Is there a rough time in the near future??

For some reason, certain posts take me a long time to pull together. I’m working with saved information from emails and a lengthy MS Word doc where I keep the running narrative in a very raw form as events happen, and I try to keep notes about it. Otherwise, I would surely forget all the details within a day or two (possibly even within an hour). Obviously, I am still a few months behind, and for some reason, this latest post I’ve been working on from late March has become a block in my way for a number of weeks now. I guess it’s because it concerns the constantly repeating theme of “destruction”, that I don’t really relish writing about, or even acknowledging. Especially after what Nuttah and company went through this past year, I don’t want our lives to become desperation and “on-the-run” like they were. Is it an inevitability? I don’t know, but I hope not.

Bob wrote this email at 7 AM on March 22:

Had a “dream” last night, too tired and too busy to go into it right now, but I think, just as an insurance, we might want to start setting aside canned goods on a weekly basis. Not a lot, couple cans/week. Water too, or maybe we should get a water purifier. Might all be for naught. But it won’t hurt. Things could get ugly, we are not young enough to weather to rough a time. Won’t go well for anyone in cities.

Me to Bob, later at 9 AM: You will have to tell me your dream later. See if the Lao woman corroborates your dream. I can look into water purfiication this weekend, that would be a good idea.

Then later Friday night, we were able to talk about the dreams. I also have some handwritten notes on a file card of Bob’s elaborating on them, and apparently, the Lao woman did corroborate!

As Bob described it, there was a giant flash visible from horizon to horizon. We weren’t safe in the house, only in the woods. The aftermath was worse than what Bob’s seen in previous visions of this. (Unfortunately, this latest dream/vision is not a singular event, but a rather constant, running-theme). Initially, there was no cooperation between “survivors”; that was to come later. We are on the run with ourselves and three dogs. The Lao woman had the same dream/vision, as she described through a translator:

“Everything is all fucked up, everybody dead; people in cities are all going wild.”


She also saw the ritual that Bob was part of a couple of nights ago, described in this post: “A Lenape Ritual to Commemorate Beginnings“.  She understood that there was something “happy” about it, but she didn’t know where it was, didn’t understand it. She saw the men in the water, but didn’t know why. She described it as a spring ritual: “Rising out of the dirt like plants”.

Lenape-Turtle-LogoLenape-Wolf-ClanBob said that he never got the email where I talked about the change of the characters on my desk (see last post) but it is in my outbox as “sent”, so don’t know why he didn’t. Bob interprets this character change as the two tribes now merging as “Turtle” and “Wolf”. Prior to this change, our two characters and the wolf were all in my desk drawer since Sunday when we had company and I hid everything. Wow, phew, I finished this and can  move on to the next…


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