Assorted odd events

On the evening of March 8, I was in our upstairs bathroom and I hear LOUD humming in BOTH ears, not just the usual left ear. I go downstairs, and Bob is in stove room with Niko.

“Can you HEAR that??” I ask. He can’t, but he says that Niko did. He had come in for dinner, but couldn’t eat for the focus he had on the upstairs. Niko kept running up the stairs to check out what was going on up there; he definitely sensed something. I didn’t hear Niko running up and down the stairs, but something was obviously in our midst. Unusual for Bob not to sense something.

On March 13, our contractor from the summer that had done some of the flood remediation work comes over again to join Bob for a beer.

“I have to be careful”, Dave says, “The last time I did this, I think I ‘overdid’ it.”

Of course, the “last time” that he’s talking about is when both he and Bob witnessed Lenape braves in the woods across the creek. Dave had gotten up in the midst of an unfinished beer and abruptly left, saying he “thought he had had enough”.

Two days later, on Friday, March 15, I come home from work and Bob has just had an experience at the creek. He calls these experiences his sightings into “The Information Matrix”. The best way I can explain this, is that Bob has, on occasion over the years, had some insight into the “collective consciousness”, or, as he calls it, “The Information Matrix”: where all information available to all of us resides and is represented in a crystal-clear matrix. He says the problem with the glimpses is that they are so brief, and it all seems so clear when he is seeing it, but afterwards, it’s like trying to remember a dream. I know over the years there have been at least 3 of these experiences, but I’ve yet to really understand what it is he sees, or what they are. Bob can’t explain it either, otherwise, I would be better at relating this. One common element all the experiences have is that “They all occur near water…”

Relaxing by the creek with the pups and a fire, Bob gets a glimpse into "The Information Matrix", as he calls it.

Relaxing by the creek with the pups and a fire, Bob gets a glimpse into “The Information Matrix”, as he calls it.


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