Niko senses something in the office (x2)

On the evening of February 1st, 2013, I came home around 6:30 pm from work. (I get home early on Friday’s, unlike the rest of the week when I work til 8 or 9 pm) Bob and I were heading out for dinner, and Bob took the pups out one last time before we left. He came back in shaken and trying to catch his breath from a “severe adrenalin rush”.

What had happened, was that Niko, approaching the “office” out-building on the way to the yard, had sensed something inside it and become agitated; barking, snarling and growling to get in. Bob was afraid to even open the door, but he did, because, well, because he’s Bob. Niko charged in, not far, because we’ve stored out there all our deck furniture for the winter – but he charged as if he was going to attack something. Bob stood back, but then went in and turned on the light. (Remember, it’s completely dark at 6:30 in February) Almost as soon as this happened, something in the air changed, he said. Something lifted, Bob felt unafraid, and Niko went back to his business in the yard as usual, as if nothing had even happened. But the whole event really shook Bob, and he couldn’t escape it’s odd effect for the rest of our evening out.

The next day, Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013, Bob banged on the window from the outside of the room where I was sitting on my computer in the house. I had to fling the window open for him to tell me something again had just occurred outside at the office. Bob had been outside in the driveway stacking a new delivery of firewood, and he said he distinctly heard the outer-office door close. Niko too reacted and went storming from the front part of the yard, where he’d been hanging out watching Bob stack wood to investigate what was going on in the office. Bob thought it was me, hence, coming over to see if I was in the house, and here I sit. We then both went in to the office to investigate; there was nothing obvious amiss, but who is hanging out in there (by who, I mean which one of our interdimensional characters?) and WHY?

“Do you sense evil?” I asked Bob.

“I don’t sense anything.” He replied.

Niko with his "Mean Face"

Niko with his “Mean Face”. He can be pretty serious when he has to be.

My fear, is and will always be, that the “Evil one” that Niko/Teme/Duke took care of has resurrected himself somehow to continue to insert himself into our present-day lives, the way he did last summer with Bob. But crap, is he ON THE PROPERTY now, not 60 miles away?? (Not that the distance really matters in the “inter-dimension”). All I can say is, thank goodness for Niko, I know he knows what to do and wouldn’t hesitate for even a second. We both believe he was brought to us for a reason, and that this is part of it.

I would just like to add an update to this – there is not a time now when I take the dogs out the last time at night, usually around 11 or so, that I don’t first shine my flashlight into the office. I always get an adrenalin rush too, not knowing what to expect, but Niko so far has not alerted me to anything. I wouldn’t go out there without him though.


One Comment to “Niko senses something in the office (x2)”

  1. WTH does that mean “because he’s bob”

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