Bob’s special stone returns

On February 21, when I was talking from work to Bob at home, he told me that one of my “arrangements” had disappeared. What I’d done, was bring out the bark-hut, Bob’s and my character, Nuttah, a wolf, and a couple turtles, and placed them on a ledge near our bedroom window. I do this at times to try to “spark” some activity when there is a protracted lull. It worked. Bob reported that it was gone. I believe it had been there for only about a day, and I made the mistake of not taking a picture of it. I didn’t want to send him on a mission to find it, because #1, there was a chance that he wouldn’t,  and #2, he was on his way to bed. So I suffered the anticipation until I got home. I went in the office, sat down at my computer and wrote Bob this email just after midnight:

Bob's stone reappears after having been missing for a month

Bob’s stone reappears after having been missing for a month

2/22, 12:04 AM: I found the arrangement!!! It was next to my keyboard in the office. The way you, me, the wolf, the bark-hut and Nuttah are arranged is EXACTLY like I put them near our window. (how does she DO that?) The turtles as well. The variations added by Nuttah are that she pointed 2 of the hearts at you and me, and she stacked up 2 hearts in front of her, and lastly, added YOUR STONE!!! to the arrangement. How ’bout that?? It lives. I’m happy you have it back. Not sure where it was in the interim, but here it is.

Bob replied to me at 6 AM, 2/22: My stoney is back?! That is pretty wild. Well, I hope it is her that did it, just to know she is okay and because I am not sure I want it to be something/someone else.

Also, how was Niko last night? I noticed something that I haven’t seen with any of our other dogs or any other dogs period. I have been observing it for awhile and realize, I think, that it started after he changed that one night on the sofa when he went nuts with affection, or that is how I perceived it anyway. I was watching a documentary on a wolf pack.

I think this is what Bob meant by the wolf behavior - one looks vicious, but it is clearly just being affectionate.

I think this is what Bob meant by the wolf behavior – one looks vicious, but it is clearly just being affectionate, look how the other one tolerates it.

Watching their interaction between each other I noticed that when they are affectionate (again my perception) with each other, it is often not just the licking but when they are very excited to see another member they bare their teeth and lick with much more vigor. Niko does that with me, if I were unaware of his nature I would be threatened by it, but I know it is not a threat but a more emotional response. The narrator ascribed the behavior to be that of increased affection for a mate or sibling in the pack. Anyway, just an observation.

[I think it just means Niko has accepted Bob as part of his pack!]

My reply, 9:11 AM: Niko seemed okay last night, but just generally lately he’s been a bit unsettled. I heard loud drums in bed last 2 nights too. Do you not hear them at all? I heard walking around at about midnight, I wanted to ask you if it was you and I’m glad you said it was, because I heard distinct footsteps, I wasn’t sure if it was more of what you’d heard earlier. I slept pretty well again. More dreams and stuff, but nothing all that interesting. I think I’ve seen that behavior you describe with the wolves. Not in Niko yet, but it sounds familiar.

2/28, my email to Bob: Thought I might have some interesting dreams, or you might have some experience last night; when I laid down, I heard the drums/vibrations louder than I’ve heard yet in bed. But I had nothing. You? I keep wondering what’s going on.

And that, on 2/28, wraps up the entire month of February. The highlights were lots of drums and rattles, weird dreams, a sinister force in the office that Niko reacted to, and the reappearance of Bob’s special stone after about a month long disappearance. Bob was happy to have the stone reappear. I think he thought it was just one more thing to signify it was “over”, but now maybe not.

[on a personal note, I’m just happy to be finished writing up those 2 wintry months: January & February, 2013. Some of the weirdest stuff so far happened then, and it was so hard to figure out how to write about it and reconstruct it all. I got stuck on a lot of those posts, sometimes for 2 weeks or more at at time. The actual date TODAY is JUNE 14TH!!! Now I’m only 3 months behind. I anticipate Mar-Apr-May write-ups going much faster.]


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