Drums and Rattles keep us up at night

Lenape-style drums. We heard them loud for two nights in a row.

Lenape-style drums. We heard them loud for two nights in a row.

The next couple of nights, after my last post where Bob’s stone disappeared, were full of “activity” of one sort or another. Nothing earth-shattering, like stuff moving around or visits, but we both noticed the loud noises, and drumming and vibrations.

I wrote this email the morning of January 30th to Bob:  I thought that you would also have some news of an eventful night – I heard the drums so loud when I went to bed, louder than ever really, and then it’s also been awhile since I’ve heard anything at all — but nothing?

Bob did not have anything to report though, so the drumming and noises were not related to anything that Bob was going through.

I imagine that the Lenape (especially the Turtle Tribe) probably had rattles like these

I imagine that the Lenape (especially the Turtle Tribe) probably had rattles like these

The next morning, January 31 at 6:30 AM, Bob wrote this to me: I have been up since 2:00 AM. Awakened by LOUD drums and rattles. Clearest and loudest I have heard them since I don’t know when, but A LONG TIME.  Nothing else happened, but that is more than I have experienced in awhile. The rain was heavy, loud and persistent too last night. Nearly all the way to work, it rained hard. Not that there is any concern about flooding but I looked at the creek before I left and it was rushing but not even high on its banks.

I responded later to Bob:  I didn’t wake for drums last night, they must have started after I fell asleep, but I definitely heard them the night before, really loud, really clear. That’s why I thought you might have had something overnight, but so far… no.

Then the evening of January 31st, Bob reports weird stuff going on when we talk on the phone at about 7:30 PM:

“Niko is completely unsettled”, Bob reports, “Barking inside the house, which he almost never does. Then at one point, he dragged me outside; grabbed me by the sleeve and pulled me toward the door. When we got out there, he was focused and looking at something, looking back toward me as if to say, ‘Can’t you see it? Can’t you see what I see? Why can’t you see it??'”

Bob couldn’t see anything, but Niko was very intent on it. This follows 2 nights of drumming and vibrations that was very clear to both of us. I am hoping that this means that they are celebrating that life has somewhat returned to normal for them. We can only hope that’s what it means, it would be great if they could start to hunt, and burn fires and have their ceremonies and celebrations again.


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