outnumbered the local guys their own fear led them to be unable to fight as they normally would, they are, for the most, dead. The few that remain are on the run.

The situation has turned 180 degrees. Nuttah, baby and the others have moved into the encampment of the bad guys who have vacated (which was a local tribe encampment prior to this anyway). They have shelter, fire, food. The locals that joined the bad guys have submitted to the judgement of the tribes. Won’t be easy for them, but this is being seen as supernatural intervention by all, even those directly involved. They believe they were led and possessed by ancestors/spirits. I think this is what all this was leading up to, all the statements that were said that didn’t make sense or that I couldn’t figure out, or the whole thing with having to keep the fire going so they could watch us, the many statements of being afraid that Nuttah made, the wish for me to stay, the remarks about being able to do more, the witnessing of rituals along the creek, and other things I have forgotten, I think were all related to this one event. I think my usefulness may be over, not sure, but I don’t think I am necessary anymore (my opinion is, I wasn’t necessary period). We’ll see, but at least for now, things seem to be okay; Nuttah and baby were warm and safe for the first time in awhile, that felt good to see. Back to work for me. Exciting. Weird ride in this morning after last night.

My hope is that things have settled down to look more like this. Credit to this site:

My hope is that things have settled down to look more like this. Credit to this site:


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