Is it Over?

Later that morning, I replied to Bob:

Well, they WERE led and possessed by ancestors and spirits, you – Kitchi – Duke – Niko – Teme, probably the elders too, and others we don’t know about. Good that they (the bad ones) didn’t see you because it just adds to the mystical quality of the event. Wow, what an outcome. I’m so glad she’s safe. It all kind of makes sense now, and maybe in some other time line/event, the outcome didn’t go like this, and you had to be there to “change history”. It has such enormous implications, I’m just not getting all of it. It was 3 years ago now that she first started hinting about this – how could she have known about what was to come, what they were fighting?  It seems even Niko and his presence here was part of the “plan”. How was what you saw last night shown to you? Let me know if you hear anything from the Lao woman, I’m curious if she was shown the same.

Now me just narrating: It was such a relief that Nuttah, who now had a nearly 2 month old baby, could live in relative peace, and enjoy heat and food for the rest of the winter. It is amazing that they survived, given the circumstances. I don’t know how she did it, with her newborn. It just goes to show their resilience, her incredible constitution, and their strong will. With some help from “others” added in. Has this happened other times in history? Where “help” from those (people and animals) living in a different time line was needed to achieve a goal? Was history changed here and perhaps along some other timeline it went an entirely different way? No way of knowing. At least no way for ME to know. I’ve been listening to some “Coast” episodes over the past few months that are finally giving me a better idea of this “information matrix”, as it were. I have to try to pull all that together to add to the blog, it’s all starting to make some degree of sense, better than what I had 3 years ago when all this started. But first, I must continue to try to get caught up.

Lenape-Family-Scene-2The next day, Bob wrote this email:
1/8/13, 7:50 AM, Bob: The Lao woman had the same dream; she feels great relief, she thinks the contact is over, she is quite happy about that. I think she (her culture) has a much greater similarity to the mindset/wiring of the Lenape than I/we do, so the results seemed perfectly reasonable to her. At any rate she doesn’t think she will have any more contact. I have a similar sense, I have accomplished what they needed (almost feel like I was used as a tool) and the job is done. It was/is a big culture-changing, watershed event for them, something that will be added to their folklore, but I fear it is done, not sure how I feel about that.

I responded to Bob later that morning, 9:13 AM: I find it kind of hard to believe that the way Nuttah has been, the contact would just “end”. I’m not sure it was all a ruse to get you to help them, but that she has some real feeling and interest. Anyway, that’s my theory, I think we will see, hear, feel something, maybe when all settles down. I would be rather perturbed if there was nothing. What does the Lao woman think of the whole thing? Have we figured out what her involvement is in it, or why she was involved? All pretty strange, pretty strange. I don’t even know how I write this part up. Might make a good book.

Later that night, coming home from work, I heard a loud buzzing in the house, but there was nothing else. It was very hard for me to believe that it was over. I was having a hard time with that.


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