Bob receives an email from “Beyond”

An unexplained phone call and email from a woman that passed away more than two months ago.

An unexplained phone call and email from a woman that passed away more than two months ago.

April 5, 2013: Another event happened to Bob that I have begun to relate to Bob’s being in touch with,  for lack of any better description, “other worlds”. This happened after work on April 5, and began with a phone call. Bob was home, out in the office on his exercise machine. He stepped out of the office as he finished exercising, and his cell phone was ringing. It was just after 5 PM. It was a local area code, so he answered it; he would not have if it had been a toll free number. It was a woman, “Kathryn”, from one of the companies that the business Bob runs used to do parts for. She was calling for a follow-up on a quote, she needed more info on the specifications. Bob said “Okay, would Monday do; just send me a reminder email so I don’t forget Monday”. She said okay and they hung up. Bob thought no more of it. Then that Monday, April 8th, he had the email reminder and did the specs, and emailed them back to her. There is an email still saved in Bob’s saved mail files of this. Wednesday, he gets a call from someone else in the company, “Matt”. Matt wanted to talk about the specs. Bob said he assumed he meant what Kathryn had asked him about on Friday. After he said this, there was a long pause. Long enough that Bob thought he had lost the connection. But then Matt asks,

Who asked you on Friday?”

Bob replied “Kathryn. She called Friday, late, maybe 5-ish, and asked about what you’re asking me now, At least I assume it is the same parts. Then she emailed me and I sent her an email back with the info and now you’re calling me. Are we talking about the same parts?”

“Well…” Matt replies, then there is another long pause.

He continues, awkwardly, “The thing is… Kathryn is no longer with us.”

Bob assumes Matt means she doesn’t work there anymore.

“No”, Matt says, “She’s no longer with us.  She passed away. It was a little more than two months ago.” Another long pause. Then Matt asks, “Can you forward me that email?”

“Sure”, Bob promises, and he does. Matt is more than a little perturbed. My guess about this in our world the way it’s been? Overlapping time frames – in one scenario, Kathryn is still alive and working at the same place, and carrying out her work-day business as usual. And in the other – she died. They crossed over and conflicted. Bob is involved in many of these odd occurrences now that he’s had the Nuttah exposure and is a regular time traveler. Remember our cross-over family, the people that live in our house but in a different time-frame? Bob is often reminded of this too. We hear them knocking around, and Bob has seen and felt them. How odd though, and imagine what poor Matt is thinking. Obviously Bob can’t elaborate with Matt about any of this, just like he couldn’t let his old middle school girlfriend in on what she’d been having visions about. That was a January post titled “A Person From Bob’s Past Wonders if He’s in Danger“.


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