“A Perfect Breeding Ground” for Trout

This was my reply to Bob’s email about the vision he saw in the last post:
Jan. 11, 9:06 AM: I have to run my car to the repair shop, then I will be back, and I will write a proper email. You said something last night, clear as day, but in your sleep, because I responded back to you and you didn’t say anything. What you said was:

“It’s a perfect breeding ground”.

I said “What is?”, and you rolled over away from me and apparently were never awake. This was about midnight, 12:30 maybe.

I knew there was a presence as I heard the vibration. Actually, I still do this morning. Don’t like the sound of your “vision” very much.

blackfoot-river-pictureBob, later, 9:28 AM:
“Wow,you heard the statement??!! It was in English?! obviously!! It was not English when I said it to Nuttah, it was in Lenape. It was a reference to the land they showed me. It was a perfect setting for the spawning of trout, the way the land sloped and the large pebble-bottomed pools of easy running water in the river, perfect spawning grounds, perfect shelter/structure. It appears to be in the west, which makes sense. I am not feeling good about this at all.”

Me: Yes, you said it clear as day in English. There was no question to me what you said, and I glanced at the commercial that was on to see if you were responding to that and had been awake — but you weren’t. Course I didn’t know WHAT you were talking about, and then I thought, well, he couldn’t be “there” because you said it in English. But you didn’t there, that’s interesting. I plugged in your two words as a phrase at “Talk-Lenape.org” and got nothing, so I plugged each Lenape word in separately. The first word is “a pretty place (such as a park)”, or “good land”. The 2nd is “Freedom”. Just like you said. You got the spelling perfectly. When you say in the west, are you talking western US or western PA? With everything else that has happened I know we have to pay attention to this “dream”, but don’t know how. How was it made clear to you that we’d have to leave? How is Nuttah and baby doing?

A couple of days later, there was movement of the objects that were on my bedside table. I don’t seem to have a picture of that, but I guess it involved the flowers that she arranged there in December, the tiny little white asters. I don’t really know what to make of Bob’s dream/vision, or the “perfect breeding ground”. I had not initially realized how detailed his vision had been of where we are supposed to be going, eventually. I just hope that this is not a reality in the semi-immediate future, we’re pretty comfortable here where we are, and I hate to even imagine what might precipitate this.


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