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April 26, 2013

Turtles on my Desk and Bob has a Dream


Nuttah and a “Turtle audience” are lined up next to my keyboard on my desk when I came home the night of 4/24

The night of April 24th, I came home to a new arrangement on my desk, and I’ve added a picture of that to the left. Nothing had happened here since the night of April 1. After I’d gone to bed, I awoke to some noises; thumps and bumps in the house. At one point, about 5 am, I thought I was touched in bed by something. (Bob had left for work already, and the pups were in the basement) It was the first time for something like that for me. I wrote this email to Bob about it:

4/25 email to Bob, 9:39 AM: I think I had a visit this morning. Something clearly touched me in bed — about 5 am I think. Now, the characters are moved since I was here earlier;  Nuttah and turtles are now pointed more toward the window. Kind of had a sense of a presence earlier this morning too. Did you get anything?

4/25, 10:18 AM, Bob wrote back to me:  I had only one brief incident last night, like just passing through, that and a stink bug that landed on my face and I grabbed… letting him release his stench. Both were around 2:00 AM, other than that nothing. Very little activity for me anymore.

The next morning though, April 26, Bob wrote me this email at 6:13 AM:
I had a dream reenactment of the removal of my buddy last night. It was almost like being there again. Sheer terror. It was just as terrifying as the actual event. Felt very little expectation of survival and knew it was going to be extremely painful, remembering, just like the original, hoping that if it was going to happen that it would happen quickly during the event and not be captured and tortured… I am not into pain. Either way, I woke up freaked out at about 2 something… I did have a sense at one point that we had company, but nothing significant. Have a busy day and have to get back to it.

Then Bob wrote again later, at 6:38 AM: Funny, I just saw the blog post after I sent you the email…

I think what Bob refers to above there, is that on 4/26, I was probably just getting to the posting of the event of January 3rd – the one he then has a dream reenactment of in April. It’s typical that I’m usually about 4 months behind with my posts.

I write back to Bob a bit later, 8:12 AM, Me: Funny… she was here. Just came down to my desk, and I have a new arrangement since last night. I did not have any sense of her anywhere else, like I did the night before. Sorry you had to dream that again, I wonder if she was behind it though?

4/26, 10 AM, Me: Your dream re-enactment was probably because I was putting some energy into thinking about that cause I did that post, and she was obviously around and maybe she picked up on it. Or, it was a complete coincidence. Either one is entirely possible. Guess that sticks with you into the day.

Later, I was to find the turtle arrangement from earlier somewhat revised.  Three of the turtles are still to the left, but Nuttah’s character is now lined up behind the pewter turtle with Bob’s special stone, and a heart charm in front of all. This is all just to the left of my computer keyboard on my desk. Given Bob’s dream, maybe this is as if to say that the Turtle Tribe is grateful to Bob for his assistance in freeing them from the annihilators.


April 15, 2013

Early Spring Ephemerals: An Exchange of Trout Lilies

Right across the bridge from us is this amazing patch of Trout Lilies

Right across the bridge from us is this amazing patch of Trout Lilies

I took the above picture on April 13, 2013 along our creek. This particular patch of Trout Lilies has grown larger every year, and this year it was just spectacular. I always get pretty excited in early spring when the wildflowers start to emerge. It’s a great time to get out into the woods with a camera. Below is another shot of them from the same spot: they grow like a carpet about 4-6 inches off the ground. There is an invasive plant called “Lesser Celandine”, also yellow, mixed in with the lilies. I believe some people also call the Trout Lily a “Dogtooth Violet”:

Early spring trout lilies

Early spring trout lilies

I picked a few of these after I took pictures, and along with some “Spring Beauties”, and other assorted ephemerals, I put a small bouquet of them next to Nuttah’s character in my office. Then a couple of days later, on April 15th, I came down to an email from Bob, 5:45 AM:

Did you have any sense of anything going on last night? I woke shortly after going to sleep to a strong awareness of Nuttah being there; haven’t had much of that lately, it was kind of comforting. I have been worried about what is going on, but it seemed good. It didn’t last long or I just fell back to sleep. That is about it, it is something, or maybe I just dreamed it.

I awake to a gift of a Trout Lily on my clock radio

I awake to a gift of a Trout Lily on my clock radio

Me, 8:30 AM:

As far as picking up a presence, the only thing I had was I heard a thump somewhere in the house immediately after I went to bed (just after 11), that I thought I should go investigate cause I thought it came from the basement, but I didn’t. But then this morning, I found a TROUT LILY on my radio!  I know it was not there last night, because I set my alarm to get up, and there is just no way I would have missed that. I am always checking for something, plus I brought her a trout lily yesterday and put it with the other flowers

April 14, 2013

Niko commits to being our “protector”

On Saturday morning, April 13, Bob was up before me, and took the pups out to the yard. Afterwards, he sat down with them, and that is when something happened that would forever change Niko in his relationship to us. Bob then wrote me this email to read when I got up:


Communicating with Niko through the eyes, an enormous white bird transmits information that will change Niko forever

4/13, 8:02 AM: “Just had a white bird, big, like half the size of a heron, land on the sycamore leaning over the creek. It sat and stared at us; Niko and bird were intently focused on each other, there was no barking. The bird just stared at Niko and then at me. I looked at Niko at one point to see him staring intently, it wasn’t just a dog staring, his eyes had an intense intelligence in them, completely focused. I tried to get my camera out to take a picture, but it was too late. When the bird took off, it flew straight up from the tree, it was as if the branches weren’t even there. The bird flew right through them, it was “flying” but not like any bird I have ever seen. It was more like leaping straight up, like a rocket just going straight up, then it was just gone. It was very foggy at the time this occurred, and it disappeared very quickly into the fog. Niko was clearly affected. He then just sat there with his head down in his chest for a few seconds, about ten I would say and then was just back to normal. I am still not quite back. Little unnerved.

When I did get up, Bob told me to read the email before he told me what it was about. After I did, we sat outside with Niko and our other pup, drinking our morning coffee and he tried to explain better what happened, and I’ve written that up here:

Niko appears to engage in a non-verbal "conversation" with an unusual white bird

Niko appears to engage in a non-verbal “conversation” with an unusual white bird

A white bird appears on the sycamore tree on the other side of creek and seems to have an intense “conversation” with Niko. It clearly communicates something to Niko through their eyes, locking onto Niko’s eyes. Bob glanced over at Niko at one point, and sees he is fully engaged by the bird, his eyes seem to change color from their normal deep solid brown to brown flecked with gold and blue. After a short time, the white bird (eagle, hawk-like) then rockets upward through the branches of the tree, in Bob’s eyes, a totally impossible move that it could not have made in reality. There is a heavy cloud cover and it disappears within seconds, so he never really gets to see it spread its wings. Bob glances over at Niko and he has dropped his head to his chest, in Bob’s words, like he is “processing the information” that was just “downloaded” to him. In the days following this, Niko’s behavior changed – he started following Bob wherever he went, including up to the bedroom at night. Bob didn’t discourage this, just found Niko always there when he turned around. The following upstairs is something new, and he now doesn’t come down until I come home and take him downstairs. In fact, I’m sure he hears me come in, but he doesn’t come downstairs until I actually go up there and get him. When Bob is taking a shower, he has to step out over Niko who will be lying on the rug right outside the door. It’s like he has entered into a spiritual or some sort of “contract” to protect Bob.

This is not the first “White Bird” encounter that Bob has had, over these years, an unusual white bird has appeared at times up and down the creek, and it seems to portend something or at times to communicate something. Nuttah would then corroborate the presence of the bird. Once it was what we’ve come to think of as an albino merganser. We’re not even sure that one exists, but this bird would often appear and Bob seemed to be the only one able to see it. The mystery of these white birds is obviously significant, but the meaning is lost on me. I wish I knew or could find out what the white bird signified in Lenape culture.

April 8, 2013

Bob receives an email from “Beyond”

An unexplained phone call and email from a woman that passed away more than two months ago.

An unexplained phone call and email from a woman that passed away more than two months ago.

April 5, 2013: Another event happened to Bob that I have begun to relate to Bob’s being in touch with,  for lack of any better description, “other worlds”. This happened after work on April 5, and began with a phone call. Bob was home, out in the office on his exercise machine. He stepped out of the office as he finished exercising, and his cell phone was ringing. It was just after 5 PM. It was a local area code, so he answered it; he would not have if it had been a toll free number. It was a woman, “Kathryn”, from one of the companies that the business Bob runs used to do parts for. She was calling for a follow-up on a quote, she needed more info on the specifications. Bob said “Okay, would Monday do; just send me a reminder email so I don’t forget Monday”. She said okay and they hung up. Bob thought no more of it. Then that Monday, April 8th, he had the email reminder and did the specs, and emailed them back to her. There is an email still saved in Bob’s saved mail files of this. Wednesday, he gets a call from someone else in the company, “Matt”. Matt wanted to talk about the specs. Bob said he assumed he meant what Kathryn had asked him about on Friday. After he said this, there was a long pause. Long enough that Bob thought he had lost the connection. But then Matt asks,

Who asked you on Friday?”

Bob replied “Kathryn. She called Friday, late, maybe 5-ish, and asked about what you’re asking me now, At least I assume it is the same parts. Then she emailed me and I sent her an email back with the info and now you’re calling me. Are we talking about the same parts?”

“Well…” Matt replies, then there is another long pause.

He continues, awkwardly, “The thing is… Kathryn is no longer with us.”

Bob assumes Matt means she doesn’t work there anymore.

“No”, Matt says, “She’s no longer with us.  She passed away. It was a little more than two months ago.” Another long pause. Then Matt asks, “Can you forward me that email?”

“Sure”, Bob promises, and he does. Matt is more than a little perturbed. My guess about this in our world the way it’s been? Overlapping time frames – in one scenario, Kathryn is still alive and working at the same place, and carrying out her work-day business as usual. And in the other – she died. They crossed over and conflicted. Bob is involved in many of these odd occurrences now that he’s had the Nuttah exposure and is a regular time traveler. Remember our cross-over family, the people that live in our house but in a different time-frame? Bob is often reminded of this too. We hear them knocking around, and Bob has seen and felt them. How odd though, and imagine what poor Matt is thinking. Obviously Bob can’t elaborate with Matt about any of this, just like he couldn’t let his old middle school girlfriend in on what she’d been having visions about. That was a January post titled “A Person From Bob’s Past Wonders if He’s in Danger“.

April 2, 2013

Some new changes on my desk – What do they mean?

On April 2, 2013, at 6 AM, Bob sent me this email:

I meant to mention to you that I had a somewhat odd occurrence last night. Had it not been for the recent (3 years) history it would probably have just been considered a curiosity and forgotten. Before I went up to bed, I was getting everything ready and the last thing I remember doing was putting wood on the fire and I was getting ready to take the pups out one more time. I was in the kitchen at the door putting my shoes on. The next thing I knew, I was sitting in the chair in the stove room with Niko sitting in front of me and looking directly into my eyes. Felt like I was coming out of a trance, but I suppose I could have just fallen asleep. I don’t know how I got there and I don’t remember being that tired. I also had my shoes on, and normally I would have taken them off and left them at the door. Anyway, thought I would mention it.

Also, what time did you come home or come upstairs last night? I heard Niko tapping around in the bathroom and then going down the stairs around ten, was that by himself or was he up there to accompany you?

My response to Bob, April 2, 2013 at 8:05 am: I think what you described was an “Experience” last night. The reason I think that is because Nuttah’s arrangement on my desk was new/different when I came in and I heard buzzing in the bathroom for the first time in awhile. I also had, what appeared to be my first ever destruction dream, or at least one that I remember. It was not in the way that you and the Lao woman dream them, but it was one nevertheless. My dreams come at me more interpretively, I think, in that there is a lot of symbolism I have to figure out. Anyway, this was one, but the destruction seemed to be caused by drought. Do you remember “going anywhere” when you were in the chair?

Here is a picture of the change on my desk the previous night, the night of Bob’s trance experience. Looking at this now, I realize there is something in it I never noticed before, and I don’t know where it came from, and I don’t know where it went after that: There is a blue jay feather along the back in front of my desktop speaker. It’s actually made of wood – I do own it, but I don’t know where it was before this scene, and then it disappeared afterwards, but it now seems appropriate that it was used here. However, I have difficulty interpreting this entire scene. Turtles at 3 points, hearts piled on top of each other, and Bob’s stone, with a blue-jay feather. And of course, Nuttah:

The scene on my desk the evening of April 1. That same evening, Bob had an "Experience".

The scene on my desk the evening of April 1. That same evening, Bob had an “Experience”.

I actually remembered two dreams that night. In the second one, the father from that movie “The Proposal” (Craig T. Nelson) opened a piece of our mail (addressed to Bob, I think), claiming that he “was looking for the sports page”. It was an Amazon package or something similar and contained a book about the Lenape. I was reading the captions: short paragraphs about rituals and ceremonies and the strength of the Lenape culture. Maybe this dream was meant to juxtapose the cultural differences between the dysfunction of that movie and the way it trivializes our culture vs. the strength of the Lenape rituals. Like I said, very interpretive. I’m lucky to just remember them, let alone understand my dreams.