Niko commits to being our “protector”

On Saturday morning, April 13, Bob was up before me, and took the pups out to the yard. Afterwards, he sat down with them, and that is when something happened that would forever change Niko in his relationship to us. Bob then wrote me this email to read when I got up:


Communicating with Niko through the eyes, an enormous white bird transmits information that will change Niko forever

4/13, 8:02 AM: “Just had a white bird, big, like half the size of a heron, land on the sycamore leaning over the creek. It sat and stared at us; Niko and bird were intently focused on each other, there was no barking. The bird just stared at Niko and then at me. I looked at Niko at one point to see him staring intently, it wasn’t just a dog staring, his eyes had an intense intelligence in them, completely focused. I tried to get my camera out to take a picture, but it was too late. When the bird took off, it flew straight up from the tree, it was as if the branches weren’t even there. The bird flew right through them, it was “flying” but not like any bird I have ever seen. It was more like leaping straight up, like a rocket just going straight up, then it was just gone. It was very foggy at the time this occurred, and it disappeared very quickly into the fog. Niko was clearly affected. He then just sat there with his head down in his chest for a few seconds, about ten I would say and then was just back to normal. I am still not quite back. Little unnerved.

When I did get up, Bob told me to read the email before he told me what it was about. After I did, we sat outside with Niko and our other pup, drinking our morning coffee and he tried to explain better what happened, and I’ve written that up here:

Niko appears to engage in a non-verbal "conversation" with an unusual white bird

Niko appears to engage in a non-verbal “conversation” with an unusual white bird

A white bird appears on the sycamore tree on the other side of creek and seems to have an intense “conversation” with Niko. It clearly communicates something to Niko through their eyes, locking onto Niko’s eyes. Bob glanced over at Niko at one point, and sees he is fully engaged by the bird, his eyes seem to change color from their normal deep solid brown to brown flecked with gold and blue. After a short time, the white bird (eagle, hawk-like) then rockets upward through the branches of the tree, in Bob’s eyes, a totally impossible move that it could not have made in reality. There is a heavy cloud cover and it disappears within seconds, so he never really gets to see it spread its wings. Bob glances over at Niko and he has dropped his head to his chest, in Bob’s words, like he is “processing the information” that was just “downloaded” to him. In the days following this, Niko’s behavior changed – he started following Bob wherever he went, including up to the bedroom at night. Bob didn’t discourage this, just found Niko always there when he turned around. The following upstairs is something new, and he now doesn’t come down until I come home and take him downstairs. In fact, I’m sure he hears me come in, but he doesn’t come downstairs until I actually go up there and get him. When Bob is taking a shower, he has to step out over Niko who will be lying on the rug right outside the door. It’s like he has entered into a spiritual or some sort of “contract” to protect Bob.

This is not the first “White Bird” encounter that Bob has had, over these years, an unusual white bird has appeared at times up and down the creek, and it seems to portend something or at times to communicate something. Nuttah would then corroborate the presence of the bird. Once it was what we’ve come to think of as an albino merganser. We’re not even sure that one exists, but this bird would often appear and Bob seemed to be the only one able to see it. The mystery of these white birds is obviously significant, but the meaning is lost on me. I wish I knew or could find out what the white bird signified in Lenape culture.


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