Post ceremony observations, characters rearranged!

The next morning, after the ceremony from the prior post, Bob wrote me this email:

3/21: 6:50 AM: I slept well after a somewhat eventful beginning of the evening. How was Niko when you got home? He seemed good when I was going to bed.

Bob continues: I was trying to remember some of the clothing and ornamentation of the main participants last night; Nuttah was dressed in skins but was wearing quite a bit of adornment, mostly bright colored feathers and jewelry; I am sure they all had some meaning. She was also wearing a turtle shell with I think wolf skin and tail attached. I know the symbolism of that. So it looks as though the reenactment of the end of the invasion will be blended into their Spring Ritual as they are both a renewal of life. Interesting that both clans have come together to form one, don’t know if it will remain. Politics may or may not allow it.

Me at 9:12 am: That was a pretty eventful night! I’m glad you were part of something, I was wondering how that was going to go. Kind of thought there would be something, not sure why, but it’s been their way. There were no changes in house that I noticed. Niko seemed pretty exhausted to me by the whole thing. He didn’t even get up until it was time to go out and go to bed. I was busy at computer, he just laid there the whole time, barely wagged his tale as I went by. He was wiped out.

That evening, though, when I was arriving home from work at about 10 PM, I got out of my car in the driveway and immediately noticed the loud hum that usually signifies we’ve either had or are having some activity. Knowing about Bob’s experience from the night before, I glanced up at my office window that faces the driveway and immediately noticed that the “Nuttah” character was no longer on the window ledge, where I had placed her about a week ago. That means that there was a change, and I rushed into the house and into my office to see if it was there. I wrote Bob this email that same night:

3/21, 11:00 p.m. MAJOR change with the characters on my desk!

This whole arrangement is between my computer monitor and the keyboard. Bob and I flank Tëme/Niko/Duke, a large heart points from Nuttah’s character to Tëme, Nuttah sits atop a pewter turtle, the small silver heart-charm sits to Nuttah’s right and lastly, Bob’s stone is to her left:



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