Early Spring Ephemerals: An Exchange of Trout Lilies

Right across the bridge from us is this amazing patch of Trout Lilies

Right across the bridge from us is this amazing patch of Trout Lilies

I took the above picture on April 13, 2013 along our creek. This particular patch of Trout Lilies has grown larger every year, and this year it was just spectacular. I always get pretty excited in early spring when the wildflowers start to emerge. It’s a great time to get out into the woods with a camera. Below is another shot of them from the same spot: they grow like a carpet about 4-6 inches off the ground. There is an invasive plant called “Lesser Celandine”, also yellow, mixed in with the lilies. I believe some people also call the Trout Lily a “Dogtooth Violet”:

Early spring trout lilies

Early spring trout lilies

I picked a few of these after I took pictures, and along with some “Spring Beauties”, and other assorted ephemerals, I put a small bouquet of them next to Nuttah’s character in my office. Then a couple of days later, on April 15th, I came down to an email from Bob, 5:45 AM:

Did you have any sense of anything going on last night? I woke shortly after going to sleep to a strong awareness of Nuttah being there; haven’t had much of that lately, it was kind of comforting. I have been worried about what is going on, but it seemed good. It didn’t last long or I just fell back to sleep. That is about it, it is something, or maybe I just dreamed it.

I awake to a gift of a Trout Lily on my clock radio

I awake to a gift of a Trout Lily on my clock radio

Me, 8:30 AM:

As far as picking up a presence, the only thing I had was I heard a thump somewhere in the house immediately after I went to bed (just after 11), that I thought I should go investigate cause I thought it came from the basement, but I didn’t. But then this morning, I found a TROUT LILY on my radio!  I know it was not there last night, because I set my alarm to get up, and there is just no way I would have missed that. I am always checking for something, plus I brought her a trout lily yesterday and put it with the other flowers


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