A person from Bob’s past wonders if he is in danger…

On January 16, in the middle of the afternoon, while we’re both at work, I got a very interesting text from Bob. I will publish that below. Later, when we talked on the phone about it, Bob related what happened:

“I never answer the plant phone. I just happened to pick it up, because it had been ringing for awhile and the secretary wasn’t in. A person says, ‘May I speak to Bob Jones?’ (I’m obviously not using Bob’s real name, but the caller did ask for him by his real name).

It was a woman, and she continued, “Are you the Bob Jones that went to? (and she named his high school and the class he graduated in). After he said that it was he, she continued, “I’m Helene Fell (not her real name), do you remember me, we used to go out in middle school?

Bob did remember her, and told her yes.

Helene continued, “I know this is kind of weird that I’m calling you like this; I did an internet search for your name and this number came up on your company web site. But what I want to ask you is, has anything been going on with you that is… that is different? Have you done something dangerous? Are you in any kind of trouble?”

Bob kind of hesitated with his response, because there was no way he could know exactly what she was referring to at this point. He vaguely said, “Well, no, not really, why?”

“Well, because I’ve been having these dreams. In them, I keep seeing you doing something with people that are not from this time. And you are not really who you are in them, you are someone else, but then it’s also clearly you. And you’re in a different time and a different place, and it’s something really dangerous. You almost lost your life. I know this sounds really crazy, but I’ve been having them for awhile, and they seem so real… and my husband finally convinced me I should try to find you to see what it might be about, and to see if you’re okay.”

Bob is now of course thinking about early January when the big event went down. How could she know? What does she know? He had to be evasive, not tell her what it was. She would think he was totally nuts. It just wasn’t the right time to divulge things.

“Well”, Bob said, “There was something that I can’t really get into, but it’s all resolved, and the problem is over.”

“Are you sure?”, she asked.

“Yes, absolutely sure.” he stated. They talked some more, just casual talk; kids, jobs, marriage, she was in California, Bob here. And that was basically the end of it.

Then Bob sent me this text:

Bob, 1/16, 12:01 PM: “I just got a phone call on company phone, it was from an old girlfriend (8th grade), she said she was having strange dreams about me lately, that I was in a different place, a different person that went through something dangerous and significant, she doesn’t know why, she felt compelled to find me and call me, she doesn’t know what for. Her husband told her to find me because it was causing anxiety for her. Weird conversation for both of us. I didn’t tell her anything. By the way, she is more than ¾’s Native American.”

Me, 2:24 PM: That is pretty insane! How much did she know?

Bob, 2:26 PM: She was cautious and a little freaked out. She knew it was something to do with Native America but was very hesitant to say much more.

Me, 2:46 PM: Give her the blog address, that ought to freak her out.

Is this going to be the weirdest phone call I ever make?

Is this going to be the weirdest phone call I ever make?

The next morning, 1/17, I got this email from Bob: “I was thinking about the situation with my 8th grade girlfriend last night. I feel bad for her, she has to be thinking she is going nuts, although she is mostly Native American, so maybe she is more accepting of this type thing. I know I was absolutely sure I was going off the deep end, still have that thought at times. I’m just glad Joe got to experience it before he left the program.”

I’m not sure how I would have handled this. I might have spilled the beans. Or not. I guess it would depend. But what has me thinking is that she might be only one that has contacted Bob, and that this might be going on with others that either haven’t found a way to find him, or perhaps just stop themselves short of making that call. If it happened to me, would I make that call? I don’t know, but kind of doubt it. Interesting, that she was being encouraged to do so by her husband, who wanted her to put her mind at ease. Also interesting that she is mostly Native American. Having gone to high school with Bob, means that she was probably from this area, and she could very well be of Lenape heritage. If she only knew what was really happening!


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