A dream of significance? Or not?

The remaining month of February was pretty quiet; not much activity at all. I was kind of welcoming that, not just because of the scariness of the events since the turn of the year, but because I was (am) so pathetically behind in posting our events. I always harbor the hope that I can devote a slew of time to this and catch up, but life and other duties intervene, and I do it whenever I can. The slowness of February was a welcome reprieve.

I had a dream the night of February 20, and at 8:50 AM, I wrote this email to Bob:

alice_through_the_looking_glassI just had this dream: In it, I had put on an item of clothing, something sort of weird for me, it was a tight fitting, very colorful, striped vest, something I would never wear, but a circus clown might.

The vest looked sort of like this

The vest looked sort of like this

When I got it on, I stood in front of this mirror, and in two other nearby reflective surfaces, like a window, I could see the vest on me, but not in the mirror that I was looking at. But in the exact moment that it dawned on me that “something was weird”, I felt a movement backward and I knew I was “going there”.  It was the same feeling I had in that “dream” once before. (this links to my post of April 24, 2010; the first time I thought she tried to “take me there”) This time, though, I did consciously try to sort of “go with it”, but instead, I fell backward into a closet door, sort of like the red bedroom closet in our house.  I hit my head and landed on the floor like I’d fainted backward. I was laying there sort of stunned and couldn’t get up. Then Kate (our daughter) came in with you, only she was much younger.

Kate picked up a beautiful marble that somehow appeared on the floor

Kate picked up a beautiful marble that somehow appeared on the floor

You both found me still laying there disoriented, but I made some dumb excuse for her sake (can’t imagine what it was!)  and she then leaned down and picked up something from the floor near me. This item had not been there before; it was a glass marble, in shades of white, pink, and red. She handed it to me, and I examined it, and put it aside on a dresser, confused by what it was, or what it meant.

There was much more to this dream: the 2nd scene was us relocating just about every planted item and fence in our yard to another spot. My sister and her husband and my Dad were all here helping, even another sister and husband were here.  Our son Stewie was too.  The stuff wasn’t being relocated to another property, just somewhere else ON the property.

Then, I’m getting a “tour” of my old high school, similar to the first day I was there. Then I was trying to call this retired detective, whose experience about something had been written up later in a non-fiction book, and I thought if he was still alive and we could talk to him, he might shed some light on what was going on. There was also something I can’t remember clearly now where I was carrying around a blind cat.

Was all this somehow symbolism for Nuttah’s world? I don’t know why, I have this weird feeling that she was somehow involved in this, at least the first part. I do still hear drums/vibration, I don’t mean right now, but regularly at night.

Later at 10:50 AM, Bob responded: Well the reflective stuff and the falling sure sounds familiar… the colors could be your interpretation of the colors you see “enroute” which are pretty vibrant and streaming by pretty fast. I have had the thing with rearranging stuff on the property, although it was more for “hunkering down” and consolidating, sort of like what we seem to be doing anyway only on a much more primitive level.

Me later, to Bob, 11 AM: I am convinced now that last night’s dream, with a lot of symbolism, was a trip to her world. The cat – her baby, the mirror – “through the looking glass”, the vest with the bright vertical colors — the “slide” to that world. In the dream, I put this vest on top of 2 other things I was already wearing, and it barely fit over them. That’s why it was so tight-fitting. The replanting and relocating of all the stuff – Nuttah’s tribe relocating since the assault? And what about the marble?? What was the marble? Your stone? The colors were like that of Valentine’s day – red, white, pink. A symbol for a heart? Why not just a heart then?

I was clearly trying to read a lot into this dream. It could just be random things, like many dreams are, it could also have contained the symbolism that I suspected. I’ll go with the latter. It is rare that I remember a dream anymore in such detail, don’t know why. I filled up 2 notebooks with dreams before all this started. Then I stopped dreaming, or at least remembering them. Perhaps my mind was preoccupied with all this other stuff going on. Anyway, I’m getting better at remembering now, because I implemented some “dream recall” techniques I learned on Coast to Coast. I’ll get into that later, and share the techniques, because it has really worked. Even I was surprised.


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